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The power of workbooks makes a great difference to readers. But as a writer, what you once wrote will teach them forever, and that’s something many hold dear in their hearts. This session with Parchelle Tashi, creator of The Author’s Leverage, unveils the game-changing potential of digital workbooks. You’ll discover how to create personalized learning experiences for your customers that bridge the gap between your thought leadership and their tangible growth and achievements. We’ll explore the key characteristics and features of an effective digital workbook, its role in enhancing your customer journey, and how they can fill the gaps in your business model. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your expertise into a thriving business asset that makes a lasting difference!

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Write Once, Teach Forever: The Business Potential Of Digital Workbooks

New Interactive Workbooks That Build Trust, Relationships, And Course Retention

We have one of our trainings. If you are reading and you want to see the slides, what’s going on, and what Parchelle is sharing for us, go over to our YouTube channel, Superbrand Publishing and you can watch the video over there. It might be you want to read first then go, “I’m interested in seeing those slides.” Either way, please read.

For those of you who are new, we have a lot of new people on the call. Don’t forget to go over and get your free subscription to Breakthrough Author Magazine. You can find that at Also, we started a book club on Amazon. You can go over and find that ifyou go to You’re going to have to log into your Amazon account.

We started that because we are excited to be able to do something that no other book club is doing and that is give you access to the authors, so Q &A. The authors are allowed to share videos. They’re allowed to do all sorts of stuff and communicate directly with you. If you like the book or you have something going on, that is the place to go.

Lastly, we have entered into a new partnership with an audio company that has the very same philosophy we do about not taking any of your back end profits. Starting on February 15th, we will be putting audiobooks into our packages. Even if you’ve already published and you have an audiobook you’d like to produce. We’d love to hear from you.

This is one of the only companies that will allow you and give you a producer that will allow you to read your own book. If you’re a podcaster, influencer, or someone who has an audience already, you want to read your own book. Let us know what’s going on if this is something that interests you. I’m super excited about our guest, Parchelle Tashi. She’s an Award-Winning Creative Entrepreneur, popular show host and the creator of the Author’s Leverage, and a former high school math teacher.

She’s an education design architect and video producer with a master’s in curriculum and instruction from Virginia Tech. Parchelle lives and works in Las Vegas now where she spends her time brainstorming ways to help other creatives get more bang for their books. She and her team specialize in creating high-end memorable and impactful online courses for authors and creators who want to establish at automated and residual revenue streams.

Her combined expertise in production, education, and business growth come together to help authors create online courses based on their bestselling books, saving them time and creating a revenue stream for their business. A teacher at heart. She’s going to share some amazing workbooks that she’s been putting together on Notion. If you’re not using Notion, you’re missing out because it’s incredible platform. Parchelle introduced it to me and we are using it for all sorts of stuff now, the magazine, royalties, the show, and everything. Parchelle, take it away.

Thank you so much. You are so sweet. I’ve been connected with Julia and it’s been an honor and a privilege to meet someone who’s so passionate about what she’s doing. I still have her gratitude journal which she gifted me. It’s been a part of my life now. It’s a reminder to be grateful. I’m excited to be here. I’m listening to the introduction and I’m thinking, “It’s 2024, I probably should update my bio.” I’m excited to share with you guys digital workbooks because I’m so excited about this that our service offering of creating online courses has completely shifted in this direction.

I’m excited to jump in and share it with you all. I’m grateful. I feel like I’m hanging out with friends. I want to start off by asking you guys a question, then I’m going to jump into showing you what a digital workbook looks like. I’ll give you some examples there. My question is, let’s say that there is something in your business or in your life, that if the needle were to move 5% to 10% better.

If I got improvement in this area, it would completely change the trajectory of my life. The only thing in the way from that is a skill building. Something you need to learn, apply, and gain in terms of information. In your mind, I’m curious, what would you imagine to be if you could paint the perfect learning experience for you?

What would you want to happen? What would you see happening in that type of experience? I wanted to think about that. Again, you want to move the needle somewhere and you want to create a learning experience that is specific to you. It could be the expert themselves in front of you. It could be that you get to sit with them one-on-one. You are going through the process of whatever the steps are with the person right there with you.

Some of these things might come to mind. Traditionally, online courses is where we have turned to for this type of learning. I’m probably going to bet a few things just by asking the question, what’s been your experience with online courses? I’m going to bet that the last one that you bought, you didn’t complete. I probably also bet that you’re frustrated that there hasn’t been a lot of growth that’s happened.

This has shifted how we desire online courses, how we consume them. I saw an ad for an online course that says, “You’re going to get eight hours of footage, recorded videos around this topic.” It’s not even something that’s exciting anymore when we talk about learning. Here’s the reason why. The reason it feels different is because there’s a difference between informational learning and what I’m going to talk about, which is more practical application learning.

It’s part of the reason we’re not enjoying the experience either is because we already have enough information. Am I right? The information is there. I could go on YouTube and TikTok. Even get in in eight seconds to learn something but what I want to introduce and talk about is not the information that we’re struggling with. We’re struggling with getting the thing done. We are struggling with doing the learning of what we are learning. We need something, honestly, that you can learn and work at the same time.

This is something that we’re all craving. How can I be in the act of learning something while still taking it in and experiencing it? This is something that I believe that we’re craving. You folks can take a look at Notion. I’m going to just share a few things. On my Notion page, I’m doing my presentation in Notion, which is super exciting. Notion is an open source platform that allows you to create anything on one on a page.

You can share this page. You can do a ton of things with it. Here’s what I believe, if you’re a business owner or if you’re someone who is an author or someone who has a message to share, a practical application learning asset is the most effective and profitable asset you could have in your business. I’m introducing a couple of terms here. One is a learning asset and the other course is a digital workbook, which we’re going to discuss.

A practical application learning asset is the most effective and profitable asset in your business today. Share on X

In particular, a learning asset is any tool that bridges the gap between your thought leadership and your customer’s tangible growth and achievements. There’s different types of learning assets. We are probably familiar with most of them, but I’ve included a little list. We’re familiar with digital courses, books, maybe worksheets or PDFs, private podcasts, and content series. Digital workbooks is a type of learning asset.

I believe that having one that applies to the learning of your methodology and the things that you teach can be an effective tool in your business. I know what a workbook is. I’ve seen a workbook before. What I’m going to tell you is probably not something that you’ve seen before. Again, it’s a type of learning asset and it focuses on action and integration.

Remember, in the ideal sense, if I could be working while I’m learning at the same time. I’m making a lot of strides and making use of my time as I’m learning things or building up a particular skill. Here are the things that I want to share with you all. I want to introduce you to digital workbooks as a type of learning asset. I’m going to share what this makes possible for you in your customer journey, in your customer’s learning experience, and in your business ecosystem. We all have a flow in which we do things.

I get someone that goes from not knowing who I am to becoming an ambassador for me. That entire ecosystem also has a huge effect on that. I also talk about the features of a digital workbook that I’m going to demonstrate three of them for you. As of 2024, for the first time, we’re releasing digital workbooks into the market with our clients. I’m excited to share some of those with you and also introduce you to some ways that maybe will be helpful for you to identify. “Parchelle, this is great. What learning asset could I create?” I know that you either have ideas or maybe you already have courses or PDFs or information that you have stored somewhere.

I want to also help you identify what’s going to be the one thing that could move the needle in my business overall. How does that sound? I’m curious. I’m excited that I’m using this. I have Micah who is on the call with me, who’s a part of Mercable Technology who’s been a partner in this journey of creating these digital workbooks.

I’m very excited that they’re here with us. Micah, I’m presenting a Notion. This is crazy. Let me now introduce you to a learning asset. Does everyone understand what I mean when I say a learning asset is something that you’ve put in place for your customer that can be there, whether with you or not with you. That’s going to bridge that gap between your methodology, the things that you teach, and the things that you say, “If you do these four steps, you’re going to be here?” It bridges the gap between that, their results, and their achievements.

Promote, Profit, Publish | Parchelle Tashi | Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks: A learning asset is something you put in place for your customer that will bridge that gap between your methodology and the things you teach.


Again, a digital course is one of those. We all know how we feel now think about online courses from before, but let me ask you this, if you have a digital course or some product, how many of your courses or other learning assets or do you have that no one’s paying attention to? How many of you guys have customers, let’s say, that complain and come to you with the same stuff over and over again? I’m like, “If you would do these steps first, I could just bring you so much further. I could help you get there faster.”

We all have this. We all have this methodology. If broken down and given into a learning experience where the person can be working as they are learning from you, that’s what we want to go for and that’s the – goal. When we shift and talk about specifically a digital workbook, it is not your regular PDF. I can get us to think outside of that.

It’s not a PDF, and here’s why. I don’t like PDFs. Is it just me? For one, I lose my freaking PDFs all the time. I download it. Maybe I fill some things in or maybe I don’t. Maybe I’m looking at it because it’s pretty, and I feel good that I got something but after a while, I don’t know where I store that on my computer. I’m getting better about it now before I organize my life and things. I hardly ever reference them again. Let’s say they work with the person that sold me this PDF or I got this PDF from. I’m not going back to it. It’s hardly referenced again. How valuable was this tool in my learning for something that’s so critical to my growth?

With that, you only get but so far in the learning process. I’m saying a lot of this and I’m setting this up because you folks, I’m a teacher at heart. Learning is my thing. In particular, I taught math. I can tell when people get something, learning and how people integrate and apply what they learn is so interesting to me. This is what this is about. As Juliet said, I started the Author’s Leverage around helping the expert sit down and teach then I’m going to create a product for it. That’s my goal. In particular, this type of learning asset of a digital workbook is new. I stumbled across this but before then, with the office leverage, I was strictly creating online courses.

I’m also saying this as someone who has experienced creating online courses and been a consumer of online courses, there’s something new that we can experience. I’m excited for this. Let me talk specifically about a digital workbook. I want to make these things clear so we have a clear picture before I demonstrate one.

A digital workbook has so much impact on your business and mainly in these three areas of customer journey, customer experience, and in your business ecosystem. Specifically in your customer journey, here are the possibilities that come about. They’re going to be able to experience their learning. This is huge. Again, we want to be able to create something that’s going to allow us to do the work while we’re learning. It creates stickiness.

Promote, Profit, Publish | Parchelle Tashi | Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks: A digital workbook impacts your business through the customer journey, customer experience, and your business ecosystem.


What I mean by stickiness is that you can keep coming back to it. It’s something that’s valuable. It’s not something I use once then never see again because it wasn’t worth much. It’s sticky. Even when I get on to have my one-on-one with Gloria or with Amanda, maybe we reference this sheet again, the workbook. It’s also going to make a difference in the impact that they have and the completion rate. I didn’t even talk about that with online courses. The completion rate is so low. It’s less than 8% or 7%. That’s a problem.

With something like a tool where it’s broken down like this, the completion rate of the experience of them getting that tangible result goes way higher and you increase the overall lifecycle that’s having them in your branding. Your digital workbook can be branded to you. Specifically in the customer experience. Again, thinking about who is engaging with this. Having a personalized approach is something that incorporates your style of learning and your methodology but it’s done from their comfort level.

They can be in the doing of the learning and that’s something that you want to push. I feel like oftentimes our focus is on selling people just buying the thing. When I feel like we should be selling people in the doing of the thing because that’s where the results are going to come from. It also creates an unforgettable experience and the opportunity for your branding to have continuity. Lastly, I talk about in your business, this creates an immediate value add to what you’re already doing.

If you’re already coaching, you already bring someone through a preliminary few steps. That could be a digital workbook for them that preps them for that. It can fill the gaps in your business because you can be everywhere you cannot. It can be where you are not and this is huge when we talk about the digital space of learning as well.

We’re able to strategize with these learning assets because let’s say that you have two or three learning assets. You can leverage one depending upon the season or what you feel like you’re hearing most from your audience. There’s so much that’s possible there when we talk about strategizing when you have an asset. It also increases results for your clients. It’s more predictable that someone’s going to get a win.

That feels good. You’re able to say, “Get this workbook, spend 30 days with it, and you’re going to be fine.” It opens up a new profit path no matter what your business model is or how you organize your services, one-to-one or one-to-many. You can even take a workbook and license it to an organization or corporation.

It could be a lead magnet or something you offer at the end of your speaking engagements. I want to tell you a few examples. I’m not sure I probably missed some stuff. “We want them to want them doing so they can get the results we promise.” Gloria gets it. I hope you guys are getting this as well. This is exciting for me again and for a lot of my clients as well as this possibility. Very quickly, the features of an effective digital workbook are a specific to a clear outcome and there’s a finite beginning and end.

It’s very easy to provide that with a digital workbook. It’s actionable learning. We can integrate multimedia. This is my favorite part because I’ve been producing video for many years. We can incorporate audio and personalized messages from you into your workbook. Accountability tools that can be in there, journal exercise prompts, which is powerful, especially if you have a book.

The features of an effective digital workbook are specific to a clear outcome. There's a finite beginning and end. It's easy to provide that actionable learning with the digital workbook and integrate multimedia. Share on X

A lot of times, at the end of our chapters, we have maybe 4 or 5 questions that they can reflect on but where did they go to reflect on that? There’s an opportunity there. Also, checklists can be included in this that again gives them a procedural method of how to get this result. We can include activity trackers asa way to track activity after a while, especially if there’s the notion of building up a habit. Again, this can be a DIY or DWY application.

For example, you could give that workbook and it’s up to them to do it on their own. They can use that and get that result. It can easily become done with you. Let’s say,they schedule a strategy call with you or they schedule one of their calls. You can jump on that call and say, “Go ahead and share your screen. Let’s take a look at your workbook. Let’s take a look at where you’ve developed thus far.” All those things are possible.

Again, you can also embed cost to action. Who’s excited to learn an example of a workbook? I’m going to start off with our first digital workbook that’s ready . It’s a self -discovery workbook and just to be clear and bring this up as well, our digital assets and digital workbooks are built on Notion. Has anyone ever bought a Canva template before or seen a Canva template? You get a template and you bring it into your account then you duplicate it so you can make it your own. This is the same concept with a digital workbook that’s built out in Notion.

The first one is a self-discovery workbook. One of my clients is a business coach and strategist. She’s also someone who has worked a lot in the space of helping and holding CEOs through a process. She realized that you can’t talk about self-care if you don’t know yourselves. It was like, “It’s so profound.” Her first step that she now has in place for her clients is to go through a self-discovery process with her.

It is completely guided by her with the exercises and prompts that are there for her. This is Portia Michelle. We recorded the videos for this workbook. You can see at the top, she introduces what this workbook is. She gives you an idea of what you’re going to experience in this workbook and how to make it your own.

Once we scroll down, here’s where the meat of a digital workbook comes into play. I can create a collection of exercises called these worksheets. Each of these are individual worksheets within this workbook. They’re going to bring them through those specific exercises. One of hers is what brings you joy. When we click on this area, there’s a video where she explains and goes through this process as a guide.

Before you do this part, I want you folks to know this. It’s going to be important that these things are remembered. It’s so interactive and fun. Right here is one of my favorite parts of Notion comes into play. For everyone, there is a pre-made area for them to reflect on the questions and do the work that you’ve asked them to do. How often is the work just to be within yourself to process things, to think and to be connected with yourself?

This allows that in the learning. It’s going to become more sticky. Again, as a student or one of our customers, watch this video and they’re listening to the video because she talks about the questions. You can go in and start filling these things in. I talked about before that we can also embed certain things and other functionality. If we already know that we want people to know that they can set up a call with us. Maybe they got stuck here or there’s something that stuck out to them.

There’s a link to go straight in her calendar. This creates a customized path for your learners in that way. All of these are somewhat similar. Looking at, for example, what my magic is. Again, here’s a separate page that’s just specific to that. A place where they can reflect, listen to the video and be connected with her.

That’s an example of one. Again, this is specific to coach. In her process, she’s using it as an initial tool that’s going to be there to help them with one of the biggest issues that there is when it comes to being in business, so discovering yourself and knowing yourself. That’s one. Let me tell you another one. Very different, I would say. This next one is a fire defense workbook for homeowners. This is very unique and different because it’s like, “What? Wait.”

My client, Grind Fire Defense, they are a family-run business in Redding, California. They in particular help with mitigation, if you will, for homeowners who live in areas that are prone to wildfires. Their belief was, “If the homeowner could do what they could within the 0 to 10 feet of their house. It would do much more than not doing any of that mitigation at all.” This was put together by a Wildland Firefighter and his mom.

You can see a little bit more of a different approach to this particular workbook. You can see another video pops up. That’s a welcome from the firefighter. There’s instructions then now we get into the meet. This, again, is a different style of this approach. We’ve broken up this resource for homeowners in these different ways. For one, we want them to have a fire safety and evacuation plan.

They’re going to understand how fire behaves around their home and know how to defend their home. There’s additional resources. This is like a typical workbook, if you will, that goes into these areas. I’ll show you, for example, in part one, where we go into the fire safety and evacuation plan. Again, there’s a video that plays from them in the beginning then there’s things there.

For example, for a supply checklist. Here’s a checklist for them. These things can be checked off. What are the things that need to be in your supply kit? What needs to go into your go bag? Those kinds of things as a checklist. When we go back to specifically for a family communication plan, the same deal. They give some directions for them on how they can do this. There’s another area of checklist and how cool is this? We can put emergency numbers here. This is something they can access on their phone, share with their family members so they all maybe know what the meetup area is. It’s covering a lot of bases. I know that this is a different type of learning, but it is going through the process.

Once they know how to interact and behave in the event of a fire. They can also start to protect their home as well. Again, there’s different sections to help them go through this, even having a fun family exercise that we’ve laid out that a family can do together. There’s a link at the bottom where you can schedule a call to go through a virtual walkthrough with them because they have a membership that allows that.

In this particular area I was able to incorporate a motion picture that shows, here’s 0 to 5 feet from your home, 5 to 30 feet from your home then further, so we can add interactive elements in here. Again, that just repeat so we can understand the concept. There’s specifically specific things to do in each zone. This is a good example for a homeowner. It’s a little bit different.

The last one I’m going to tell you is for a strategic thought leader. She partners with a lot of larger organizations. She does a lot of consulting and speaking for them. She has written the book as well. This is her digital workbook based on her book. This is Tracey Greene-Washington out of North Carolina. The name of her book is Choosing Purposeful Alignment. She’s created this program called The Align Intensive.

Promote, Profit, Publish | Parchelle Tashi | Digital Workbooks

Choosing Purposeful Alignment: The Messy Middle of Transformation

We’ve taken those components in a similar fashion and created for her this workbook. There’s a little different components. For example, she wants you to take this quiz first before you get started. We’re able to hyperlink the quiz at the very beginning. Once we get into these areas, we call these separate workbooks because they were so power packed with so much. We ended up dividing them up in this way.

Essentially, if we go into the workbook number two leading to transformation, here’s a different type of approach for her. She has an entire master class that was already recorded. Think of the learning process here, instead of me having a student come into this workbook to watch an hour long masterclass. I’m linking them to watch the master class elsewhere because the purpose of this digital workbook is for them to be in the work.

It’s a different approach. You still have the option to take in that, but now here’s where we can dive a little bit more into this actual work that needs to be done. For hers, there’s another video that introduces a section. Again, going to each piece, there’s another video that gives an overview as well as a place for them to reflect and hear another quick audio from her.

This is neat. She said, “After, most of the time when people do their journaling, they journal and it’s like, on to the next.” She wanted there be a place again, is there anything else that came up for you? What are you missing? Go back one more time. Don’t leave this process because that’s what she would do if she were in person with her clients.

Parchelle, can I interject right there? It looks like this is personal development. That would be a great place after your journal to put a meditation either before or after.

I love how creative we can get. It’s about creating an experience for the learning, the method and the steps that you want someone to go through as if you’re there with them as much as possible. Also, one thing I’ll mention here as well because I’m a video person and a teacher. I want to show you a part of this video because what we were able to do was incorporate a timer in the video.

As they’re watching the video, she introduces the time to reflect. Some music starts along with the timer for them to take the time to go through this. How often do we not have the time set to do it? As the video is playing, we can start to go in and reflect on these questions then come back. Again, these are all of the possibilities that come together with a digital workload. Those are all the workbooks I wanted to tell you folks.

Laura had a question about, is that time apart of Notion?

It’s not. I specifically created that video then I included a timer in that video. However, you could embed just a timer. Let’s say you wanted a five minute timer that shows in there. You can also plot that in and it’s a timer that would run also. There’s a lot of possibilities with these spaces. It excites me how customized we can make these.

What I want to do now quickly as we start to land here is to ask you guys a few questions to lead us into thinking around this is because maybe something has sparked you as an idea. I want to think about what’s a finite process, maybe from your book or maybe from the way that you work with your clients. Again, a finite process beginning to end. Not my entire body of work. What’s a finite process that you feel would be amplified by having or adding a learning asset?

Finite process from beginning to end, maybe it’s 3 steps or 4 steps or a particular system. What is that process? What are those steps that you feel could be amplified if it were in a format like this? Where would you put it in your business? It could be put in one-to-one. It could be in your highest paid engagement or a lead magnet. It could be a low-cost offering or attached to a corporate offer. Again, Tracey’s that I showed you, we are strategizing with her that something that we also offer our clients is strategy with these learning assets. What’s the point of having it if you don’t know what you’re going to do with it?

Parchelle, I’m Linda Marsanico and I wrote a book that’s been published, The A-Train to Sedona. In the book, I have twelve tips. As I was writing and finishing, I went back and I thought, “What guideposts could I use to help the reader?” The first is the intention to be on the path. The second is to take responsibility for our actions. The third is to be aware of our thoughts. Four and five are prayer and meditation and it goes on. That would be something that I could put in a digital workbook.

I love how personal that experience is that it’s like I’m doing it with you. Linda, you’re guiding me through this. I’m hearing your voice at the process. You’re encouraging me through the meditation and the reflection that I’m doing. That’s huge.

Thank you.

I think that, Parchelle, is the part that I love the most about this. It’s getting people into higher ticket programs is all about relationships and whether you think you are or not. Every time those people see you on video, see your calendar there, or hear your voice. You’re getting that relationship being built very passively without even thinking about it.

It’s so true. Oftentimes, too, when I’ve thought about like online courses. It’s typically been something you sell one to one only. As many students as there are, it’s only one-to-one. I’m selling this one at a piece. What’s interesting about having a digital workbook also is, for example, let’s say that you have a $10,000 offer or a $10,000 yearly program. You can now add a thousand bucks to it because of this digital workbook experience and what now you can create with that.

Again, a digital workbook is also very sticky, meaning that you as the expert, as the teacher, and as the guide can inspire and invite your students to share their workbook with you. You’ve invited them or they’ve invited you into that work because maybe they’re in a higher tier engagement with you. I’m curious, too, in this lane.

What could a product like this do for you? Is it going to help you create a new audience or help you promote your book more to help maybe get people through the initial steps? Maybe to make your coaching more effective. How often do you get on a coaching call and you’re still teaching in the same things if you will? It’s like you want to be more effective if they’ve done a little bit of pre-work, if you will.

A digital workbook will help you create a new audience, promote your book more, and get people through the initial steps to make your coaching more effective. Share on X

Parchelle, I think Laura has a question.

To answer your question, what I’m excited about is I’m working with clients to help them move through this building the foundation of self-love for relationships and working through their issues. There’s so much of the same material. Everybody needs, but there’s also this need for customization, their particular issues and work. For me, the idea that I could scale a whole bunch of the material and yet, I could have a notebook for one person that has need a little bit of extra help with shifting that core issue around abandonment.

We could go into that and I can leave a personal message in their workbook. I love the idea of working on it together because most of us have tons of tools and using them as the real barrier. Getting people familiar with the tools so they’re comfortable in it and they’re using it. I would incorporate it into your workbook sessions like we’re all going to this. Now we’re going to do this. I’m using so many pieces of media and I feel like I can’t get them all in the same place without giving people like a file location but who wants a file location? I’m excited about it and looking forward to the rest of the conversations. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing that because you’re right. Oftentimes, there is the issue. I have so many different pieces of media. A lot of my clients have a lot of different options that are available. It’s like, how can I bring it and streamline it into one area that’s going to be effective? This is exciting. What I want to do is have a time for Q &A. Any other questions that come up? Before that, I do want to share. I’m releasing our own digital workbook.

I’m so excited about it. It’s called the Leverage Plan Workbook and it is specifically designed again for a lot of my clients to go through the stage and to Laura’s point like, which learning asset makes the most sense and would be the most impactful across all these areas, my customer journey, my customer experience, and my business?

This learning asset brings you through four steps and I’m putting it on the market as well as a part of that entry with me. It’s valued at $150, but I love Juliet. I want to give you folks and I’m only doing this with you all, a sneak peek of this workbook. It’s a thank you to the group, as well as thank you to us who are using and putting our expertise on the line and sharing what we know and our heart in this way.

This is my life’s work. I feel like it’s to help us identify what is going to be most impactful and effective to share with what I’ve learned because all we’re doing is sharing what we’ve learned the highest form of learning is teaching. That’s what we’re doing when we’re sharing what we know.

The highest form of learning is teaching. Share on X

I want to share that with you. It’s not released yet, but I can share with you. If you’re interested in getting that workbook, once it’s released. Sign up for it. Also, I’m doing a workshop in March called Leveraging a Learning Asset. I’m going to be going specifically through that process as well and that’s going to happen in March. That’s my only ask. I have nothing to offer. If you’re interested in jumping on a call to brainstorm and strategize with me, that’ll be on that link as well, which I’m trying to get for you. I would love to hear any questions or any other support or things that came up for you in our conversation.

This is probably a weird question because I’m not real techy. When we give people the link to the workbook, do they just go to where it is on Notion or do you have to move it to a website? How does that work?

Any of your students that access the workbook just need to have a Notion account and a Notion account is free. What you are providing them is a template that they put into their Notion account and they essentially just duplicate it. Now, it’s their own to work with. The only thing that’s required is a Notion account which is free for the user. They can then have that Notion app on their phone which is user friendly. It’s also accessible on any tablet or on a desktop.

You don’t have to have another extra work.


This is a super great system for organizing. One of the best things about it is, first of all, it’s only $10 a month. If you want to add an assistant, team members are $10 as well. You can organize all of your work the way that you fit. If you look at production management systems and systems like we use in our back offices. You have to follow their rules. What I love about this is you make a template, you spread it everywhere. It’s super easy to connect and use because it’s the way you think. You don’t have to learn something. You just have to design it, have it made into a template and you’re ready to go.

Parchelle, I was going to say, one of the things I’m inspired by is what you modeled for us without saying, but to use a notebook to teach because I’ve seen people with different methodologies for using their material as they go through like a Zoom session and a group coaching and going back and forth between different materials. It seems like it could make it easy to teach too without even it being the interactive piece. It seems like it’s super versatile, which I like.

We’re having a lot of fun with this. I put a link simply a checkout. When you have a digital workbook, you want to make it easy for people to either purchase or get for free. This is the way that you would deliver your workbook. I’m going to tell you this example. What happens is I’m going to go purchase this workbook and then I’m going to get an email. That email is going to have a link with instructions to have your Notion account set up.

Promote, Profit, Publish | Parchelle Tashi | Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks: When you have a digital workbook, make it easy for people to either purchase or get it for free. This is how you would deliver your workbook.


Once you get into your Notion account, duplicate it. Those two steps. That is the process of delivery for them to have their own copy of your workbook that they can now work in and start to engage with it. I hope that that makes sense. I wanted to also include that part of the process with our clients as well as we create the workbook. We also create this checkout process as well. I don’t want to go over time,

but are we good on time?

You’re good on time. I’m going to let you go a little over because we had such a delay, so don’t worry about time here.

I have one more question. Have you seen anybody use any unique ways of bringing your book content through besides excerpts but something more than that? I’m assuming probably all of us are authors.

The end of chapter questions is a good application to go into a workbook. There’s also, because of the multimedia addition to this and what we can create is think about the conversations that are extensions of your book. Those could become private shows or could become audios that also get embedded in here. I will also say any other interviews because I find that a lot of our books, we are always referencing other things.

We’re always providing other resources to, let’s say, you reference another author or a website that someone should check out. You can also provide in your workbook a resources page. All those things are also easily linkable or you can have those references there as well. Those aspects I can see for sure with a book that can apply that way. Also, if the book has any specific methodology.

Again, let’s say you took the most compelling or the most powerful four step process from your book. That’s another thing you can do as well. You don’t have to take all the content of your book to convert it into a workbook. You can specifically take the part out that’s going to be most aligned with boosting your business ecosystem and giving your customers a big win. If that can be in the form of an experience, you’ve also opened up the door for more wins with you and a close relationship with them as well.

Laura, on that as well, we are getting ready to launch an AI book marketing course where you can take your book. You run it through chatGPT and put all of your content into Notion and your content calendar is ready to go. There’s a few other steps in there. You hand it off to your assistant and everything’s there. You can use and reuse. I’ll introduce you guys to perplexity and some other things that’ll make marketing your book much easier.

That’s great. Thank you. I’m just going to ask one more. Can you give us any tips around getting the marketing out there? Have you seen anybody use this uniquely like with YouTube, in terms of getting drawing people back to their squeeze pages or demonstrating what a workbook can do online in some way?

There’s a lot of possibilities when it comes to the marketing. Since we are a little bit new in the release of these, this will be a new and fun experiment for us around the marketing side. What I would say is that however you market, however you currently have things working for you in your business. This can jump in and become an immediate value add. The one thing I want to say about a digital workbook is it doesn’t necessarily have to mean to have a whole marketing ad campaign and go down this route for selling it.

You could easily have it be an upgrade to your existing offer. It could be a lead magnet that’s in play for specific conversations. If you are a speaker, if you hit a lot of digital stages or speak at all. It can also be a great segue for that. When it comes to the marketing, there are so many strategies and so many ideas, but it takes us looking at what’s currently working and where can we best align this product with that market and that direction.

Strategy is a very big part as well that I’ve learned in having a speaker courses with a lot of my clients in the past. Strategy is always an anchor. We believe in it so much that we bookend all of our workbooks with a strategy at the beginning and at the end. I guarantee, you already have something in motion that’s working for you that this can become a value add without you having to now, “I need to hire a marketing person. I need to get a marketing team behind this.” It can be very simple. That’s what I would say. There’s not too much out that’s out there in terms of seeing what the feedback has been. However, as you can see, strategizing and placing this as an asset that can be leveraging your business in a number of ways.

Promote, Profit, Publish | Parchelle Tashi | Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks: We strategize and place the digital workbook as an asset to leverage your business in several ways.


To give you an example, I don’t know how many of you guys clicked on that checkout. That checkout is perfect when you’re out speaking. It’s a moderately priced product. I didn’t buy it but you send people to that checkout and within that workbook, you have a place for them to upgrade. You can tie it all together at a customer journey.

Any other questions, feedback, or thoughts? You’re the first group to see digital workbooks, so I appreciate the feedback in what you’re seeing.

Go follow those links and give her some feedback on it. She showed me before. They’re amazing and I took a very expensive course on how to create courses and it’s nothing compared to this. It’s boring, watch a video, and look at the workbook just like mine are. It’s not engaging because you’re doing it in pieces.

It is a cool engaging product. As I we move into 2024, the economy is getting a little shaky. We’ve got a presidential coming up. You’re going to need products and services that are more engaging and build trust than anybody else’s because people are not going to be as willing to let go of that cash as they have been in the past. You having a cutting edge bomb product is going to help tremendously.

You will need products and services that are more engaging and build trust than anybody else's because people will not be as willing to let go of that cash as they have been in the past. Having a cutting-edge product will help tremendously. Share on X

I want to also shout out Gail. I don’t know if you mind me sharing but we initially started a course project together. Right as we entered into 2024, we made the decision to pivot all the assets that we had created thus far for her course. It is now being put into a digital workbook. Gail is a home organizer for people who have a chronic disorganization. If you guys see something like quarters where there’s a challenge. with getting their life organized. Gail has a seven step method that she’s laid out and it’s perfect for a workbook. I’m glad that she jumped on board with that. Gail, thanks for hopping on. I didn’t expect you to show your face. Thank you.

Thank you. I was just driving to a client location. I’m in the lobby and I am beyond excited for this product. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. It’s been in the pipeline and thanks to Parchelle’s vision, it’s now going to be something so different and unique. I’m an also-ran. I’m not someone who’s an early adopter, but when Parchelle put this to me, I’m like, “Do it. Go ahead. Post me in my head.”

That’s great. Parchelle, you should go after more of those fire. I was looking at that. I’m a former Californian who used to get evacuated like every 2 or 3 years. You should go after those fire companies with that. I’m sure people would love to experience that with it. How do we get a hold of you besides LinkedIn? Do you have a calendar? Is there another way to get a hold of you if people want to sign up and talk to you?

If you want to have a sneak peek of my digital workbook that’s going to go through the four-step process of identifying a learning asset for you, check out that link I sent before. I’m just going to pop my Calendly as well so that you guys can access that if you want to schedule time just a brainstorm. I love doing this. It is early stage, but as you can see there’s a lot of money. We’re excited for how this is coming together. Hop on my online and follow me on LinkedIn. I’m going to be sharing more behind the scenes, videos and content around digital workbooks and what we’re doing in Notion.

I’m also going to show how I use Notion to run my entire business. A lot of functionality has also been put into Notion as well. Thanks to Merkaba who’s on the call with me. This has been made possible. You’re going to be seeing more about that. Again, if there’s any questions at all, please let me know. That link that I shared also has a little section at the bottom for feedback. I would love your feedback as well if you guys would put that in that section also. That would be great.

Thank you and everybody for showing up and your patience. I appreciate it. I know we have a couple of people on the call that aren’t my regular clients. If you’re someone who would like to be included in our monthly training, reach out to me at and I will add you into my calendar when we send out the invites and you just never know. Next episode is Fran Acero and she’s going to be doing another YouTube. You folks just talked, didn’t you? Fran and Parchelle.

There are just little bitty things you can do to your YouTube Channel that make all the world difference. She came in and did a few little tweaks. I started getting more subscribers immediately. Now, I haven’t kept them up, full transparency. I haven’t been doing everything I’m going to do, but you’d be amazed at the little tweaks that will help you get more visibility on your YouTube Channel as well.

Parchell, thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for our audience. Once again, Parchelle is a contributor to Breakthrough Author Magazine. If you’re not subscribed, please go over and get subscribed. Our theme is ditching the middleman strategies to bypass the 55% distribution fees because I know that’s taken a lot out of all of your book profits. Thank you very much.


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