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The brain is a sea of ideas, and sometimes having so much going on inside your head is not advisable. You won’t be able to sift through every thought unless you start quieting the mind. Juliet Clark sits down with author, business strategist, and global spiritual tour leader Halle Eavelyn to discuss how she leads people in taking a pause and killing the feeling of unworthiness. She explains how a simple stop in everything that’s going on helps her gain clarity and motivation to continue writing. Halle also highlights the importance of taking action to fully embrace your untapped thoughts, as well as looking into the future to manifest in the most impactful way. 

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Why Quieting The Mind Is The Sure Way Towards Your Full Potential With Halle Eavelyn 

We have a very different guest. We’re going to go off in a tangent from where we’ve been in the past. Before we get started, I want to remind you to go over to Super Brand Publishing on YouTube. Everybody who’s on this, all of the video is over there or you can check it out on our website, Don’t forget to go over and take our Promote, Profit, Publish Quiz. Find out if you are ready. You may have written a book, but you have a platform built. Do you want an audience? Do you want anybody to buy it? Just the basics like that, we’ve got to get going with it, 

Our guest has been featured in Time Magazine, Good Morning America, USA Today and The Huffington Post. Halle Eavelyn has helped over 1,500 clients breakthrough lifelong traumas and powerfully co-create a masterpiece in their life. As an author, global spiritual tour leader, and business strategist, Halle guides clients on a powerful journey of self-discovery. She provides the clarity, support and strategy they need to confidently step into the highest expression of themselves. 

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An atheist until her first trip to Egypt, where her entire life was transformed in a single moment, Halle’s spiritual awakening put her on a journey to become a champion for women all over the world. Her mission is to help women find their voice and thrive is now her life’s work. In addition to her private clients, Halle is the mindset coach for several high-level business coaching programs. Her forthcoming show, Your Goddess Awakened is available on YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere. You can discover more about Halle’s work and impact at Welcome. 

Thank you so much. 

I’m excited to have you here. We are both part of The Dames. Halle invited me into a free session. I was blown away by all of the things that happened inside it. It was transformative. I thought about what good she could do in the author’s world. 

Thank you. 

This is why this is different. All of you, you’ve written books and done this amazing work, and then you start getting to the point where you’re publishing, working with me and falling apart in the last 6 to 8 weeks. Halle and I had some discussions around why that might be happening. Do you want to take it and talk a little bit about what’s going on there? 

I call myself a transformational coach because I help people explode to the next level of their lives, but there’s this thing that comes up at every level no matter where you are. If you’re a multimillionaire and you’re looking to go to make $100 million a year or you’re a 6-figure earner and to go to 7 figures or a 5-figure earner and to go to 6-figure, whatever those dreams are that you have, whether they’re monetary or material in some other way, those dreams have a tendency to feel in some regard unattainable. When you get to that place where you’re on the verge of attaining that dream, all of a sudden, it’s like, “Wait a second.” 

For somebody who’s thinking in terms of like, I’m a six-figure person and now I’m hiring staff. I stopped having to worry about my bills and things come up like, “Is this going to stop? I’ll have to go back to the way it was before.” If I make that much more money, will people in my circles still love me and appreciate me. Are there going to be problems with the fact that I’m the one that’s going to have a lot of money or fame or recognition? People have the story like, “I don’t want to make any more money because I’ll have to pay more taxes.” Whereas you’re still paying relatively speaking, only a percentage of every $1. If you make $5 and $50,000, it’s the same, you’re still looking at some small percentage of it. 

When you make more money, a lot of times the percentages go down. From a mindset perspective, every single one of these things has a solution. The first step though is clarity and it comes from recognizing wherever you are, you’re going to go through this. There’s a simple brain science reason. The reason is our brains don’t like change. There are very complicated things that I can explain. My favorite thing is my sabertoothed tiger analogy. Your brain is hardwired like when we were back in the caves as cave people to keep you safe. Keeping you safe means keeping you in the cave. The cave is wherever you are. If you leave and you go outside the cave, there could be a sabertoothed tiger there. The tiger could eat you. That would be bad. Therefore, you should stay in the cave. 

PRP 147 Halle Eavelyn | Quieting The Mind

Quieting The Mind: Whatever your dreams are, whether they’re monetary or material, they have a tendency to feel unattainable in some regard.


That’s logical. The problem is that your brain thinks everything new is a sabertoothed tiger. That’s what we’re hard-wired for. What fixes this is action. I like to say you cannot be in fear and action at the same time unless you are running from an actual sabertoothed tiger. Leave the cave, take the action and first tell your brain that it’s safe. In the twelve steps, they have all the bumper stickers, Easy does it, one day at a time.” I love the bumper sticker coaching. To me, it’s like the bomb diggity because it’s short enough to fit on a bumper sticker. You’re going to remember it in an emergency when you need it. 

Here is a bumper sticker coaching for this beautiful occasion. You are saying to your brain, “Thank you for sharing.” Your brain is listening to you and hearing that you are not resisting the information that’s trying to give you. The information that has been so desperately trying to give you all these years, which is why it never shuts up because your brain is going, “Please listen to me,” that which we resist persists. When you say to your brain, “Thank you for sharing,” your brain is like, “Juliet heard me. Now I can be quiet for a minute.” Suddenly you’ll find your brain is no longer saying that same thing to you or don’t do that because it’s scary. Once you got quiet, you can say to your brain, “Thank you for sharing.” 

We’re going to go ahead and leave the cave. Once you do, there is no consequence to leaving the cave because the beautiful thing is, once you get to that next level, your brain is like, “This is normal.” This is ironic because if you try to leave that cave, your brain is going to start the whole process over again which is why you should ignore your brain in the first placesay thank you for sharing and feel like wherever you are, you deserve your dreams. You have the right to your dreams. Most importantly, if your dreams were not possible, they wouldn’t have come into your mind in the first place. That was a lot, but it’s important. It’s like basic stuff for me. With mindset coaching, it’s important that you have that strong base to work from. 

I have this theory that you guys have read, those reading our blogs regularly and this fits with what you’re doing. I always see people that come to me and they say, “I’ve got writer’s block.” I feel like people overanalyze writer’s block. Truly, it’s God or the universe, whatever you believe. It’s that way of saying, “You’ve got this genius in your head and I’m going to help you write it.” At some point, there’s an exchange here and you’re going to have to heal something or work through to get to the next level. It’s the same thing that you do in a sense working with people on that subconscious/unconscious level. 

I haven’t looked at it the way that you’re looking at it. I can’t say Juliet, you’re wrong. You sound perfectly. I never looked at writer’s block like that. I’ve written eight books. I used to co-write books with people. I’ve written some of my own books. I’ve experienced writer’s block. I’ve been writing since I was about ten. I love the writing process. I find that for me a key to getting through writer’s block is talking. A lot of times when I can’t write the thing or it’s not coming, I write what Anne Lamott does. “It’s the “S” wordAnne Lamott says, “Write the bleep first draft because that will turn into the workable, editable second draft which will turn into the publishable third draft.” 

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When I can’t write because the writer’s block is stopping me, I will write the bleep first draft by speaking it. I will transcribe. By the time I get into transcribing my own words, I am already into the editable second draft. As I’m writing it down, I’m like, “That word doesn’t work when you say it. It works or it doesn’t work when you write it. Let’s change this thing.” My brain is busy editing, not writing. By the time you’re transcribing, that’s my little writer’s block trick that I’ve used that has helped me. It’s interesting. What I feel like you were saying is that it’s your higher power way of saying, “You’re not ready for this material yet. You’re going to do something inside of you first that will allow that to evolve. That makes perfect sense to me. 

Mystery novels are very much, whether you think about it or notimaginary but there’s a lot of truth in some of those. You’re taking a life experience and applying it or something outside. I always found when I was writing my mystery novels that there was always this point where I would feel like, “Where did that come from? I better work through that.” 

A lot of times the writing writes itself almost. When you get into that flow like, “Where did that come from? It belongs to the story or character. I always have found that fascinating. I’m very outlined-driven when I write. I will come up with a concept. I will write the full outline and then I want to fill it in. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. I have to do it because I have to build the structure first. I know other people who write more like a painting. “Let’s paint this corner and go up here.” That would drive me crazy but everybody has their own process. 

There’s no process that’s wrong because that first draft is going to be shit. It’s always going to be that way and probably one of the biggest mistakes I see when we get manuscripts is I’ll ask, “Have you rewritten this? I thought I was supposed to write it. You’ve got to rewrite it,” especially with fiction. People get into that perfection thing. They then don’t release it because it’s never going to be perfect. You’ve written lots of books. When people are getting that scared going to the next level, what things do you think those are? Do you think they’re based around worthiness? What do you see when feelings are coming up and people are not? I don’t even think they know what’s going on. They are in freeze mode or other people get overwhelmed when they’re very organized people. It’s like, “What happened there?” What do you think the big things are that are coming up? 

I’ve had over 1,500 clients. I’ve had enough clients that I have data now as opposed to anecdotal evidence. The data is that everybody at the core, the underlying thing when you peel back all the layers of the onion, fear of success, fear of failure or fear of failure and success at the same time. All the things underneath all of that is fear of not being enough. I am not enough is core bottom bedrock issue. Most people that come to me for help or go to anybody don’t know that about themselves. They don’t have a tendency to say, “I am not worthy or I am not enough,” until they’ve said all the other things on top of it and cleared those one at a time or in big chunks. 

To me, the idea that you can’t start there because it’s hard for people to see that. We were talking about the idea of inner child work. There are a lot of different pieces and possibilities for what people need to work or get through, become more aware of before they can get to that place of, “I am unworthy, or I am not enough.” If I said to everybody, “Here’s a little trick for being enough.” For most people that don’t even work because it’s an unacknowledged inner peace and it’s something they’re not ready for. That’s the real core is if you’re not ready to clear it, you can do these processes all day long and they don’t go anywhere because you’re not ready. 

PRP 147 Halle Eavelyn | Quieting The Mind

Quieting The Mind: The goddess is about the energy of creating, receiving, and allowing. The masculine energy is focused on systems, structures, and doing.


There’s this piece that is unacknowledged or unrealized. You have to get to that place where you’re like, “Baby, this has got to go.” It can fall away with the right tools. That’s the why of it a little bit. We talked about the clarity at the beginning. You want to get to this place of clarity and to give yourself permission. Permission comes post clarity. This is the stuff that’s bothering you and I’m afraid of. If you didn’t know that you’re not having a conversation about worthiness. You’re having a conversation about I’ll have to pay too much in taxes or people won’t like me if I’m rich or whatever. 

You’ve got to give yourself permission. It’s safe and okay for me to make this choice. Once those pieces happen, I feel like you can get to the next layer, which is let’s clear this out. You’ve got to replace the old way of thinking or being with the new way. One of my favorite tools for this is curiosity, “I wonder why I’m feeling overwhelmed when I’m such an organized person,” to use the example that you gave. “I wonder why I haven’t written in 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months.” “I wonder why, as soon as Juliet said to me, we’re going to publish this book together, I suddenly couldn’t write a word.” “That’s interesting I wonder why that happened.” 

You get curious because you can’t feel curiosity and fear at the same time. Curiosity takes over for the fear. While you were talking about mystery stories, which I am in deep admiration. Mystery are the hardest things where I could never in a million years imagine writing a mystery story. I would feel like I was completely at sea or writing something that Agatha Christie had written or something. My hat is very off to you. When you’re thinking in terms of creating the answers, it’s a mystery for a while. Your job in getting curious is to probe underneath and solve the mystery of why you’ve started going into overwhelm, stop writing or whatever. 

It’s much easier than you think. Once you’ve gotten to that place where you got curious and your answers, then you can shift over to, “Now let’s reframe it,” which is the last piece of this. The reframe is like, “This feels overwhelming to me. Let’s look at this tiny little piece of it. Could we do this piece of it? for example, or “This feels deeply upsetting to me. Will people still love me?” or whatever. We can drop down into these other spaces by giving ourselves the grace to honor our feelings and then say, “I’m going to choose this thing instead.” That’s how I feel about all of the above. How does that resonate for you? 

That’s what we want to know though because so many people have this going on and they don’t know how to stop and manage it. It gets in a loop and they can’t seem to get out of it. That is a great way to start interrupting that pattern and bringing in what you need to do it. Let’s talk a little bit about manifesting because one of the things that I love is I have a board over here and I put things on. I look at that board every morning and I make sure that I’m doing something to move towards that every day. How do you approach manifesting and action at the same time? You can’t manifest if you’re not in action. 

A lot of my work these days revolves around the balance of the sacred divine, masculine and feminine. Hence my podcast is called Your Goddess Awakened. My t-shirt is Goddess Knows. That’s one of my coaching groups. I’m all into the goddess and here’s why. The goddess is about the energy of creating, receiving and allowing. The masculine energy is the energy of systems, structures and doing. Taking that action is a very masculine thing. Receiving is a very feminine thing. Most of the time when we are manifesting, we’re taking action. You’re right, but it is not necessary to take action in order to manifest. Sometimes the action that you’re being guided to is not the action that you think you need to take in order to get the result that you desire. 

For example, I got hired by one of the groups that I coach to be their mindset coach. They teach you how to get high-end clients on LinkedIn. This was a few years ago. I didn’t need a coach very long. I came in as a client. I heard loudly because I had asked for this thing to happen. I wanted to get clients and I didn’t want to have to go out and market. I wanted them to be able to find me. I was considering two different programs and I checked in, “Should I join this one or this one?” I heard this very loud, “No,” over this one program and this very loud, “Yes,” for this other program. 

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The sales guy, the first program, “What do you do?” What’s the objection to overcome when somebody says, “I’m sorry, I took that into meditation. I heard no.” There’s no way he’s ever overcoming that objection. He had to hang up the boat. The other one where I heard, yes, I went into that program as a client. They didn’t get the idea to have a mindset coach let alone hire me for 4 or 5 months. I was already in the program and they hired me immediately. They started sending me all of their clients. That was my flow for a while. All of that was receiving from taking action. That was in a completely different direction from the action that I had intended. To me, manifestation is very simple. The way to manifest is to give thanks for the things that you have already received before you have received it in the physical realm. 

We act like we receive the gift before we see it in our hands. It’s like, “You’ve got the box. You’re psyched about the bow and the pretty wrapping paper. You’re already so grateful but you don’t know what’s inside of it yet. It’s basically that. That’s the simplest way that I can think of that because in order to manifest, you have to be able to bring the future, the thing that hasn’t happened yet into the present. The way that you bring the future into the present is by claiming the future as if it were now because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s what you tell it is happening now and what is happening now. Once you get to that place, then you experienced the gratitude and the feelings that you would have if you already had the thing and now, the thing can show up. We were talking about the safe state for the brain. When you bring the future into the present, by feeling the thing is if you already had ityou’re teaching your brain that it’s safe to have the thing. It can show up. 

I have a meditation I do every morning and I struggled with it at first because it’s sad. Do you have emotion around that? and then something happened. I then knew what that emotion was. I can now replicate that. That was the start of some good things. Once you get it going, it happens a lot. This has been illuminating. I hope this was super helpful for you. I always love talking to her. She’s so fantastic. Do you have anything you want to give away or some place on your site that we can check you out? How do we get in touch with you? 

PRP 147 Halle Eavelyn | Quieting The Mind

Quieting The Mind: Sometimes, the action you’re being guided to is not the action you need to take to get the result you desire.


I have the perfect thing for all writers everywhere. It’s called 3 Keys to Slay Your Inner Critic. It talks a little bit of the stuff that I talked about, as far as quieting your mind. It’s some other things as well that are simple powerful tools. You can get that by going to my website, which is Please go there, download the 3 Keys to Slay Your Inner Critic. With all that quiet that you’ll have in your brain, there will be so much more room for your ideas to come through. 

Thank you so much for coming. 

It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much. 


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PRP 147 Halle Eavelyn | Quieting The Mind

Featured in Time Magazine, Good Morning America, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, Halle Eavelyn has helped over 1500 clients break through life-long traumas and powerfully co-create a masterpiece of their lives. As an author, global spiritual tour leader, and business strategist, Halle guides clients on a powerful journey of self-discovery. She provides the clarity, support, and strategy they need to confidently step into the highest expression of themselves.

An atheist until her first trip to Egypt. where her entire life transformed in a single moment, Halle’s spiritual awakening put her on a journey to become a champion for women all over the world. Her mission to help women find their voice and thrive is now her life’s work. In addition to her private clients, Halle is currently the mindset coach for several high-level business coaching programs.

Her forthcoming show, Your Goddess Awakened, is available on YouTube and podcast platforms everywhere. Discover more about Halle’s work and impact at


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