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In light of upcoming elections, the apparent divide and move towards socialist and communist ideals are more prominent than ever. Today, we discuss just what that means for society with a special guest. Mario Bekes is renowned as a human intelligence, investigation, and interrogation expert, Founder of Insight Intelligence Group, and podcast host of Life: The Battlefield. He is also an ambassador and activist for humanity. In this episode, he joins Juliet Clark to give us a look into his upcoming book, What Is the True Price of Freedom? Mario wrote this book to share his experiences and challenge the global movement toward socialism. He is more than familiar with what it’s like living under this kind of government, having fought wars against communism as a child in his own country. There’s much more to learn from Mario’s story and why he’s now using his voice to educate people. Stay tuned.

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What Is the True Price of Freedom? With Mario Bekes

A Former Communist Intel Officer Shares His Story

Our guest is another one of our authors. We have a lot of authors, but this year-end and everybody is trying to get their book on the market before the big rush. For those of you who don’t know that are thinking about publishing in 2023, the time to hire your publisher is between March and June to get out by Christmas. What you don’t realize is we don’t snap our fingers and make a book happen. We have editing, formatting, uploading, distribution, and pre-sale.

The closer we get to the holidays, usually starting in September, then we get into what’s called the expedited shipping because they get so many orders that it becomes a problem. Expedited shipping is super expensive and we want to avoid that at all costs. We want to get those books shipped out to everyone early. If we can’t get them shipped out by the beginning of October, we’re in big trouble with the shipping. I’m excited about our guest. He’s one of our authors. Also, don’t forget to go over to Get your free subscription to our monthly magazine. Lots of trips, tricks, and stories about other authors who have been super successful, so I’m excited about it.

Our guest is the first political book we have ever done. This is an important book because of the upcoming election. We have a lot of alliance Americans with one party leaning toward socialism, which is communism light. Mario Bekes, who we are going to talk to now, wrote this book because he sees more and more the globe going towards socialism, and he fought and as an intelligence officer, so he fought wars against communism in his own country as a child.

Mario Bekes is renowned as a Human Intelligence investigation, interrogation expert, and Founder of Insight Intelligence Group, one of the trusted firms that offer several services that include forensic investigations, surveillance investigations, factual investigations, and more. He is also an ambassador and activist for humanity. Bekes regularly speaks to over 100,000 listeners on his weekly radio show and podcast Life: The Battlefield, which is on Alive 90.5 FM.

You are probably not familiar with that unless you are out of Australia because he is Australian. He is a public speaker and multi-international bestseller of seven books and is finishing his eighth book titled What Is The True Price Of Freedom? which is what we are going to talk about. Bekes speaks and trains individuals and employees globally on how to conduct a proper investigation in any workplace. This includes external or internal fraud investigations, compensation claims, external or internal thefts, reputation protection, and competitor analysis. You are going to find this interesting because Mario’s story is one of growing up in a war zone and being tapped to fight at a very early age. Hang on. We’ll be right with Mario.

Welcome, Mario. I’m so glad to have you on our show.

Thank you for having me on your show. It’s a true pleasure.

I’m excited to talk about this. We have an election coming up in the United States from the time this comes out. You had some big messages for us through this book. In the United States, there’s a large group of people moving a little bit towards socialism, which is communism light, which you have a lot of experience with. Start us out with where you were. You became a child soldier. Tell us a little bit about that and how your career moved from there or your life for that matter.

The funny thing is you are great because you read so many books and meet so many authors that people don’t understand a fundamental thing. We don’t learn nothing from the past and my experience was many years ago that it was a Civil War. It was a slaughter between people who lived in one community for 50 years together and then suddenly became our enemies.

The true casualties are not people on the front line, but the civilians. Share on X

For that being said, I was born in communism in a beautiful country called Yugoslavia, which doesn’t exist anymore. The country was being forced and founded on a base of people with different religion, language, beliefs, and everything else, but we’d been called together, obligated to the one country. We believe that we Slavic people should rule the world.

We had the idle phase. We have Stalin and we have Marshal Tito. Unfortunately, everything works out that it should be made, it never lasts forever. After Marshal Tito passed away in 1980, they slowly started falling apart. The process was being dented. People wanted to experience a different life. As a kid in the ‘70s, I couldn’t understand about socialism and that’s the biggest premise and a big mistake of people who say, “We understand communism.” Communism if you are not born at least fifteen years of primary school and everything else. Imagine you are born, everywhere you go, it’s all these mottoes, poems, and quotes of communism how great it is. Paintings and murals on a wall.

As a kid, you growing up in that society where nothing doesn’t exist outside of communism. In the ’80s I started discovering that there is a country called USA. They have Venice Beach Day, the people who can go and do exercise. They have nice sneakers. They have freedom. You understand as you are growing up, the freedom is given by the state.

The downhill of society and communism is that you are working towards something greater good collectively. The greater good is for the benefit of the few, and then I did not do one eventually. Civil War broke out. I found myself on a base, “Should I now continue fighting for Yugoslavia in the Yugoslav People’s Army or should I fight for independence or Croatia?”

PRP 221 | Price of Freedom

Price of Freedom: The downhill of this society, communism, is that you are working towards a greater good collectively, but the greater good is actually for the benefits of the few.

At that stage, my parents had already left. Also, they know where they are and the Civil War. Civil War is nothing else than settling the old scores. It has nothing to do with independence. I was one of these young believers into something greater. We replace one system for another, but poverty stays. What I didn’t like is late on seeing how easily we have been persuaded to go in that war which ended up on the same borders. Where we started, that’s where it ended. That was a problem because nothing was gained. We got independence but on the terrible cost and people don’t understand how we can easily manipulate and put into a position to fight all friends, families, and everything else.

The last time you mentioned that there were times you would go out and your neighborhood was gone. Everything you knew up until that point and you were eighteen?

It was the Christmas Day 1986. Before that, I was in military school. 1986, my parents decided to kick me out because they couldn’t feed me. I was a bad student. They found all these excuses to get rid of me. I found myself on a street on Christmas eve and it was very cold. I was fortunate enough at that stage that my grandfather was a highly-positioned and second in charge of the Yugoslavia Secret Police.

With his background and influence, he sent me to a military school which was for free, so the state educates you and gives you everything that you don’t have to become a professional officer in the Yugoslav National Army. When the war started 1991, I was eighteen years old and I went to war. This is unrealistic. Everybody was your friends and neighbors suddenly started doing like Moses in Red Sea. The vision is red and blue. Red is the army. The Serbs and everybody are your enemies.

Nothing's for free in communism, because you belong to the 95% of society just the working for the benefit of the 5%. Share on X

The media was in the middle who was gravitating towards that war. We have been fed in a couple of months prior to the war about what’s going to happen. I was the one who woke up in the morning, found the message from my parents because it was in a school holiday. It was in the summer when the message arrived.

My parents, again, dumped me. They are gone. I’m walking outside and seeing my friends for eighteen years telling me, “Who do you want to join? Who do you want to fight for?” I must say I was confused. From two things you choose, the close to your heart, which is your nationality, but then I realized that late in the war I was going to war against the people I was growing up with.

I’ve described this in the book as well. This war is for independence, but independence in a way that I fought my enemy and my enemy was my neighbors and my family, and I couldn’t understand what was happening. Thanks to you, my publisher, in my book, I explained that true casualties are not people on the front line, but the civilians because the more destruction comes, the more you want to destroy it. I was going head to head against the people I knew.

It led you to a career as a military officer and you went into intelligence. I’m going to make a joke here. You probably don’t think it’s funny, but at one point, he went off on a mission and his wife had him declared dead. You went off and you did things for a long time and your family didn’t see you. Doesn’t know if you were alive or dead. Tell us a little bit about that.

PRP 221 | Price of Freedom

Price of Freedom: Everybody who believes socialism is good should go back to school and read some books.


I was fortunate enough that I didn’t have the luck in love. I always had tragedy. I met somebody, I love somebody. At the beginning of the war, I met a lady. You plan the future. Ten years ahead, we are going to do this and that. The war separated us in a way that she’s become my enemy. A little bit later in the war, you are feeling lonely and everything else. You wanted somebody next to you. Fortunately for me, I was blessed at that stage because I didn’t know that I had been approached by the Civil Services based on that I have no family and kids.

Long story short, I was married in 1995. The funeral of my father comes 1996. This is a tragedy. I was in the hospital having the surgery, and my father was in the funeral. I was come out to this hospital. I had the wires in my mouth that took me in shock. My ex told me that she has been with somebody else. I was like, “I don’t care.” I was at the funeral of my father.

A year later, I was already approached by the director of the seventh Department of Foreign Affairs. That was the intelligence services, which I couldn’t tell anybody. On my way to Australlia in ’98, I find out that I have been pronounced dead by somebody I was sharing my life. I couldn’t do anything when I was here in Australlia. Being roped from everything. That was not so fun.

It was a tragedy. The funny thing is that I find out later that my mom, she took care of all my pain shots. It was a tragedy. I think to myself, “Why are people like this? Why do they say these things to you in the face?” To tell you the truth, I was angry then. Thank you for asking me that question because now I don’t care, so that’s okay.

People believe that it’s a utopian society. Share on X

The reason that came up is we were talking about divorce and he was like, “I was declared dead,” and I thought he was kidding. I was like, “Are you kidding?”

It’s because she could do it. At the moment, I was in department seven or the Department of Foreign Affairs Republic of Croatia. You are not anymore a public person. You are living a different life. As soon as you start working a job in Diplomat Intelligence like the 007: The World Is Not Enough or different. That comes in my third book which is Cloak & Dagger and Juliet is going to be my publisher.

You are going to read more secrets on how the behind the scenes that things being done and how the diplomacy works, and how people agree about our lives without even knowing why we sleep in day. Drink and wine, and then make deals. I was listening, telling them, “Am I in a service in my state or I’m in a service of prior corporations?” That was my biggest question. She pronounced me dead. I can’t get my car and my pensions. Good luck to her.

You would have to talk a lot and your friend George, who is a journalist in Australia. We have all talked because he did one of your major endorsements on this. You see a lot of parallels into what’s going on in the US that you wrote your book. I remember your friend as a journalist, and you said something a phone call or two later about, I can’t believe what I’m hearing on your news. It’s propaganda. Coming from communism, you heard a lot of propaganda. What do we need to be listening for as Americans?

PRP 221 | Price of Freedom

Price of Freedom: Be the voice and give people tools, have conversations with the smart people, and they could share a vision on how to make the life of a lot of people better.


Everybody who believes socialism is good should go back to school and should read some books. Socialism is not designed in communism because socialism or communism, whatever you want to call it, are two different lifestyles. Communism is centralized. Socialism is like we give you some rights. Socialism is workers decide what they want to do allegedly to the unions. That’s the basic.

Communism is exchanging. You have the big factories that are producing and that all goods go to the state. State exchange the goods and then they do the trade for the state and everything else. You have the communist party which was in charge of everything. Even socialism or communism, the evil society. Why that evil, because it’s not designed to rule for everybody. For the very small percentage of the people on the top.

The danger with communism is that those who talks about communism or socialism equality, all these things. In communism, they have been executed. The greatest example is Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Che Guevara was man who is an idealistic person who started the revolution. As soon as the revolution finished, we all knew we learned this in schools and communism that Fidel Castro need to send to you to start a new revolution. Unfortunately, Che Guevara fell from the window. Metaphorically speaking. People need to be very cautious when I talk about this socialism because sooner or later, they are going to end up with all nothing. They have no voice. In socialism, you don’t have with communism.

You don’t have a voice. It’s based on our ten principles Marxist and Marx and Hegel. Very simple. You own nothing. You don’t need a school. We give you the school, education, medical, and everything. Everything is for free. Nothing’s for free in communism because you belong to the 95% of society working for the benefit of the 5%. The most important for communism or socialism, it is that people being pronounced enemies of the state in such a short period of time and disappear. It’s all democracy. People who talk about socialism or communism in the US, I don’t understand. They are educated. Give them books to understand what’s happened in the past. We have millions of people who perished in communism in the name of freedom.

There is no such thing as free trade. It is like everything’s great in communism. People believe that it’s such a basic society. There is a famous book that is a cornerstone of communism written by Thomas More called the Utopia. He stated this and that’s what Marx and Hegel pick it up at colonies, all these colonies where people are shaped and communism is a big sheep farm, and they needed somebody who’s going to look after them. That’s a communist society. That’s Utopia. That’s a cornerstone of the communism. People are shaped by Thomas More by his book Utopia.

How did all of this lead to what you do now? You are a podcast host. You have all these things that you do. How did all this lead into that?

If I live in communism, I would never talk to you now. If Yugoslavia as a country survives, I will never be able to wise myself out. This is the greatest reward of living in a free society. When I see in the US where it breaks my heart that people are dividing themselves amongst each other. It’s very wrong. I don’t want to nobody wakes up in the morning and go head to head against their friends, their family, their peers, and everything else.

I finished my war with the government in 2004, and then I started to stay in Australia. I believe that the war caused me everything. War does all me nothing. After some setbacks in my life, I decided to start my business, which is the Insight Intelligence and ready to make fun and everything else. Eventually, I started doing things the way I truly believe people should learn and that’s to be the voice and give the people tools, have conversations with the smart people, and they could share the vision on how to make a life a lot better. The world needs more people like yourself and people who are going to talk about positive things rather than negative things.

There is a lot of negativity right now. I’m hearing everywhere Civil War. This book is well-placed because I don’t think that people understand what that means. We have been so spoiled in the US with it. A new book coming out November 1st, 2022, it’s called What Is The True Price Of Freedom? I hope you’ll pick it up, experience it, and rethink whatever you are thinking about that Civil War and socialism coming into the US because it is an important book. Thank you, Mario.

You’re welcome, Juliet.


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About Mario Bekes

PRP 221 | Price of FreedomMario Bekes is renowned as a human intelligence, investigation, interrogation expert and Founder of Insight Intelligence Group – one of the trusted investigations firms that offers several services that include forensic investigations, surveillance investigations, factual investigations, and more.

He is also an ambassador and activist for humanity.

Bekes regularly speaks to over 100,000 listeners weekly on the radio show and podcast “Life:The Battlefield” on Alive 90.5 FM.

He is a public speaker and multi-international bestselling author of seven books and is currently finishing his 8th book, titled “What is the True Price of Freedom” being released in winter 2022.
Bekes speaks and trains individuals or employees globally on how to conduct a proper investigation in any workplace. This includes external or internal fraud investigations, compensation claims, external or internal thefts, reputation protection, and competitor analysis.

Mario grew up in Communist Croatia (then part of Yugoslavia) and he witnessed a lot of social unrest – before finding himself in the middle of the Croatian War of Independence. Mario’s world quickly turned upside down. One morning when he woke to a knock at the door. His family and his girlfriend were gone. His neighbors were packing, fleeing the city. And the military were at his door, saying, “Report at the army barracks in one hour.”

Mario Bekes is a natural leader, public speaker, result-driven, best-selling published book author, relationship-builder, and facilitator with experience in investigative techniques and interviewing, interrogation methods, corporate human and competitive business intelligence.

Over the past 30 years Mario has conducted various types of investigations in government sectors, department of defense, department of foreign affairs, corporate and insurance sector in Australia and overseas applying my knowledge, expertise, academic research and training in investigative intelligence and investigative-interviewing techniques.
With proven investigative techniques and strategies from our analytical internal systems, you can stop worrying about the next investigation, insurance claim, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, and whistleblowers in your organization.


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