From books, to products, to services, to workshops...
no one ever said they didn’t want to sell more!

So what do most businesses do?  

They chase. They strategize. They throw money at a goal of reaching a certain number, only to end up with a trickle of sales…if they’re lucky.  

But the top 2% go about it a different way. A smarter way.  

Before I tell you how they do it, I want to answer the tricky question- Why does a bigger marketing budget not always translate to more sales?  

Because most entrepreneurs fall into the conventional wisdom trap- the trap that says MORE is always BETTER.  

And what ends up happening is that they throw a ton of time, money and energy at people who aren’t qualified to work with them, not interested in what they have to offer and not ever going to invest.  

Chasing after unqualified leads = HUGE WASTE OF RESOURCES.  

More is better might be true when it comes to vacations, dollars and time, but when it comes to leads, the most successful coaches, authors, speakers and consultants have adopted a higher, more effective truth-  


You want to put your resources towards people who are an easy “yes!”  

What if I told you that you could, EARLY ON, discover what your prospects need and how committed they are to getting those needs met? Isn’t that really what lead generation is all about?  

The right people telling you exactly what they need and you coming in like the knight in shining armor and providing the solution?  

Our Assessment Marketing and Lead Generation course is the leading system that qualifies your leads for you, so you don’t waste your time or money on people who aren’t committed, aren’t interested or can’t pay.  

That might sound harsh, but it’s actually the most authentic way to do business.

Think about it. There are a LOT of people out there offering one-size-fits-all solutions without having any idea if their offer will actually help the person at the other end. You can’t make an impact if the prescription doesn’t fit the diagnosis.  

And that’s why we do what we do, right? IMPACT.  

Imagine if you could:

✔ Easily attract new leads (without the chase) and engage them in a non- salesy way  

✔ Discover what your prospects need and provide content that builds value and trust  

✔ Attract new clients from anywhere in the world and actually make a difference in their lives  

✔ Close more sales because you are speaking their language and giving them exactly what they’ve been looking for  

✔ Keep more of your money because LESS is going out to leads that go nowhere  

That is the power of assessment marketing!


Hi. I’m Juliet Dillon Clark, Founder of Assessment Marketing and Super Brand Publishing and our system stems directly from my own disillusioning personal experience with my business.  

Over the years I brought my expertise to corporate clients like Mattel, Nissan, Price Stern Sloan Publishing, and HP Books. While I enjoyed the work, and was good at it, I was well aware of the astronomical number of company resources that were going to dead-end leads! 

I realized that we could actually GROW if we SIMPLIFIED and LASER TARGETED. How do you laser target? You ASK your audience if they are in fact your audience! You find out what they need and create the solution that gives it to them.  

Since then, I have helped more than 600 entrepreneurs and authors share their work with the world and have published more than 60 books, turning more than 190 authors/entrepreneurs into best-selling experts!  

Let’s cut through the clutter, cultivate your fan base, increase sales, and reach a level of success beyond what you thought possible.  


Our system teaches you how to:

  • Increase your ticket sales for events, programs, products, and services
  • Prequalify prospects and only talk to those who are truly interested. No more wasted calls with people who just want your time for free
  • Sell your products and services with integrity– the right product to the right person. No more one-size-fits-all sales. 
  • Grow your email list. As technology changes over the next few years, your list will become an asset you can’t afford to be without.

Let us bottom line it for you-

More qualified leads = More sales.  

Here are just a few ways the AMLG course is a game changer for you:  

  • Speaking from the Stage- Capture that audience in a powerful way that inspires trust and converts! Not only will you have names, addresses, and phone numbers…you will know exactly what that audience needs and how motivated they are to take next steps! 
  • List Building- Here’s some news…your social media doesn’t belong to you! Your job is to transition your social media audience over to your list so it is your own! We are all one algorithm change away from losing our life’s work! 
  • Pre- Live Event- Get your attendees crystal clear on where they are and what they need before attending your event. Wouldn’t it be great to have your time at an event fully booked with qualified prospects before you even teach a single concept? 
  • Pre- Webinar Sequences- Help attendees find out which pieces they are missing and how this webinar will fill those learning gaps. They will sign up and they will show up! 
  • List- Re-engagement- Engage a non-responsive list by providing a tool that will identify what they need so you can create relevant free content to re- energize them.
  • Student Progress Sequences- Help your clients discover how much they have learned by taking the assessment at the beginning and the end of every course! People who see results from your products and services, make great referral sources and leave glowing reviews! 
  • Pre- Strategy Session Sequences- Exponentially grow your sales conversions by talking to only qualified prospects who know they need you and are ready to invest.  
  • Facebook and LinkedIN group- Social media groups made up of highly committed individuals create a more dynamic conversation. Pre-qualify member before you let them into your space! The right people will exponentially increase engagement (and therefore conversions) from your groups. 
  • Tracking and Converting Off Funnel Content– Podcast, Radio and Book Sales are great content delivery systems, but, we don’t own the states and truly know who is following and listening. Use as lead magnets on these venues and convert traffic to sales.

Work less, earn more isn’t an urban myth. When you qualify your leads ahead of time, you can cut your enrollment time in half and earn more per lead.  

Does that sound good to you?  

This is the easiest way to skyrocket your sales WITHOUT blowing the budget on leads that bring zero ROI.

The System is simple:

Step 1

Pick Your Niche  

Tell us who your target audiences is and we’ll pre-populate your quiz content.  

  Step 2

Select Your Sequence  

Choose whether you want to grow your list, engage your tribe or increase conversion.  

Step 3

Add Your Personal Touch 

Tweak our pre-written funnel copy so it reflects your unique vibe and promise.  

Step 4

Put It To Work In Your Biz  

Put your quiz in front of people who need and want what you have to offer.  

Don’t leave your lead gen to chance. The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is take charge of your resources. Assessment Marketing allows you to hold the cards.  

You only spend time on people who are likely to invest and committed to doing the work.  

It’s time to play a bigger, SMARTER game!