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At Super Brand Publishing, we believe that you don’t write a book to become an expert, you become an expert and then write a book– the one your audience has been waiting for…the one they cannot wait to buy!

This expertise-first philosophy is the foundation of Super Brand Publishing, and it’s the key to our clients’ continued success. We enable our authors to establish their brand across multiple marketing platforms, including online, positioning them as the go-to authority in their area of expertise. It’s this expertise that readers want to buy in your book!

Hi. I’m Juliet Dillon Clark, Founder of Super Brand Publishing and our expertise-first approach stems directly from my own disillusioning personal experience with my first book back in 2008. I thought my background with traditional publishing would make self-publishing easy. Nothing could have been further from the truth. My big mistake was subscribing to the theory that all one had to do was write a book, self-publish, and BAM – instant bestseller! What I soon uncovered, though, was a business model that made lots of money for the self-publishing company while setting authors up for failure through business practices such as:
  • Charging authors for production without providing a framework that allowed for a healthy ROI
  • Selling a practically useless return policy (on books that don’t sell in stores…most self-published works never get into brick and mortar stores)
  • Promises to email the book release to the people on THEIR list, not a targeted mailing around the author’s work
  • Using a marketing system that might indeed produce a best-seller…for about five minutes.
  • Marking up the cost of the book on the back end, and taking royalties
I realized that this process did nothing but take advantage of unsuspecting authors, who didn’t know that there was a better way. I decided to make that better way available, through the creation of Super Brand Publishing. Over the years I brought my expertise to corporate clients like Mattel, Nissan, Price Stern Sloan Publishing, and HP Books. While I enjoyed the work, and was good at it, I felt like something was missing. I realized that what I really wanted to be doing was helping individuals, not corporations, further their success and find fulfillment. Since then, I have helped more than 600 entrepreneurs and authors share their work with the world and have published more than 60 books, turning more than 190 authors/entrepreneurs into best-selling experts! Let’s cut through the clutter and get your message across so that you can cultivate your fan base, increase sales, and reach a level of success beyond what you thought possible. Super Brand Publishing is dedicated showing brilliant, entrepreneurial authors a new way of expanding their visibility in the marketplace well ahead of publishing their books, building their audiences and generating revenue in advance. We like to think of a successful book as the icing on the cake, NOT the main course. Long-term success depends upon getting your name out there. You need to be comfortable with a wide array of marketing, including social media, internet marketing, joint venture projects, and so much more…and we are here to walk you through it all. We welcome the chance to help you design the perfect, sustainable marketing strategy for you, your business, and your book. Overnight success can lead to overnight irrelevance! The key to longevity lies in putting the right steps in the right order. Promote. Profit. Publish.

Juliet’s command of the marketplace and the tools, tactics and strategies to be a successful author and speaker authority is extensive. Her practical approach keeps you moving and her strategy lines you up for a powerful growing platform right when you need it. I highly recommend Juliet and her programs to all authors, speakers and thought leaders.
TRACY HAZZARDHelping Marketing Agencies Start, Produce & Launch Podcasts That Create High Converting Brand Content For Your Clients
After I spent years writing my book and self-publishing, I had no idea how to market the book and connect with readers. A friend recommended Juliet’s programs. By taking Authorprenuer, Launch Like A Pro and Social Media That Sells, I’ve learned the skills to get me out in the public eye as an author, a speaker and an expert in my field. I have even learned some of the high-tech internet marketing skills neededto thrive in today’s market. Juliet is very personable and takes the time to guide you through each facet of marketing.
SARINA BROWN#1 Bestselling Author of FortyTeen
There are many who profess to understand marketing strategies in the digital age but few who are effective. Juliet is one of these effective strategists. Not only has she taught me as a startup some of these strategies, but also spoon-fed me and did much of the technical stuff so I didn’t have to be overwhelmed by yet more software skills to learn. With Juliet, what would have taken me months to accomplish had I have time, she strategized with me and implemented within a week. Highest recommendation to anyone either starting up their internet marketing, or wanting to expand and supercharge the internet marketing you’re already doing.
DAVID YEHI help fellow physicians who are unhappy with their investment strategy and need to regain control of their finances
Dan used his assessment in a room of seventy people. Sixty one people took the assessment on their phone and forty eight of them were “High Commitment”. Dan’s team was able to follow up in real time and set appointments to sell the audience into his paid speaker program.
DAN CLARKInternationally Recognized Hall of Fame Speaker
It’s been so wonderful working with Juliet. Her knowledge about the online marketing world is endless. Every time I speak to her she has a new idea to share about how to market my business. She is so giving with her time and wisdom. She helped me set up an assessment tool that I’m using in various ways in my business. I love that she did it with me to insure that it would get done. She has unlimited energy and a huge heart and I strongly recommend her to any business owner who is looking to generate more clients.
DEBBIE HOFFMANAmerica’s Follow-Up Expert, CEO & Founder at Power-Up! Your Follow-Up, Speaker, & Media Personality
I love Juliet’s enthusiasm! She is a wonderful guide and so practical. Very quick to apply her vast knowledge to specific situations and come up with really great solutions. It was such a pleasure to work with her, and I know we are not done yet! There is so much more to come. I highly recommend working with Juliet if you would like to reach a whole new level and a more expanded audience in a more meaningful way. Thanks Juliet!
ANGELA DUNZMore Sales Conversations | LinkedIn Training, Strategy & Coaching for Small Business
I had a very clear vision for the photo book I wanted to create featuring dolphin and whale images captured from my paddle board.  Juliet and her team helped me to turn that vision into reality. It was a big project but they were extremely patient and professional. I cried tears of joy when I first held the finished book in my hands! The book is being sold online and in many local stores and has it propelled my ocean cause into the spotlight. Thank you, Juliet!
Rich German – Over 1-Million followers on Facebook for Project OAuthor of Blue Laguna
I worked with and implemented Juliet’s system and have been able to drive traffic to my site with QUALIFIED leads and monetize within the 1st week of using it!! I spoke at a small event and brought in 2.1 million dollars in loans with a twenty minute talk. This is HUGE in the world of hiring companies to assist in marketing and driving traffic to our sites. Juliet has been the ONLY company that has been able to have us monetize by using what we paid for. DEFINITELY worth working with her. She gets the job done!!
CATHERINE BELLCEO Matrix Capital Fund LLC * Adding Building Blocks to Companies to Add Commas to Their Bank Accounts!
Juliet Clark of Winsome Media Group is the perfect combination of caring, professionalism, knowledge, and hand-holding for the nervous first-time author. The second or third-time author also gets the full treatment. She will come to you and walk you through whatever process you are involved in. She is available to answer any and all of your career-related questions. And she does it all with charm and a ready smile.
Elaine Martin, author of Too Many Doors
I had my book ready to go to the printer with another publisher. At the very last second, they pulled the plug on my project. I was scrambling to find another publisher and fast as I was committed to having the book for upcoming events. Most of the publishers I spoke with wanted to price gouge me and said they couldn’t meet my deadline. Then a friend recommended I contact Juliet at Winsome Media. What a true blessing she has been. Not only are her prices more than fail and affordable but she exceeded my expectation on having the project done. She has even beat my original publisher potential release date. Thank you, Juliet!
Jason Breitenfeld