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Attention Authors, Coaches, and Speakers:

Are You Wasting Your Time Chasing Broke People

Let’s face it, marketing is changing. For years, we have been creating lead magnets and giving them away in exchange for an email address.
Even worse? We were calling this exchange a relationship!

Here’s what you thought was happening…

The prospect was opening your lead magnet, reading it, loving it. And couldn’t wait for more.

Your follow-up drip campaign was inspiring and the prospect would surely buy your product by the seventh email.

Here’s what was REALLY happening…

The lead magnet sat in the prospects email inbox…never opened.

The prospect never opened your email drip campaign so they were never going to buy anything from you.

What was the mistake?

You were having an unrequited love relationship with your prospects. You thought a click was a relationship. For your prospects, you were invisible.

Here’s why this proprietary quiz platform works:

  • You are setting success standards and your prospects are self-assessing their relationship with success
  • This lead magnet is interactive and prospects receive results in real-time
  • Prospects qualify themselves as a qualified lead within minutes
  • Only qualified prospects are given the tools to start a relationship
  • You receive valuable market research that allows you to understand your ideal client and replicate attracting more of them

The biggest game-changers for me in 2020 was creating a quiz (available at www.JenCokenQuiz.com) that helped qualify and convert potential clients into paying success stories. 

Before implementing this quiz, I had lost 80% of my business due to COVID.  This quiz was developed by fellow Dames member Juliet Clark.  It has converted close to $50k in new business this year alone. I used the quiz to get focused in my coaching practice—I doubled down on Imposter Syndrome and was extremely “niche-y” which paid off.

I became known in the space of C-Suite women as the expert for eradicating Imposter Syndrome so that these badass women can become the true marvels they were born to be!

Juliet is such fun to work with! She’s highly skilled at creating quizzes that will help attract and lead your ideal client or customer to the right place every time. I am so glad that we were connected. There wasn’t anyone else I would trust to do this!

Melanie Herschorn, Content Creator specializing in blogs, email marketing and social media for women business owners to help attract leads and land more clients

I highly recommend Juliet Clark for her brilliant marketing mind and insights into creating powerful quizzes that generate leads.

I love the quiz she helped me create at www.CreativeUpQuiz.com. It gets right to the heart of my work and the dreams and goals of my prospective clients. Just by adding the quiz to my signature in my email I have been able to start new conversations with prospective clients.

I have used quizzes successfully in the past but none that felt just right like this one. People love to learn about themselves and this quiz is ideal for sharing on social media, a podcast interview or from stage.

Juliet made the process easy plus her ability to get to the core of the questions was invaluable. If you have been considering creating a quiz to increase your lead generation, I highly recommend reaching out to Juliet.

– Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

Offering Online Creative Play Sessions for Individuals and Teams in Need of Inspiration, Relaxation and Stress Relief.

Juliet is amazing! She helped me out together an amazing quiz to help coaches decide if they are ready to create an online course. It was a complicated process that Juliet made easy and fun! Highly recommend her to streamline your business with a quiz.

Donna Ashton

I help experienced coaches package their expertise into an online course- Creating freedom, leverage extra revenue and impact with their clients. And not work so hard.