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Make your book a reality! Your self-publishing package includes the formatting of the interior of your book, design of your book cover, eBook conversion, and the submission of your final book files to Print- on Demand printer and Kindle. Books are distributed through Amazon and Barnes and Nobel Online.

A Book Enhances Your Credibility:

✔ Add value to any interview or business proposition by being THE EXPERT WHO WROTE THE BOOK  

✔ Attract clients who will pay for you expertise   

✔ Close more sales with authority  

✔ Discover the power of being a sought after speaker because you have a book  

Book Marketing

Book Marketing starts the day you begin to plan to write a book. Your author platform is the key to building and audience that serves your business and your book.

Expert Press Releases with Distribution Accountability

Creation of in–depth marketing and a sales funnel to drive traffic for your launches is essential. Simple online sales funnels don’t work effectively. You need to be able to build a funnel that separates your real fans from the looky–loos and creates meaningful relationships that stretch far beyond the vision of your books. Learn to use tools and strategies that leverage your value into lead generation for high–ticket sales propositions. Online marketing is the fuel that drives not only your sales, but your community.
Did you know that almost 85% of the news today comes from social media or other online news sites? Announcing your book and business to the world with a storytelling press release that builds trust and gives you branded credibility. We create the messaging, write it, and distribute the press release to over 600 media outlets and guarantee at least 400 will pick up the article. Because the world is a digital place, we also use out partners at Dreamsculpt Media to create a book trailer that will generate even more interest in your book.

Assessment Marketing Courses

Our Assessment Marketing and Lead Generation courses are the leading system that qualifies your leads for you, so you don’t waste your time or money on people who aren’t committed, aren’t interested or can’t pay. 

Imagine if you could:

✔ Easily attract new leads (without the chase) and engage them in a non- salesy way  

✔ Discover what your prospects need and provide content that builds value and trust  

✔ Attract new clients from anywhere in the world and actually make a difference in their lives  

✔ Close more sales because you are speaking their language and giving them exactly what they’ve been looking for  

✔ Keep more of your money because LESS is going out to leads that go nowhere