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Do you want to know how digging deeper into Soul Language, a paradigm, can help you achieve your dreams? Juliet Clark talks with Master intuitive, author of two best-selling books and the founder of Soul Language, Jennifer Urezzio, on how Soul Language works, how it is effective, and why it is an important factor in creating the life you’ve always wanted. Discover your full potential when you take in and understand your Soul Language.

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Understanding Paradigm Through Soul Language With Jennifer Urezzio

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PRP 149 | Soul Language

Soul Language: Your human is not an alignment with your soulful energy. You use Soul Language to have that conversation.


Our guest is Jennifer Urezzio. She’s the Founder of Soul Language, a paradigm that puts tangibility to soul, so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. She’s trained over 30 practitioners worldwide in Soul Languages. That’s how I found her. I worked with one of those people. At this time, there were over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages. Welcome, Jennifer. I’m excited to have you.

I’m so excited to be here and from your lips to God’s ears is all I have to say about that.

We need twenty more practitioners now. I was introduced to Soul Languages in 2018 through one of your practitioners who was a client of mine, and it was truly enlightening. At the time, we did a business and I don’t think she was certified money yet, but I did money later. Tell us all about this. How did you design it? What’s the story behind it?

I was asking some big questions and I knew that there was something bigger inside of me. I went to some traditional routes. I went to art school. I wrote. I have a fiction book, which has never been published, but I knew that I wasn’t hitting the mark about the bigness. I met this woman and she said, “Your life purpose is powerful healer and teacher in the spotlight of service.” I was like, “I get that. How do I do that? What are the delivery systems? Where are my people?” I’m really angry. I was speaking at her event and I got off the stage and people were lined up to talk to me.

They were asking me all these questions, “Can you tell me this? Can you tell me that?” I was like, “I don’t know why I can or how I can, but I know I can’t.” I was still asking those big questions. I was getting a mud wrap, literally packed with mud. I was like, “God, that woman I met, I can feel like we’re connected and we’re friends. Why her and not this other woman across the way? What is that all about?” What I heard was Soul Language. I was like, “Somebody, give me a pen.” Before long, I had this paradigm of putting tangibility to the soul and I started to identify people. They kept saying the same thing, “You put words to what I know deep down inside.” I can now accept those things that people have said, “You have to change.” It was a very bumpy ride at times, but I didn’t realize that once I started downloading the work, I collected this material throughout my whole life.

Go through what a typical report goes through. I’ll comment on the things that were unbelievably illuminating.

PRP 149 | Soul Language

Soul Language: The human can come into alignment and operate from the soul rather than their painful experiences, struggle, or lack.


I combined all three Soul Languages to give a one-liner for every soul. May I share your one-liner of your soul? Your soul between your three languages: ambassador, monk and librarian. What you are here to be is an ambassador of knowledge and beauty. That becomes your one-liner and your mild mark of consciousness. If you’re not being in doing that, you’re going to be in struggle. When we do a Soul Language identification, we identify the three core energies of the soul, your mission, how you feel that mission, and your soulful personality. We teach someone to move from the unconscious, which is struggle and pain, to consciousness using. I talked to someone and they called it an interface, which is such a beautiful word. Your human is not in alignment with your soulful energy.

You use Soul Language to have that conversation. The human can come into alignment and operate from the soul rather than their painful experiences or struggle or lack. The soul identification session is usually an hour. We go through the individual languages and we talk to the soul as well as a whole. We take real-life experiences and help people transform them in that space in time. It’s such a profound session because we move things that have been stuck in our human form. Instantaneously, we let the soul do the heavy lifting rather than trying to rewire your mind or pay attention to your thoughts or any of that stuff.

I remember when I got my report, I was like, “This is so me.” I looked at those unconscious things and it was funny. I don’t know how to describe it. I feel uncertainty in my stomach. I got this uncertain feeling, but it wasn’t uncertain in the sense that I didn’t know it was there. It was an acknowledgment that it was there and maybe there was a little bit of, “Somebody saw me,” that type of thing. I could always work on that.

It’s about you are designed and we are designed to operate from wholeness and completeness. We’re taught to operate from pain and struggle. We’re taught to operate from that eagerness in her belly rather than understanding that we rock and we’re co-creating with this universal force. If we think about it, it all sounds a little crazy but it’s true. When you understand that you have a structure to go, “I’m operating this way and it’s not serving me. It’s creating pain in my life,” let me talk to that essential nature to move from this to power. To freedom, to utilizing your essential nature, to co-create in a way that resonates with you, mind, body and spirit. It’s like a science fiction movie but it’s profound and it’s actual reality and anyone can do it. That’s the main thing that anyone can have a conversation with their soul. When you have a structure and interface to do that, to get the human onboard, it makes it easier. There’s a lot less resistance.

Some of the stuff in it was a little bit of a blind spot for me, not just that acknowledgement of what was there that I knew but was there that I didn’t want to deal with. Also when you look at it, you say, “That is made.” The best way to say this is not how I would have translated it, but that’s the perfect word for it. It was very interesting in that sense. Enneagrams are so popular now. How is this different than the Enneagrams?

Enneagram is a test. You have to answer questions. I’m smart, you’re smart. I know the right answer to the question. We can throw that test. If you take a bunch of Enneagram tests, you could get a 2 or a 7. It’s a great structure but there are a lot of flaws in it. Plus, when someone gives you an Enneagram, it’s more of a, “Here’s the blueprint. Here’s how you operate.” It doesn’t provide you with any tools to move the needle. Soul Language is a living and breathing paradigm. It’s consciously growing, meaning the definitions are always being updated. The energy is always transforming because that energy is evolving. As practitioners I can go, “You’re a monk.”

Monks are coming out of the woodwork. That energy is transforming in its consciousness. Here are your opportunities to transform. If you’ve been feeling more achy than usual, that’s an indication that you’re feeling everything that energy’s feeling. You can let that go because it’s not yours. You don’t know that with Enneagram. What I love about it, it’s a starting point and a big springboard. A lot of people use paradigms too, as a crutch. I’ll give you an example. I’ll try to do sarcasm. I’m a teacher of integrity. That’s one of my Soul Language is. I don’t do it very well but I’ll do it.

I’ll do with something like a horoscope. I’m a Scorpio. I tend to be a little direct. That doesn’t give me a right to be mean because I’m a Scorpio, but people utilize it as a crutch. They do this a lot with past lives. I’ve got a lot of past lives. You probably hearing this all the time in publishing. the metaphysical. I’ve been persecuted for my message and then a little afraid. Past lives do not have any right to be influenced here, but people use it as a crutch not to evolve. In Soul Languages, there aren’t any crutches. It’s all about evolution and about tuning in. It’s the starting ground of connecting to your central nature, which is unique. Even with this structure around it. Our pain is boring. We all have the same sort of pain, different circumstances. It’s our connection that we can hardly explain because it’s so unique to us. That’s what this does. It gives you a little structure to connect to your essential nature so you can utilize that internal structure in a powerful way. Not through force but through power.

Nobody wants a little transformation for a week or two; we all want it to keep going. Click To Tweet

I love that because if you look around in the world now, it seems like we’re going through the Oppression Olympics. It’s a little odd.

That’s the best phrase ever. I love it. It’s such a wordsmith fair phrase. I don’t love the topping, but I love the verbiage.

Why would anybody want this? If you want to, feel free to open my nap hand and chat a little bit about it, that might give an example. You have the personal and the business, and you do many sectors of people’s lives.

People want this because in a sense, we all are in one shape, form or another searching to be able to practically and tangibly know ourselves better and be the best possible scenario of ourselves. Soul Language is a very practical tool. It’s grounded in both sky and Earth metaphysics and grounding, and why wouldn’t anyone want to know? I need words to what I know deep down inside because I can’t seem to put words to it. One of your Soul Languages is that librarian. It’s how you prefer to go through life. You prefer to go through life collecting knowledge, sharing knowledge is having resources. If I asked you a question, like in my head, I see a Rolodex and a Rolodex of answers. Here’s that resource and here’s that knowledge and here’s that.

You can know that so you can accept it on a deeper level. You want to know it because you also know, “I’m collecting all this knowledge to say in this little cocoon of safety and not participate in it. I’m doing it again. Let’s tune back in.” We connect and move forward. In your case, if you keep collecting all the knowledge and using it as a way to hide and keep yourself small, you’re never going to achieve what you want. You’re never going to experience the fullness of your dreams. It’s a good practical tool that helps you connect. This is an intangible part of you that has so much knowledge that you’re missing the boat because you don’t have a communication style to make that connection.

For people who keep seeking, Soul Language is a great tool because it helps you keep seeking in a grounded way. Seeker sometimes goes, “Let’s try this and let’s try that,” and they never embody anything. Soul Language is a tool that helps you not only transform but transcend, which means embodiment. Nobody wants a little transformation for a week or two. We want it to go, “Keep going.” We don’t want to turn around six months from now and go, “I was doing so great. What happened now? I’m right back where I started.” When you transcend, it lasts. That’s why people want it. That’s why I want it.

As far as the librarian goes, take me to a cocktail party. I know more about plants, pests, all of that horticultural degree that I’m happy to share with you, why organophosphates kill animals, the psychology or the physiology of it. Let’s talk about practical uses. One of my clients, which I think you recommended her, I’m not quite sure. She brought me her Soul Language so we could put her quiz together. It was an amazing experience because she shared it with me and I was like, “I’ve seen these before. I’ve done them.” It helped us be able to put something good together. What are the practical applications? When you do one for business, what does that look like?

PRP 149 | Soul Language

Soul Language: We are designed to operate from wholeness and completeness, but we’re taught to operate from pain and struggle.


First of all, your business entity doesn’t have your pain in programming. It’s pure consciousness. Most people who call in a business think that they are their business. You’re not. It has its own agenda. Right there, there’s practicality because most people treat their business like they treat themselves. They’re putting unconscious energy into that business. On your language sheets, there are words. If your business is this, here’s what you need, like a checklist. You need to make sure you have boundaries for both you and the business and clear about what you’re giving and what you’re receiving. It becomes a, “Do I have that in my business?” No. That’s creating the struggle. Let’s check that off.

It also allows you to understand who you want to attract to support your business. There are languages that will support that energy to its highest. Those are some practical things. You can create your elevator speech, your one-liner, your mission statement on the use of your personal languages in your business languages. When I always say it’s the people, even if they don’t understand what that is, they’re like, “That sounds so beautiful. I want that.” I’m like, “Explaining the soul of my business.” Especially with entrepreneurs and highly creative people, they’re so emotionally involved in their service and product. There’s this weird agenda laced with it, instead of saying, “This thing, I am holding complete.”

I was sharing it from a place of wholeness and completeness. It allows you to be without an agenda, knowing that you’re being loved and supported and provided for and sharing what everything’s about. I’m secretly laughing because my boyfriend’s a painter and I was like, “Do you want to show them?” He’s like, “No.” I was like, “You don’t?” He’s like, “No, I’m not ready for a critic.” I was like, “I get it.” Most people do that with their products and services. They aren’t aware that they’re bracing to be rejected. I go, “Here’s the business. It’s pure energy. You got to get on my bus or you’re not. I love you no matter what.” I know that no one is a source for me in business. Everyone is just a resource. If it’s not this resource, another resource will come by. That’s because I know the energy of my business. I know what it wants. I know what it attracts. I’m having an image of that giant plant on Seymour on Feed Me. It’s not a that bad way but that’s what it is. It’s like it’s pure consciousness. It wants to attract pure consciousness. When we stop putting all of our pain into it, it does what it does.

You could use that with sales in many ways. When I work with people with the quiz, it’s not putting the quiz together in their message, which the Soul Language would help with a lot. It’s a lot of putting that pain into the sales process and people don’t understand the energy about when they’re not confident about that sale when they’re not, that the person on the other end can feel that. If you’re being rejected a lot, it might be that’s what you’re projecting, is that you’re going to reject me. I’m not going to learn how to do this.

I’m going to be quiet or I’m not going to do the offer. I remember an episode working with my best friend and when I was in PR, I was the money girl. It’s funny because she’s so great with money. She was the former producer. I would come up with a whole program. I would say the largest figure that I could get out of my mouth. We got done with a pitch and they signed and we’re in the elevator. The rule was you couldn’t talk in the elevator until you were out of the building because you never knew who. She goes, “You sold a blah, blah, blah. I can’t believe it.” I went, “No, you’re worth it. I wasn’t selling myself.” Often, entrepreneurs think that they’re selling themselves instead of seeing it as an energetic lineup and going, “Here’s what I have. Can I support you?” They’re checking in with themselves, “Can I support this person?” They’re not speaking from, “I need to have this in order to pay the electric bill.” Understanding that soul understands the come to price and the come from a place that you want to be. It’s a never-ending vault of goodness.

When you have a deeper connection to your purpose, everything goes smoothly and with greater ease. Click To Tweet

You have a gift for us.

Often, people especially highly creative people misunderstand their purpose. They think that their purpose is to be an author, speaker, coach or writer. That’s a delivery system. When they understand their purpose, the delivery system clicks in a lot more. They’re being their purpose every moment of every day. When you have a deeper connection to that purpose, everything goes smoothly and with greater ease. The writing is smoother. The bookie comes easier. The quiz is easier because you know what your purpose is. The delivery systems snap into place. It’s a worksheet about connecting to your purpose.

Thank you for being on the show. I hope you will check into the Soul Languages. Where can we find you other than the gift. Is there a place we can connect? or I’m on all social media, @SoulLanguage. I answer my own phone and I read my own email. If you have a question, you should shoot me over an email.

What is your email address?

Thank you so much. It’s been great to have you here.

Thank you so much. It’s great to be here.


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PRP 149 | Soul Language

Jennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. Currently, she has trained over 30 practitioners worldwide in Soul Language. At this time there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages.



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