Media enhanced author experience

In 2010, my company DreamSculpt Media Inc. created a product called the M2ebook (M2=Mini- Media). The concept was to give a potential reader a condensed, media- enhanced experience of a non-fiction book. We created over 50 M2ebooks featuring such celebrated authors as Jack Canfield and Deepak Chopra. The M2ebook helped deliver an author’s content in a digestible format increasing the engagement factor through videos with the author and complimentary thought leaders.

What inspired me to create these giveaway digital experiences, was the need to give a holistic overview of a non- fiction book in a distilled format. The industry standard of giving away a sample chapter of a book to introduce a book title felt insufficient. I specifically reacted to the method of book promotion where you read a sample chapter only to experience an abrupt stop leading to a pay portal to continue reading and buying the title. Imagine you go to a restaurant, and they offer you a free appetizer only to show up with the menu for you to order and pay for the remaining courses.

DreamSculpt is currently in development of an evolution of the M2ebook concept in a Native App. The concept of the DreamSculpt App. is more like a free five course tasting from appetizers all the way through to dessert leaving you with a full palette of flavors. Once a book cover is clicked on the App. they will experience a ecosystem of content featuring a book trailer and a chapter preview in which there is a 1-2 minute-video summarizing each chapter delivered by the author.

.Each video is created by the author in their own personal style. Some may be shot in a studio, some may shoot it in their backyard under the trees, yet they create an intimacy with the viewer. By sharing the distilled essence of each chapter, the potential reader will have a holistic overview of the book through the author sharing salient talking points and highlights of each chapter as well brief exercises and questions to the potential reader to contemplate.

The lifecycle of a book usually diminishes within the first 6 months of its release. The DreamSculpt App. will aggregate independent publishers, hybrid publishers and other small presses. This is a way a publisher can revitalize their list and reincarnate books that have all but disappeared by reintroducing them with a compelling presentation through the media experience. The author also has the potential to create a fresh new engagement with a potential reader, as they click around the App. and absorb the interactive experience of countless books.

A major advantage to having a book on the App. is the author’s access to potential readers through push notifications. If someone has taken the interest to download the App. it is highly likely that they will click yes for receiving notifications. When an author schedules an event, instead of sending an email that may be lost in a junk mail filter, the push notification will appear directly on their phone.

The App.creates an authentic, personalized experience for a potential reader with the full intent of having them purchase the book, and participate in the author community.

About the Author
The Media Enhanced Author Experience

Jared Rosen is the founder Of DreamSculpt. As an innovator in digital media publishing, he has published over 50 media enhanced e-books for many best-selling authors and filmmakers and has published dozens of books in print. Jared is the author of three books including the groundbreaking book The Flip. As a thought leader he has presented in venues ranging from TED X Malibu, to McKinsey and Company, Sydney, Australia. In 2000, Jared co-created the Children’s Emotional Literacy Project endorsed by Mayor Richard Riordan and Norman Lear.