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It’s been so wonderful working with Juliet. Her knowledge about the online marketing world is endless. Every time I speak to her she has a new idea to share about how to market my business. She is so giving with her time and wisdom. She helped me set up an assessment tool that I’m using in various ways in my business. I love that she did it with me to insure that it would get done. She has unlimited energy and a huge heart and I strongly recommend her to any business owner who is looking to generate more clients.
DEBBIE HOFFMANAmerica’s Follow-Up Expert, CEO & Founder at Power-Up! Your Follow-Up, Speaker, & Media Personality
Dan used his assessment in a room of seventy people. Sixty one people took the assessment on their phone and forty eight of them were “High Commitment”. Dan’s team was able to follow up in real time and set appointments to sell the audience into his paid speaker program.
DAN CLARKInternationally Recognized Hall of Fame Speaker