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Without clarity of mind, you cannot have emotional insight to see your situation as it is. Juliet Clark introduces Rina Lang, the Creator of the “Mind and Brain Supercharge” program. The brain is the most stressed organ in your body. You think you need to acquire more information to become smarter. But what you need is to clean up useless knowledge. Once your head is clear, your emotions and energy also become clear. Then the right ideas can enter your brain. Listen to this episode to learn practical techniques to get clarity of mind.

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Why You Need To Have Clarity Of Mind With Rina Lang

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Our guest is Rina Lang. Rina is an explorer of mental states to increase memory, focus, clarity, intellect, and intuition. She is the creator of the Mind and Brain Supercharged program designed to specifically help leaders, businesses, owners, and intellectual thinkers easily upgrade their minds and brains to cope with 21st Century demands and challenges. Rina struggled for years with a bad case of brain fog, mental fatigue, procrastination, and short-term memory.

After much trial and error, she cracked the code to unleash her intellectual abilities. Rina is passionate about educating others about consciousness states, the brain’s energetic makeup, and how our innate, intuitive, creative, and intellectual superpowers can be accessed and upgraded. Rina’s mission is a simple but powerful, clear mind, healthy brain, and think to energize.

Welcome, Rina.

Thank you for having me here, Juliet. It is such a pleasure.

I am excited to talk about this because I think so many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed. I like to say on the first day of an entrepreneur’s new job, they are super excited. By month four, they are overwhelmed,  lacking sleep, exhausted, realize how much they do not know, and things start to go downhill from there. Before we get into the clarity and the mind, let’s talk about food, stress, and sleep because those are things that people do not understand affect our clarity.

Lots of things to talk about and where to start. First off, it is all about having clarity in your mind, to begin with. We have these monkey minds. Everything that this is happening around, we get it tangled. In everything that we look at, we hear and such. Our mind is very thin stretched. It is very hard with a mind like that that is fatigue. This is tangled in all stories past, future, present, but this never comes and presents on the moment, on the now, and here. It is very hard with a mind like that to a business. That is why we get so entangled in our business because this is an authentic thing and we do not know what to do. We stop here and here. We drop it and leave it then we get excited about this new shiny thing.

It is such a sporadic thing, but it is a reflection of the mind itself. Our minds are so disorganized. It is like having a room filled with 100 different pieces of quotes and none of it is in its rightful place. You then are trying to make sense of it and find that needle in the haystack. It is very hard, and because our minds like that, the contents of our minds are so chaotic. The way we approach our business often says it is like a buffet. There are all these different things you can do, which may or may not get your business close that you want or what you are trying to do, but not everything is relevant. Also, you need to stop eating on the right side of the table.

To see that business clearly, there has to be some roadmap. You build up the thing then you build that other thing on top of it, then this the next thing is coming. Most of the time, many people that count envision that roadmap. They see this oldest different thing that they do, but there is very little ability of extra structuring the path and putting the things in its rightful place and knowing I need you to first learn to walk before I can run.

What does that one thing that I need to do now that will eventually open me up to that next thing? You need to grow into those biggest shoes, but if you have a coated mind and more information is coming in, it exacerbates the situation because it is not more information you need. You need to make use of the information you already have. To do that, cleaning your mind is the very first step.

PRP 201 | Clarity Of Mind

Clarity Of Mind: For those people who promise you six figures in 90 days, it took them 20 years to get there where they can generate that money.


You are right, especially entrepreneurs now who are online. They see all these shiny objects and they think each and everyone is the magic bullet without thinking about how do I integrate all of this together? If you are overwhelmed, that is not going to happen. You see evidence of that with these programs, six figures in six months, or I can have you to six figures in 90 days. You are looking at the outcome without thinking about the organization that goes into it.

Even those people who promise you six figures in 90 days, it took them twenty years to get there. Where they can generate that money, they think that if they can do it now, then everybody else can do it, but they have not built themselves up energetically. They have not built up their tribe. They have not built up the experience, know-how, and confidence to show up and convert. That is what a lot of people do not spend. That is why I say you need to grow into those bigger shoes. You cannot be thinking, “I am going to buy something from Tony Robbins. By doing whatever he is doing, I am going to be like him.”

You need to find somebody that is closer to your level of development, maybe five steps ahead. As we often say in coaching, be three steps ahead of the person. Five steps ahead of the person. It is enough to get coached. You do not need to have somebody so big bigger than you are now. Maybe in ten years, you will grow into those biggest shoes and build up all your formations, but you can hire somebody with so much expertise, depending on where you are. That is why a lot of money is being wasted and a lot of debt is being generated by going to those big shots thinking, “They are a big shot. They must know.”

They are twenty years ahead of you. Find somebody 1 or 2 years ahead of you. To have that clarity and, again, shiny objects. Why? It is marketing. Marketing is designed of fear. That fear of missing out and assets. All about playing with our emotions and such. Fear of missing out. That is the thing that gets us hyped up emotionally. That is cleaning up your mind will be able to allow you to clean up yourself emotionally enough so that you can see the situation for what it is.

You can see beyond that shiny object and see, “There was a lot of error and promises.” Very good promos fatal speech, but you are not emotionally so caught up in it that there are no more regrets or we get you down the road because you bought a bet on the wrong horse. Being able to see through all that glamour because it is glamour and nothing else but glamour, you need to have a sharp, clear mind that is able to cut through that clutter and see the person for who he is and see that sales pitch for what it is. It is a lot of error and often, there is not much behind it.

That is so true, especially when you are in those rooms where it’s like, “Today only. Go to the back of the room.” I think those are the people with a lot of hype. Every time I have ever done that and purchased something, I have been so disappointed because there are a lot of people out there who call themselves influencers, who are big marketers but not great delivers on that.

It is emotional blackmail more than anything. That is how the world is being run. The reason being is because very few people on this planet truly think, who have truly groundbreaking new ideas. Most of us were parroting somebody else or most people on this planet. We are more than happy to outsource the thinking to somebody we think can think better than us, parents, priests, and politicians.

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That is why the world is the way it is. I guarantee you, if you outsource the thinking to somebody else, they will make choices, decisions that are not in your favor. That is why transitioning before polarizing ourselves more in our minds, rather than emotions, drama, and a little bit of gossip, maybe on top of it. A little bit of fun facts got it from somewhere else, from some books like Clear Knowledge.

Somebody else has done the thinking. We only acquired it and this is ours, but there are no unique, groundbreaking thoughts. That is the thing by organizing your mind, by clearing yourself energetically because the mind is nothing but an energy that we use. We are that consciousness that uses the mind, and the brain is nothing but a tool that creates that energy. Whatever is it contained in our energy field, the brain is busy serving us the best it can. You mentioned being fatigued and tired. The brain is the most stressed organ of our body because we think intelligence is acquiring more information, pulling it all in. A lot of us bought into the slide.

That is how I fried my brain so many times because I was pushing it, studying midnight, sleeping middle, thinking that the more I know it will somehow make me smarter, but wherever you are, whatever state you are in your life, it is not about acquiring knowledge. It is about cleaning up whatever useless knowledge you acquire that is not serving you.

Its progress is social media, politicians, television, and such. Learn what you think. We are entering that mind and bringing hatching H. If you are still polarizing your emotions, if you are still making your decisions in anger, desperation, fear, and such. When somebody manipulates you emotionally, somehow you make decisions. You make decisions about your life and your money. You are losing out because the game is changing.

That is what a lot of people who are at the forefront of thinking innovate this insight. That is what they are investing the most in. Read the book called Stealing Fire. You will learn more about how in Silicon Valley, military, and such. They are trying to have the brain and have the intelligence polarize themselves more in mind. Put themselves in certain states where they can learn languages in six weeks instead of six months.

You will be missing out if you do not do it because guaranteed, the game has changed. It is not about the learned knowledge. It is about accessing levels of creativity but beyond our thinking. Accessing intuition is not pure and knowing but beyond our ability to think and rationalize it. I love reading biographies of smart people, scientists and such. If you read the biographies, it is all about, “I woke up, I had my shower and I had that idea.”

They are coming from somewhere and it is not a secret anymore. That is something that everybody can access now and today. Of course, there are certain things that you need to do, such as clean yourself up because all that information is available. It is like being in a room where 100 people are shouting at you at once, which is your thoughts and your monkey mind. There is no chance for that intuition, that groundbreaking idea that is going to take your business to the next breakthrough.

PRP 201 | Clarity Of Mind

Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work

That idea cannot come to you if there are millions of thoughts buzzing around. What are the chances of you proceeding and implementing that idea correctly? Seeing and feeling it from what it is is not. One thing you might be realizing is that you might be putting so much effort so much time into your business with very little results. It is about picking up the ball, dropping the ball, next ball, this, that, sporadic, starting, stopping, not seeing a clear roadmap, and not having a clear vision. It is very hard to have a business that is going to be a success. Time and time again, you hear from people who are extremely successful. It is not about how hard you work.

I am a perfect example of that with my golf addiction. I have to make time for it. Clean up a chaotic mind. What does that look like? Where do you begin?

There are two techniques that I often recommend. There are more techniques that I share my coaching and my programs, but here it goes. First off, we are like sponges. I think everybody these days is familiar with, “This person gives me a bad vibe. That person energizes me. I love being around that person. This place is draining. When I get home from my stressful environment at work, I feel like I need to shower to wash off that energy.” Most people are familiar with those concepts, but still, we are holding onto that energy. It is free. Let’s take it.

A lot of the energy that is floating and our energy tank is not even ours. What you can do, whatever you are feeling with your emotions, anxiety is fierce inside. Whenever you feel like you are overwhelmed, it is more than what you can handle. Chances are, a lot of it is not yours. For instance, now, Juliet, if you were to check in with yourself, what is the predominant negative feeling you are feeling now? You can close your eyes then give it some percentage. How much of that energy is not yours? Give it the percentage. How much?

Are you asking me to do that? I hardly ever think negatively.

It is something that is bugging you, finding more clients for your book.

I do not have trouble finding more clients. Let’s see, something that is bugging me. No world peace. I bet you. That is mine.

It's not about cleaning up your place like crazy. It's about organizing your mind first. Share on X

Tune into it. Get a feel for that energy. World peace. How much of that energy is not yours? Give it the percentage.

Probably 60%.

Close your eyes and generate a feeling of free fall in your body. Completely relax yourself. It was like when we were children. We are jumping around. We know we are going to get caught. Generate that feeling of free fall. Let that 60% go. See it float out as a great energy field out the window, expand, and thank it for being there. Whatever services it was trying to serve you but generate that feeling of free fall and let it go. This energy has no choice because you made a new decision. You do not need that anymore. It has no choice but to leave your energy field.

This is an excellent technique to do every day before sleep. Every time you had a difficult client or whatever. You were interacting with someone and they left you feeling uneasy. There is some energy that is bugging you, which is not yours. Do this. Do not ever go to bed at the end of the day with some energy that is stuck in your energy field. This is one way. Begin at least by getting with whatever is not yours.

The second technique and this is something that I learned from a book called the Creative Way, is simple journaling. I have journaled on and off all my life. In a few years, I started following this technique of morning pages, where you basically write three pages every day. Sometimes, I would write five, sometimes half a page. I am not very particular about it. I would throw out the day, take note of whatever emotions come up, frustrations, and discomforts.

Somebody said something and it did not sit well with me, like noticing throughout the day what is happening in my world that is not perfect, but it is not like happiness and peace. It is all about giving them a place and space. Put that energy to give them a voice and to tell you its story. Why am I angry that somebody cut me on the road? Is it because somebody cuts me in the road or is there something else? It is basically like tuning in to that energy and writing from that space.

The first six months were me ranting all about the price to blue and the sun is too round, all kinds of stuff. It is basically picking up the pile of clothes that we have, looking at every one of them and deciding, do you keep it and put it on the shelf or do I throw it out? It is no longer serving me. You are the most interesting book that you have ever will read. All of us have those skeletons. Years ago, I was keeping myself so busy all the time. I couldn’t be alone, even for five minutes with myself. It was too painful and had too many skeletons, but it is smaller than we think.

PRP 201 | Clarity Of Mind

Clarity Of Mind: Write three pages in your journal every day.


It is once to tell us its story. It is not our enemy. Emotions are not about enemies. They tell us something happened in our world that went against who we are, against what is right in our beliefs. It is that uneasy energy because somebody somehow did something that was not right. That is all the emotions are trying to tell you, “This is not a key.” By writing it out, you unraveled that energy and you get to the bottom of it, which means once you listen to the story, you give it a place and space to tell you how it came about.

It will never come bugging in you again. One of the side effects that I have noticed two years down the road is that it organizes your mind if you are struggling with a bad memory. I was watching this documentary about people who have incredible memories. There is a portion of the brain that is more enlarged but also, on top of that, they are extremely organized people. Many people think, “I am going to organize my desk, and somehow my mind is going to be more organized.” It is the other way around.

By writing it out, listening to, tuning in, and giving it that space and place, you are looking through all the contents of your energy body, you keep what you need and you let go of what you do not. Everything ends up on its rightful shells and places, which means when you are trying to remember that information that you need, your brain is able to make those connections to find what it needs.

It is no longer cows and you start seeing things. It is not about becoming OCD and cleaning up your place like crazy. It is organizing your mind to such an extent that there is no unresolved issue bugging you and stepping away all your energy. It is about freeing, on the contrary, that energy that conserves you now to be channeled into your business, into new ideas, into manage investment, perceiving that guidance, that intuition, those new ideas, and such. This technique I found most incredible is to stop claiming back your energy, cleaning up the contents, organizing your mind, and improving your memory.

Tell us a little bit about your program. What things do you do inside of your programs?

When I started my journey, I struggled many years with a bad case of mine, mental fog, and all the other things that you have read out at the beginning of this show. One of my superpowers, let’s say, ever since I stopped meditating years ago, I started feeling energies. I approached the mind and brain health from the energetic side. It is not so much, “Eat that food. Do those exercises,” because I have tried it all.

When I was at my worst, I have tried it all. I did not have the will, the time, the bandwidth, or the persistence to stick around with all those things. I did not feel like they had moved the needle for me strongly enough to be where I am. For instance, now, I am smarter than I ever was, I would say. Because I went that energetic route, I could feel that my head was stuck in a fishbowl pretty much for years and I had to resolve things somehow energetically.

Start looking at your mind from an energetic perspective. Share on X

I started educating myself more about the different energies, chakras, and all different techniques. I went to India and Nepal, learned from Buddhists and such what they know about the mind and started applying all those different things in my personal life. I started seeing incredible results very quickly. Anybody and everybody who cares about the mind health and would like to take their mind to the next level, do not subscribe to the belief that when we are children, our intelligence increases, then it plateaus. Sometimes 40 or 50 starts breaking down and that is the way things are and post-it on my best friend.

If you do not subscribe to that belief, if you want to remain relevant beyond 60, 70, and 80 when you are the most wise and most experienced, then I highly suggest that you start to look at your mind from the energetic perspective. That is what I do. I teach all tools and techniques. I educate people about the mind, brain, how they work together, intelligence, intellect, intuition, and all those different things. How can they use those mind and brain hacks to unleash and unlock great intellectual abilities than they ever thought before were possible.

That is great. You have a free gift to give us and you also have a group. I spoke to them over on Facebook. How do we find that group? What is the free gift you would like to give us now?

I published my eBook on this topic. It is How To Use Energetic Hacks To Unleash Your Mind And Brain. You can get it on the I do also have a coaching community on Facebook. That is called Mind and Brain Power Supercharge. It is a private group where I go live every Friday. I have a YouTube channel as well.

All the links you will find when you go to and you can follow me on YouTube. I have done plenty of training and spinal masterclasses where I share more techniques, tools, and talk about anything that has to do with mind, brain, memory, rainfall, overwhelm, or whatever issues you might be experiencing with your mind. If you start applying some of the techniques that I use there, I am sure you will see great results.

Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.

You are welcome.


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PRP 201 | Clarity Of MindRina is an explorer of mental states to increase memory, focus, clarity, intellect, and intuition. She is the creator of the “Mind and Brain Supercharge” program designed specifically to help Leaders, Business Owners, and Intellectual Thinkers easily upgrade their minds and brains to cope with 21st-century demands and challenges. Rina struggled for years with a bad case of brain fog, mental fatigue, procrastination, and short-term memory. But after much trial and error, she cracked the code to unleash her intellectual abilities.

Today, Rina is passionate about educating others about consciousness states, the brain’s energetic makeup, and how our innate intuitive, creative and intellectual “superpowers” can be accessed and upgraded. Rina’s mission is simple but powerful: Clear Mind, Healthy Brain, Think Energised. Connect with her on LinkedIn for valuable updates plus best practices and insider tips for Leaders, Business Owners, and Intellectual Thinkers. Get a FREE copy of my ebook “The energetic secrets to up your intelligence and get ahead of the game” @