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With each day, it becomes more and more apparent that there is simply no way around riding the AI wave as an author. If you think creating an author platform is beneath you, especially if you’re publishing, then you better prepare for tough times ahead. In another round of exploring the massive potential of AI for authors, Juliet Clark joins Jared Rosen to talk about using AI to build a kickass author platform. Join them as they navigate the intricacies of different AI tools and how you can use them for content, promotion, and everything else. Tune in! 

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Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: AI’s Role in Building a Kickass Author Platform 

Welcome to the show. I’m really excited to share an AI training that we did with Jared Rosen’s development group. He’s also going to share some information at the beginning of this about a new app he has for authors. He’s a book developer, and he has created a fabulous app to help people market their books, which is an extraordinary accomplishment as well.

Before we get started, I want to talk a little bit about what the training is about. As we move into AI, we have found ways to really accelerate how you build your author platform as well as streamline a lot of these processes. If you’re a solopreneur who’s writing a book or maybe you have a very small team, you could cut down the time that you spend on content, marketing, and social media. We have perfected this down to the point where we can pretty much do a content calendar for a whole month in about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half, which is pretty extraordinary, and hand it off. We post on social media six days a week.

I’m hoping this is something you’ll be very interested in. If you are, stay until the end. We have our first AI author platform-building class coming up in April of 2024. If you’re interested in looking at it after this, you can go over to our landing page and sign up for our next one, which is going to be June 2024. You can find that at It’s going to be a really fun adventure.

I want to talk to you a little bit about Jared before we switch over to the training. Jared Rosen is the Founder of DreamSculpt and an innovator in digital media and publishing. He has published over 50 media-enhanced eBooks for many best-selling authors and filmmakers and has published a dozen books in print. Jared is the author of three books, including the groundbreaking book, The Flip.

As a thought leader, he has presented in venues ranging from TEDxMalibu to McKinsey and Company and Sydney, Australia. In 2000, Jared created the Children’s Emotional Literacy Project endorsed by Mayor Richard Riordan and Norman Lear. He has been in this industry forever and a day. You’ll really enjoy what he’s done with the app because he has combined video with your book, which is an amazing thing.

Before we get started on the training, if you really want to watch the slides, you should go over to our YouTube channel, Superbrand Publishing. Maybe read it first here and then go through the training so you can see the slides and see some of the examples we’re talking about over there. Before we do that, I want to remind you we have a sponsor. I’m so excited. We have two. We have one for the magazine as well. We have LifeWave.

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If you want to check out this extraordinary product, go over to and talk to our sponsor about which LifeWave product is best for you. I know they have sleep products. I’ve never used that because I don’t have any problems sleeping, I know that the aches and pains disappear when you use X39 on a regular basis. Stay tuned for Jared and the AI presentation.


Welcome. It is March 13th, 2024. This is going to be a spectacular presentation. There’s no way Juliet can’t do a spectacular presentation, especially the value of AI and the collaborative tools that will really help you in your platform streamlining things. Before I introduce Juliet and she shares a presentation, I  want to let everyone know my company is DreamSculpt Books and Media. We’re officially launching a new version, DreamSculpt Inc.

We have built an app that we want to invite all authors to that’s going to give them a very special opportunity to take a book, especially if the book has fallen away, to revitalize it. What we’re doing with it is what we’re calling the author experience. It is when people get into the app and they can click on whatever genre. Let’s say it is business and leadership. They want to explore a book. Let’s say smart conflict. They’ll click on it and they’ll watch a 30-second trailer, and then they can go on and watch a video for each chapter. It is like episodes you would have on Netflix. Instead of episode 1, it’s chapter 1.

The author spends about 1 minute to 2 minutes personally. The app is already pretty much ready to launch soon. I’ve seen the variation of how people share that in each chapter summary. Sometimes, it is with some humor. Sometimes, they’re having somebody give a little experience or some storytelling. Roughly, what it is is the sequence. They get the holistic, distilled experience of the entire book. This is especially important because young Gen Zs don’t read. They sit and watch quick videos. We’ll build in the story for the book and the courses. For version two, we’re building an AI component which will be an AI personalization with you, the author, so people can ask questions and have a deeper experience.

To anyone out there who’s reading this, if your book is completed, contact me. We’ll see how we can support you with it. We really want to give people a very personalized but holistic experience of your content. We’re only doing nonfiction books. We’ll have many genres. Please get in touch and we can send you a demo and all the information about it. Especially if you don’t have any video, like a video trailer, we build and create them as well. It’s exciting.

One thing I also want to add to that as well is by having an app, the authors can use the push notifications. We’re going to build in each month, probably bimonthly, a presentation. Within the app, people will be able to explore and have a personal experience, like a webinar type of experience. There is a lot going on here. Let’s go to Juliet and her presentation. To those who don’t know, Juliet is the Founder and CEO of Superbrand Publishing. She has worked with a lot of our authors. She is always updated on the latest ways to build your community or author community. She is also the publisher of  Breakthrough Author Magazine, which I’m a contributor to. I am really happy to be part of that.


Juliet, I’m handing it over to you.

Thank you.

In the last fifteen minutes, do we want to do questions?

We can do a Q&A.

Maybe in the last ten minutes or so, and then you can contact her if you need to.

Building Your Author Platform

Last time, we talked a lot about building your avatar. We’re going to get a little bit more of that and the uses of this. I want to remind you guys why it is so important to build your author platform. I know for a couple of people on here, you’re not authors but you have a pretty big audience. You’ve been in the process of building a platform.

The reason this is so important is if you’re making this investment into your publishing package, chances are you are not going to get the ROI from the package. That’s how the publishing industry works with the price of paper, royalties, and everything. You end up with $1 to $2 per book, so you have to sell a heck of a lot of books. That’s why it’s so important to build this and sell that next item, those bigger ticket items, and use that book as a nurturing tool.

I use myself as an example here. I would not be able to qualify for a traditional contract. I have a pretty substantial platform. You have to remember that your audience engagement matters. The bare minimum to get a contract is 5,000 buyers if you go to a traditional publisher. They’re in the business of making money, so they want to make sure that they can make money. Believe it or not, I had this conversation with somebody on LinkedIn who told me how fabulous her book was and that building a platform was beneath her. I was like, “Good luck with that. Good luck with selling anything with that kind of attitude.”

As an author, if you think that building a platform is beneath you, good luck with selling anything with that kind of attitude. Click To Tweet

You need 200,000 social media lists and talks to make this all work. I would only sell 1,100 books with my platform as big as it is. With all of the social media I have and all of the episodes I have, I would only sell 100, so 1/5 of what I need. That’s why this platform matters so much. It is because you need these people to buy things.

Let’s talk a little bit about what AI is so you understand. We did the GOLD language and avatar-building. You really have to refine your avatar if you’re going to use AI. You can’t put in general stuff and expect to get good stuff out. AI is a large language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like texts. A lot of what we’re doing that people don’t understand is when they put information in, they’re like, “Why didn’t I get great information out?” One of the reasons is that you are training this model. It’s not as simple as, “I’m going to go there and get information.” If you’re going to use it to build a platform, you’re training it to understand your voice and what you want.

Promote Profit Publish | Jared Rosen | AI For Authors

AI For Authors: If you’re going to use AI to build a platform, you’re actually training it to understand your voice and what you want.


You can use AI to streamline your platform, but one of the reasons we talked about last time breaking down the avatar and rebuilding it was because this is truly a garbage-in, garbage-out system. If you ask a general question, you’re going to get a general answer that probably isn’t going to be targeted for your audience. You have to get really specific with it. I’m going to give you a few exercises at the end.

One of the things when I talk about specifics is going into something like ChatGPT and taking a paragraph maybe, and saying, “Rewrite this but have it do it in different tones.” I had to do this at the beginning. That’s something that I would recommend you do right away. Are you funny? Are you sassy? Whatever you feel like your tone is, try it a few different ways, and then go back and show it to people who know you. Ask them, “Do you think this represents my personality?” or, “What do you think my personality is?”

I play a lot with sassy, but even I have to admit sometimes that sassy will give me stuff like, “Slay the author platform.” My audience is between 50 and 80 normally, so the word slay more than likely is not in their communication skillsets. Even with that, you’ve got to really look at it and understand, “Is that what I’m trying to communicate?”

The reason I’m saying this besides learning your tone is that it’s also important to ask for several versions of it. I’ll show you an example I did on the last call. Ask for, “Can you give five good titles for this?” That way, you can choose the title you want. Sometimes, when we do that, we get a title in 1 section and a good subtitle on another 1 of those with the 5. You can combine those as well. You’re probably thinking, “This sounds like a lot of work,” but you have to have a digital footprint to attract readers. Books are sold online. It’s very rare when I go into an actual bookstore because it’s much easier to jump online, get it, and have it delivered to my door.

The point of all that is the more focus your input information is, the better the output you’re going to get. If you don’t get the output you want, ask the question in a different way or present it with a different tone. Don’t take the first thing it spits out because sometimes if you haven’t put in something specific, you’re going to get out something that’s not.

AI can be used for writing. I want to get this out of the way upfront. I have read two AI-generated books, and they were garbage. It was Eli who said, “Don’t use AI because it has no personality. If you’re going to write a whole book, it’s not going to have a personality. If you train it to what you want, it will have a personality.” I didn’t want to correct Eli on the phone on the last call, but that is the truth of it. Once you train it to get what your input is, you can use it for many things.

I would not recommend writing a book because it is really garbage. What you can use it for is language. It’s a good research tool. I would verify the research materials in other ways because my understanding is that ChatGPT stopped input and data in December 2021. Check your research and make sure that you’re getting the most current data. You can use it for a back cover copy. You can use it for cover images. Those are all really great uses.

As far as language, we use the GOLD model with our clients. We’re going to be teaching that in the AI class soon. What that is is being able to identify your person right off the bat. How many of you have been to an event where somebody walks up, they start pitching to you, and you’re like, “Who are you? I’m not your ideal client.” Nancy knows this. She has been around the Utah pitchfests. They’re awful. One of the things is understanding the language that your audience uses and then running it through GOLD. Choose an audience and make sure that you’re using the language that resonates with them. General language is not going to resonate. 

Choose an audience and making sure that you're using the language that resonates with them. Click To Tweet

I’m going to give you a really good example. Amanda is a spiritual healer, so she is going to use very nurturing language. Nancy works with more of a tech startup crowd, so she is going to use more technical language. Those are people who are scientific. They read data. They’re slow to make decisions. Nancy doesn’t want to go to a pitch event or a networking event in Salt Lake City with the tech crowd and be nurturing. That’s not going to work with that crowd. Learning how to use that language is important.

There’s a big elephant in the room. I had to remove part of the course because I had Gemini or Bard in it. If you’ve been watching the news, the elephant in the room is you have to validate your results. What I saw with Gemini is the founding fathers were all African-American, which we know from the paintings and stuff that wasn’t true. They haven’t perfected what they’re doing. That’s why you can go to different platforms and validate as well.

This also goes to looking at the reviews of the AI that you’re using. There are some out there that are really bad. They may be free, but they may do some things that you don’t want them to do. When I say that, there’s one that we saw that goes into your email list. It goes in and sends out emails. It shouldn’t be because it wasn’t meant for that.

One of the things you can use this for is a back cover copy. The platforms we’re going to go over in the course, you can upload your book or upload chapters. Make sure that you have the right keywords in there and that your language is the language you want. Also, it will write a back cover copy for you. It may not end up being your ultimate backcover copy because you’ll want to tweak it.

The thing that writers tell me the most is they have trouble starting or they have trouble paring down all the information and consolidating it in the book. Let AI do that and then start working on the language you want to put in it. Get started. That’s one of the ways you can streamline. Let the system start it for you, and then you go in and finesse with it.

Cover images. Samantha Kaaua went into ChatGPT. She has a design that she has. It is this beautiful background. It doesn’t give you a 300 DPI. It doesn’t give you an image that is high enough resolution to use for the book cover. She handed this off to her cover designer who immediately told her that ChatGPT used 100 different techniques. He had to really dig in to try to recreate this.

When you see her book, it’s one of the most eye-catching covers you’ve probably seen. She used ChatGPT to begin that initial and then handed it off to the designer to rework and redesign. That’s another thing you can use it for. If you don’t want to use stock photos, because stock photos are pretty boring, you can use them to create cover images as well.

Do not write your book with it. When I upload to the publishing platforms, they ask if you’ve used AI to write your book. They will reject you BEcause they got tired of the bad books they were getting from AI. That’s one of the things or one of the other reasons why you should not write your book with AI because the platforms are asking. They will reject your manuscript if you used AI. That doesn’t mean if you rewrote a paragraph. They’re looking for, “Did you write a whole book based on using your AI?”

Using AI For Content

Using AI for content is such a time-saver. How many of you guys have a YouTube channel or use YouTube pretty frequently? It’s pretty much everybody. When you are using that content, you can’t use AI to record, but when you go to upload to YouTube, that’s where your Shorts come in. You can use it to create promotional Shorts. You can run that video through some of those AI programs. You can use it for presentations. I use it for promotional clips. I use it to copywrite. I use it for emails, newsletters, and scripts.

Here’s a great example. The magazine. I will run a magazine article through ChatGPT and say, “Give me five sassy social media posts,” and then I drop them into Notion. I already had my content calendar created before the magazine was even designed. It’s really easy. I don’t have to sit there with each article every month and write a post myself. This makes it much easier.

The great part about asking, and I always ask for 5, is if I’m going to repurpose it at some point and I know I’ve used the first 1, I can go in and use others with the same material. Always ask for multiples of it. One of the places where we do this really well is with the promotional clips from YouTube. I’ll ask for five. I’ll go in and use the transcription from the program we run it through to get the clips, drop it into ChatGPT, and ask for five. I use 1 for the YouTube clip and another 1 when I post it on social media.

You could even ask for a lot more than five if you want, but I have to tell you again. I have to go through them and look at them because I’m not going to slay anybody in my audience. Do look and make sure that the language does match the things you say. You guys know me. Can you imagine me going around like, “Slay that.”

Some tips for content on this. You can automate boring content tasks. We’ve done that with Notion. I drop that stuff in. My assistant comes in, drops it in the content calendar, cuts and pastes it into where we want to post it, the social media program and it is done. It’s two seconds. We have perfected this to the point where when I get a magazine article, I go choose an image, drop it into ChatGPT, and upload it. Everything’s done in about 5 to 10 minutes, which before, it used to take me a tremendous amount of time.

You can also enhance your content’s quality. We’ve noticed this with the things that we use to run our YouTube channel. We can get some really extraordinary clips using keywords if we want to promote one part of our podcast or our YouTube channel. You can also use it to discover new and relevant topics. Every once in a while, ChatGPT will throw something in that’s like, “Where’d you get that? I never thought of that.” You’ve got a whole different up-to-date something that you can go off on that nobody’s talking about.

I’m going to give you a great example. Probably one of our most checked-out episodes was book piracy. I put some information in and that’s what it showed me. I was like, “I’ve been hearing all these stories lately about people whose books are being stolen.” We talked to a girl who published herself on Amazon. Somehow, her entire book was stolen and republished by somebody else before it was released. Even worse, she never copyrighted it, so she has not a leg to stand on. That person stole it and she can’t sue them because she doesn’t have the copyright documents. There are a lot of things you can use for this in content.

In creating content, you can use this for emails, newsletters, and scripts. Amanda used AI to use this script for some of her best-sellers. When she did her best-seller campaign, we used YouTube Shorts, and she used AI to write her scripts. I use it when after I do the five social media posts for my show, I turn around, put the same information, and say, “Write me a newsletter.” The newsletter then becomes an email. It’s super simple to run that write-through and get it all done at once.

For presentations, one of the hardest things to do when you put a presentation together is you know what you want to put in it but then you have to sit down and do it. There are two great programs that you can use for presentations. I showed you guys one a couple of months ago called Gamma. It will start your program for you. All you have to do is go in and make the changes. You could add slides, delete slides, or whatever you want to do.

There’s also another one that I saw. I’ve been playing with it, but I don’t like it much. It’s called It’s up to you which one you want to use, but it’s a way to kickstart and add personal touches. Gamma will also make you a handout for your event too. If you want to have a handout, it will design a flyer that maybe people at the event can opt-in and download. You’ve created something to grow your list as well.

Promotions, videos, and teasers. It can make memes. This can make graphics. The Hazzards shared with me in a podcast that’s coming out soon that a lot of companies are going around scamming authors by looking at their graphics online, their teasers, and their covers. They’ll come back and say, “You don’t own the rights to that image.” They don’t have a deposit photo or any of those others anymore. They use an AI program that creates their graphics. It’s their original artwork. Nobody can come back and try to scam them for money because they didn’t have the rights to the photo.

With that, you guys probably don’t know this, but about a few years ago, we had a woman who brought us celebrity images for a book she was writing about celebrities. We told her, “We can’t do that because those images you have, you don’t own the rights.” It was going to be about $9,000 to buy the rights to those images. We were like, “Unless you want to pay us $9,000 for those images for the cover, we’re not going to do it.” You do have to be careful in that sense with what you do.

This is amazing for copywriting. If you’re going to have an event or you’re going to put an email drip campaign together, newsletters, or descriptions of things for social media, this is a great way to have it copywrite. Tell it your tone. Say, “Write me the landing page. This is what I want to communicate,” and it will write your landing page for you. There are a ton of uses for that. We’re going to cover which of the best to use inside of the course.

Using AI For Promotion

In using AI for promotion, you pay attention because this is where it has completely revolutionized things. If you are guesting, ask your host if you can use AI to promote. Before I got on here, I asked, “May I make this into an episode? Can I use it on my YouTube channel?” which I didn’t ask him. He knows I do all this stuff. I was like, “Also, I’m going to run this through AI and I’m going to make promotional clips for it.” That makes you a fabulous guest because when you bring this up in guesting, people know you’re going to promote and that you have some really fabulous tools to promote as well. It is very much needed.

With media, this is really a good place to use it too. We went through my mastermind. I was on the hot seat, which I’ll share a little bit about in a little bit. Somebody else was on a hot seat as well. They asked, “Where can I go to conferences for healthcare to speak?” We opened up the AI program and said, “Where can we get this conference?” It gave us 25 conferences throughout the United States for healthcare that she’s reaching out to with her speaker sheet to see if she can get on board as a speaker. If you’re looking for podcasts or you’re looking for places to talk, this is a great tool.

There is a new platform. If you guys are interested in exploring it, let me know because I have a link that will give you a discount. It’s called PitchDB. It has different levels, podcasts, speaking, and then also magazines, media, conferences, and all those sorts of things. You go and it has all of them listed inside. You choose the topic. You choose who you want to pitch to. AI takes the material that you put in for your branding and your bio and then writes the pitch for you.

I made 5 pitches in about 10 minutes. I looked at what the AI pitch was. I looked at what their topic was and I changed it up a little. I changed a few words. I’ve gotten booked on three of them in that amount of time, and I did that not long ago. That is a really great tool.  For podcasts, it’s $27 a month. It’s $89 for speakers and podcasts. Where you get the discount is it’s $147 a month for everything. My link gives you a pretty significant discount on that. That’s where you can find out. If you’re struggling with, “Where can I speak?” that’s a great place to start, right there with your speaker sheet.

Also, I talked about that, “Where can I speak?” It’s the same thing. You can use PitchDB to do that. You can also use some of the other platforms where you say, “I am a doula. Where can I speak at medical or different places that I can speak about being a doula or training doulas?” It can be whatever your topic is.

This is another thing you can do on the speaking topics. We did this. Linda Marsanico was asking, “What should my topic be for this event?” She didn’t know whether she should speak on a topic that someone told her was a good topic or she should speak on her book. I took the PDF of her book, ran it through the software, and came up with these five speaking topics for her speaking sheet quickly. Even she was surprised.

All of these are related to her book. She can easily speak on them instead of trying to speak about sleep, which was what somebody told her to speak about. You can use it for that as well. If you don’t have a speaker sheet or you want to update your speaker sheet to reflect your book, this is a great way to do that.

Pitches, your one-minute talk about what you do. This can really cut it down for you. I know a couple of you are CEO Space members. That’s the thing you do. You used to do it with CEO Space to perfect that pitch. This is a great way to put that information in and at least have a rudimentary pitch when you’re practicing.

The first-timers are a little bit of a disaster because they have no idea how to do this. They’ll ask for a 2-minute pitch and you’ll get like a 5-minute meandering of, “This is what I do.” You have to bring them back and say, “How do we get this smaller?” This is how we get this more consolidated. You can also use this for the verbiage on your speaker and book one-sheets. If you have a pitch and you don’t know exactly how to write it, throw it into one of the AI programs, rewrite it, and then start memorizing it until you can speak it fluently and naturally without a card.

Sound bites. If you work with TV, you have to submit sound bites. Every single client I’ve ever worked with who has worked with Jacquie Jordan has told me, “This is the hardest thing. How do I come up with a soundbite?” When the media person is submitting the soundbites, there’s a particular topic. You may know what you do, but all of a sudden, you have to spin this into something relevant and interesting in about five minutes so that you can get yours in and they can choose from you.

When you get the topic from your media consultant, you can throw it into ChatGPT or one of the other ones, submit it, and have it write that soundbite. Why would you want to do that? When Jacquie’s group does soundbites for you, it’s a minimum of 3 hours at $500 an hour. I would try ChatGPT. If you can get some effective sound bites, it’s going to save you a whole lot of money on there.

I showed you ways for emails, talks, shorts, and copy for media swipes. You’re going to use all of those on your book launch. That’s why you need to start building that platform because you have to be able to attract that audience. You have to bring them into what you’re doing. You have to bring them up to the book launch stage. You need to collect as many people as possible.

During the book launch, you’re going to use your list. You’re going to get out on talks. Whether it’s a podcast, whether you’re on TV, or whether you’re speaking at a conference and you want to sell those books, you’re going to need that for your launch. There’s a copy for those social media swipes. If you’re running a best-seller campaign, you’re going to want to run those through and get 10 to 20 social media swipes so that you can get that best-seller campaign going.

For the Shorts, the Shorts are a way to grab somebody’s attention, bring them in, and then maybe bring them to your book trailer that’s a little longer or a longer video about what you do. If you go look at Amanda’s channel, Amanda not only did Shorts but she’s got some really great material that she’s been using for longer form things. She can bring those people from the Short, add a card, and move them into those bigger videos where they can find out more about you.

Here’s your teaser exercise. You don’t have to do it, but at least write these URLs down, which are and, and try it in both of them. I can’t guarantee Gemini, but this was originally what I was going to have people do in the class. I’m going to have to find a different solution for them because I don’t know how accurate Gemini is. Write both of these down, and then I want you to go in and ask three questions.

These are really good questions. These are the ones that Tracy Hazzard gave us during our training on AI. What are the all-time best-selling books? In the fitness genre, put it in and compare. What do they say? Do you agree with those? If you’re not fitness, put in another genre that you do know about because you may not know who’s big in the fitness world. What are the best practices for optimizing your YouTube channel? Go in and check it out. I have Fran Asaro as a resource, but if I didn’t, I would go in and find out, “How can I make that YouTube channel better?” This one’s silly. What’s a good vegetable side dish besides broccoli?

Go in and compare with the AI that you have, see what kind of answers you get, and see what resonates with you the most. By the time you get your tone in and your questions and stuff, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s going to work for you and what’s not. If you’re going to buy some of these platforms, of which I own four AI platforms, they’re usually about $20 apiece. You’ll know which ones to buy and which ones to let go. I would not recommend going in and buying all of them. It’s not profitable.

I want to talk a little bit about the AI platform-building course that we have in April 2024. It’s coming up. You can go over to You’re probably wondering, “What are we going to do in the course?” Being that you guys all know that it’s garbage-in, garbage-out, the first thing we’re going to do in week one is break down your avatar and rebuild it. When I say rebuild it, we talked about it last time. Most people stop with the demographic. A few of them will go into psychographics. We’re going to get into all of the things that you should be researching to make sure that your avatar is super strong. Without a good avatar, you’re not going to get good information. That’s week one.

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In week two, we’re going to go over G.O.L.D. language. We’re going to go through some archetypes and see which one fits your audience the best, and then you can start using that language. Who is your primary? Who is your secondary if you have one? It is then letting the rest of them go so that all your copy, all the information in your book, the content, and your content everywhere has the same language that will resonate with that audience. We’re also going to get a little bit about how you can spot that person in a crowd. You will not have to randomly pitch people and annoy the heck out of them at events. You can identify them by looking and talking to them a little bit.

Week three is we’re going to go through the platforms. I’m going to show you which platforms do what and how to effectively use them to streamline your content calendars, your keywords, your booking media, and writing a book that connects. We’re going to go over all of that. In week four, we’re going to show you all of the platforms that we use and how we take our content and run it all through so that we have the email, the newsletter, the clips, and the content calendar finished. You will be surprised how much it will streamline.

As part of this course, we are going to have five weeks of group sessions. Four of them will be learning. The fifth one will be a Q&A. Since all of you are at different places in your building, we’re going to have four one-on-ones. You’ll get a one-on-one with me every week. I know Carol is super good at this and maybe someone else is not, so the one-on-ones are going to be the opportunity to meet you where you’re at and build and help you get through the tech.

One of the things that we use extensively with this is Notion. Notion is a great platform because you can design it the way you think. A lot of these other production platforms have a way to do things. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel right to you. I have a guy over on Fiverr. If you haven’t used Fiverr, I’ve never spent more than $65 to have a template made. We have everything back there templatized. It’s really easy. All we have to do is drop information in and we’re done with it. It is worth looking at.

We’re going to niche your avatar, use GOLD language identification, use AI platforms for better results, and then use the tools to streamline your marketing efforts. It’s a pretty intensive course, but I encourage you to use it. From what I know, every single one of you is the rainmaker in your company. Wouldn’t you like to spend more time rainmaking and less time on the stuff to build your platform? That’s really what this is all about. It puts you in control of everything in a more streamlined and productive way.

Promote Profit Publish | Jared Rosen | AI For Authors

AI For Authors: What this is all about is putting you in control of everything in a more streamlined productive way.


Also, our monthly training on April 5th at 9:00 AM is Iris Goldfeder. She’s going to talk about websites and a lot of the stuff she sees out there. She’s going to talk about accessibility, speed, and SEO because so many people out there are designing sites that are not digitally functioning. They’ll create a book website, but if you don’t have a lead magnet or you don’t have the lead magnet in the right place. The design is really important because when someone goes to your site, you have three seconds. That’s it. They’re like, “Should I stay or should I go?” It is important to get all of that done.

You can go over to and get on it. For some of you guys, I send you monthly updates from vCita. If you want me to stop, ping me and tell me to stop. I know Carol has canceled a couple of times because it wasn’t her topic. I’m not offended. I have a core group that I send out every month. If you’re done and you don’t need it anymore, let me know. I’m happy to take you off the list. That’s it as well.

Let’s go back to my mastermind. I had a very interesting thing that happened. I am part of a big mastermind, and I was in the hot seat. We used my course and we broke down my avatar. We rebuilt it. They gave me all the ideas of where to go and how to niche. I went over to PitchDB. I tried the new stuff and had three podcasts in one day. I don’t usually go looking for it. A lot of times, people come to me and ask. I’m no different than you guys. You guys can do this too. You’re all experts in what you do. There are so many things on PitchDB to choose from. You can get into magazines. You can get into conferences and speaking gigs. It is unbelievable what they have over there. It’s easy. Questions? I’m done.

Good presentation.

Questions And Closing Remarks

You were going to say that you had a special link for a PitchDB.

Let me drop that in here for you guys.

Is it


Juliet’s got a special link.

I have a special link. My understanding is it gets you some extra pitches. You can do it on the free side, and then if you upgrade, it’s the biggest package. You get $50 off a month off that $147. It’s good. I got stuff on the free. I got a podcast on the free one when I was playing around with it. It’s worth it.

I do like it when your material comes, and I do watch for it, but I cannot always attend.

I shouldn’t have called you out like that, Carol.

That’s okay. It’s true though.

A couple of people do though. When I send it out, I have the group I send it out to that has attended in the past. And  Nancy did last time too. Didn’t you cancel last time? I’m not at all offended. Sometimes, it’s not your thing or you can’t come. It’s no big deal.

I don’t think I canceled. I don’t show up.

She ghosts me. Nancy is a golf buddy. Don’t ghost me at golf.

I won’t.

This was really good. Thank you very much. We appreciate it.

You’re welcome. Any other questions?

Kisan has a question. 

It’s very exciting. This is the first time I attended in a long time. I’m very excited. I have to get back to you again on how to use this platform.

Kisan, that might be a good thing for you because you released your book about a few years ago.

I have not done much since. There’s this thing on how I can get a speaking engagement. I can do a lot of things like prepare the speech and so many things.

There’s a lot you can do with this. I know one of your goals was to get more stuff in India. You may be able to do it in a couple of different languages too.

Thank you. I have to get back and prepare the script and prepare the chapters that I was thinking about. Thank you so much for connecting again.

Thank you.

Kisan, get a hold of me so we can get you on the app. It’s already pretty much developed. We can pull some more authors in. I contacted you.

Bob’s awfully quiet. Let’s make him talk.

I was writing, and then I wound up having a business issue, so I’ve been offline for a year. I emailed Jared and said, “Let’s restart.” He said, “Let’s go.” You’re dealing with the number one issue I’m coming back with. I don’t want to write books. I want my books to get read. This is very relevant to me.

What is your topic, Bob? I don’t think you’ve ever told me.

The title of my book is The Seven Blind Spots of Life and Leadership

Thanks. You could be doing stuff with that. I have mentioned this before. One of the things I’m going to teach you is once you get the GOLD language down, if you make your chapters into PDFs and feed them through some of the software, you can make sure that they have the words you need. With Amanda’s, we ran her book through some software and got 25 keywords. We took those keywords and put them right into the ads.

Here’s the thing that I didn’t mention with it. With publishing, we have multiple categories and multiple keywords. If you buy a hybrid package, I’m putting things into Amazon and Kindle. I’m putting them into LS and Core Source. I can use different categories in each of those platforms with the exception of Amazon because Amazon doesn’t call theirs as categories. They call them something else. I can use different keywords on different platforms.

As they come into the distributors, you are maximizing the categories people can find you under the keywords people can find you under, and where they can find you. The more you get into this, and a lot of it, you’re going to learn in the class, you can do them yourself. You can start running different things. You can run your book through and make sure that it has what you need.

A lot of times, you guys will tell me what your keywords are, and then I’ll run your book through and I’m like, “Your book disagrees with you.” By doing that, you’re getting consistency across the board and making sure that everything is in alignment with you, the way that you write, your audience, and the way they receive it. Anything else, Jared?

For most people, I want to ask this question. They’re only familiar with ChatGPT as the app on their phones. They’re probably wondering, “How am I going to use chat GPT to run my book through?”

It’s not just ChatGPT. I’m going to give you guys some options. That’s why I said I’m going to show you different platforms. I use ChatGPT for some stuff. I use three other platforms for others depending on what I want to do. I mentioned Gamma before. I usually do my own PowerPoint. I don’t use Gamma much anymore, only if I need something quickly.

I was asked to give a presentation locally. They gave me a day because somebody canceled. I didn’t want to use something old, so I jumped onto Gamma and did something quickly. That’s why I didn’t like Beautiful.AI because it didn’t seem to do things as quickly. I showed you guys Gamma. It did a presentation in 30 seconds.

One of the things too is when you have a limited amount of data that can go in. You might have 1 paragraph, 2 paragraphs, or 3 paragraphs, right?

I am going to teach you how to chunk. Part of what’s in week three is chunking. ChatGPT doesn’t chunk well. One of the others that I’m going to show you, if you make it into a PDF, you don’t need to chunk. It’ll take it from a Word doc and do a PDF it in. You don’t need to do any chunking.

For those people who have no idea what chunking is, what is it?

Chunking is when you take something that’s too big for ChatGPT. ChatGPT has limitations. Most of them have limitations. Chunking is when you take pieces of it, feed it, and then put a document together. That can be really hard because sometimes, you’ll put in 1 paragraph and then you put in the 2nd one, and maybe some of the information is redundant. Remember. You’re teaching it as AI. Chunking can be a little difficult. That’s why I am going to teach you how to get around the chunking. If you insist on chunking, I will teach you that too.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Anybody else?

Many people I know in our community, the DreamSculpt community, watch the replay because it’s easier for them on the video, which should be sent out soon. Everyone should have it soon. For those folks that are reading this, if they have questions regarding this, can they contact you directly?

Of course, they can.

Anyone can ask me and I’ll turn them on to it. I want to know if you’re here to field questions from people. Is it a little perplexing? There are quite a few people who are not with this because it is very fresh, especially those who have been around a while and didn’t grow up with this in their brains.

I know, which most people didn’t. You can either go to or If you want to talk to me, you can go to Even if you might want to schedule an appointment and see if it’s right for you, it starts on April 2nd, 2024. If you’re going to do it, you need to do it pretty quickly. It may not be right for you if you’re not creating content or you’re not to a certain point, but pretty much anybody who’s writing a whole book, that’s content.

Promote Profit Publish | Jared Rosen | AI For Authors

AI For Authors: Pretty much anybody who’s writing a whole book has content.


We taught a content course in 2023. Most people with books would say, “I don’t have anything. I don’t know what to write for content.” It’s like, “You wrote a whole book,” or, “You’re halfway through writing your book. What do you mean you have no content?” A lot of times, people don’t equate that what they’re writing in that book is content.

It’s a good way to write the book with that in mind because you can see all the bullet points that could turn into other content experiences like videos, blog posts, and all that. It’s really good to see that as you’re developing. One question I have is fact-checking. I know because I’ve used ChatGPT. It only went to 2021, so certain dates are not going to work well. In general, how do you fact-check AI if you are using it for data?

I go back to the internet and in different areas. Don’t go to another AI platform. You have to fact-check it in other ways. Maybe you have newspaper articles or something like that. I go back to the internet. I am not going to use Bard, which is now Gemini. I’m not going to use it for research because it’s not researching well at this point. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be in the future but do fact-check. One of the ones I’m going to teach you how to use gives you citations. That is super helpful because if you’re writing a book and you’re going to use that research information, you can click on those citations, see where they go, and cut and paste them into your appendix.

That’s a great tool. That’s very effective. I know there are probably lots more questions. It’s a little daunting for some people. AI in general, in this respect, is a phenomenal collaborative tool. It’s not to be scared of, but you can’t rely on it. It doesn’t have a soul. If somebody sends me a manuscript and it’s written by AI, I can tell in the first few minutes. It’s an intuitive feeling.

It’s an incredible collaborative tool. What you’re doing with it is really important for authors because of the platform it is. You put a lot of time and energy into writing a book and putting it up on Amazon. No one’s going to find it. It is pretty scary to look at the statistics of self-published books and how many sales they get. Using these tools is going to make quite a big difference.

It's pretty scary to look at the statistics of self-published books and how many sales they get. Click To Tweet

It’s not only going to make a difference. With the hybrid package, we recommend that you buy the catalog because there are over 100,000 books published every month. If you buy the distributor-buyer’s catalogs, it cuts it down to about 300 or 400. You’re paying to be in there, but it looks like an order form. If a Barnes &Noble or another bookstore buyer is sitting there with mountains of books to choose from, they can look at that order form, see what’s in that category, go check it out, and decide whether they want to order it in stock or not. It is an additional expense, but if you’re publishing, it’s well worth it because nobody’s going to find you in that sea of books. It’s pretty difficult.

I know people need to get going because it’s almost the top of the hour here. Thank you for a great presentation.

Thank you.

For anyone who wants the last presentation that Juliet did, you had it re-recorded, so I still have that.

It comes out as an episode. If you don’t want to distribute, it is coming out on YouTube soon.

I’ll send it to the list when I send the recording if you have it already on there.

I’ll find it. I know it’s not up yet, but I know it’s going to be coming up very soon.

In the last moment here, to remind anyone that’s reading this, because we have the first batch of authors already and the app is being built, if your book is already published, get on it. Everyone who has worked with me has book trailers. That’s going to really make a difference to cover the trailer. You can come in later with the individual chapter summary videos. We want to gather the tribe here. Contact me if there’s an interest. I’m sending everyone this recording on my list.

The episode is coming out on 3/26/24. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Our website is Have a great evening. Thanks for showing up. Juliet, you’ve done a great job.




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