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Wondering why its feels like marketing is a shot in the dark? That’s because the way we are taught marketing is not based on our strengths, on the real value that we can provide to solve our target clients’ pain. How can you restructure your message so that it becomes hyper-focused on where you can get the best bang for your buck? Speaker and mentor, Patrick Dougher teaches this in his book, Strength Based Marketing. In this conversation with Juliet Clark, he talks about some of the principles he talks about in the book and shares some inspiring entrepreneurial advice about growth, learning and transformation.

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Strength Based Marketing And The Learning Path To Growth With Patrick Dougher

Before we get started with our guest, I would like to invite you to go over on YouTube and follow us at Superbrand Publishing. If you miss something, you can go over there and repeat it. You’re already here so please leave us a review, like us, and share the show. We would love to have you read to some more. Our guest is Patrick Dougher. He is a speaker and mentor on Strength Based Marketing and Leadership. He’s the author of the Strength Based Marketing: What Business Coaches and Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You!. Patrick has spoken on leadership, sales and communication styles, mentoring, managing emotions and other topics since 2000. His communication style is welcoming and persuasive. He’s spoken over a thousand times on these topics and is a valued asset for companies and associations that invited him to speak in their groups. Welcome, Patrick. It’s great to have you on.

Thank you, Juliet. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Tell us a little bit about your strength-based marketing. What are those secrets that marketers won’t tell us?

One of the things that a lot of people tend to do when they get into the business and try to build a business is they don’t understand their message. They don’t understand where they can get the biggest bang for their buck and the most effective way to share their message. A lot of times, we get into business because we go through the old Meckel-Gruber syndrome of we’re good at something so we think we can do it our own and we step into it. What do we call ourselves is PFA or Plug For Air. They then go, “What do you do?” I’m like, “I’m a jack of all trades.” They go, “That doesn’t help because you become a mist out there. You’re not a laser in your message.”

When you’re a jack of all trades, you become a mist in the market. You need to refine your message so you become a laser. Share on X

What I do is help people get their message down to where it’s refined to something that identifies exactly who can raise their hand, then design and implement the tools in my book, Strength Based Marketing. We walk people through the process of identifying what it is they need to share with the exact audience and then what are the tools and the pieces that you need to have in play. Even from the old school, things like direct marketing, which a lot of people think of direct mail and they go, “What?” I go, “The best secrets are in that because the message was we need to get somebody to not buy from us at first. It’s to get engaged with us.”

Juliet, a lot of the messages that you have started with the relationship, it starts with somebody raising their hand saying, “Tell me more.” It’s not closed me in a sale because there’s only a few percent, maybe 1% to 3% of the people that will respond to any communication you offer that is they’re saying, “I need your services. Please let me write you a check.” A lot of the stuff that we’re doing is trying to say, “Here’s the way you get a lead.” What do you do with the lead? You nurture that and make sure that the leads that you’re attracting are the ones that you would want to do business with. That’s the gist of it.

What would you say to people out there? I see this much out in the marketplace where they try a message, it fails and they’re re-messaging. I know you’ve seen it. It becomes a mass where people look and they don’t know what to do.

When people try to tell people what they do, they’re not really clear on it themselves. A lot of us have multiple talents. Imagine with the publishing and the things that you do with your clients, there are many steps in the process. A lot of times, people don’t see what’s the real pain that you solve. They’re not as attracted to profit necessarily as they are to ease of pain. If we can identify what it is that is the real root of the pain that we solve in a person’s life, then you have more value to them in the messaging that you do.

PRP 110 | Strength Based Marketing

Strength Based Marketing: What Business Coaches and Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You!

Back when we first started the publishing company, people thought we just published. When we got down to what is it that these people want, it’s visibility. We created what we’ve created from there. That’s important for people to understand, what is that real pain? It’s because can tell you what my pain is. I need a book in order to have credibility but is that credibility what you’re looking for? Isn’t that visibility? Tell us how you do that inside of your messaging with the book you have.

One of the things that I encourage people to do, the thing that I would do is, is your site connected to the book in the sense that the message is consistent? My website to book is On that site, there are videos, resources and tools that can walk somebody from beginner all the way through mastery in the marketing and business development of a company. That’s the thing that you want to do is make sure what is your attractor factor, what’s the message behind that, and what’s the pain you solve. For a lot of us, information is abundant, edible, useful, consistent and continuous.

When you look at your show, books, your websites, autoresponders or emails that you send out, it’s all about creating value to create a deeper relationship when you’re always inviting somebody to say, “Talk to me if you’re needing the one on one stuff, then I’m here. Otherwise, the information is there to help you where you’re at.” That’s what I do in the book and on the website to make sure that people have the keys to the tool for creating the success that they want. What I am all about is mentoring leaders all over the country to activate their power they can create their destiny.

If you’re somebody who’s brand new, where would you even begin to jump into all this?

As a new business owner, the first thing you need to ask is, “What’s the solution you’re going to bring to the table that you’re good at? You then need to dive a little deeper and say, “What’s the pain?” I would design my message around that pain and start with the website. If you’re a master at it, and you’ve had some experience in this area and you want to be known as an authority, the book that you guys put together for them help them create. That’s a great tool to do that.

If you want to grow, don’t get stagnant in your learning. Share on X

I also would encourage people to use more video and audio. Some people are like, “I have a face for radio.” I’m like, “I did too and then I had an opportunity to be on TV and they created my own TV show out of that.” It was because I realized especially in this period where everybody’s shut-in, this is golden to get in front of your audience and the people that might serve your audience. If you’re talking to professionals, to people that are authors or speakers or coaches or whoever you want to serve, there are some million shows out there or something. There are lots of different venues, but look at them and find the ones that resonate and make sense to you, and then speaking on their platform. Use that back in all of your messaging, put it on your social media, on your website, and on the emails that you send out.

Be consistent. Realize that most people don’t purchase from you until the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 19th time that they hear your name or hear about you. The last thing I would say and it’s probably one of the things that you would want to consider quickly is if they’re getting started, identify who are the top twenty clients that they would like to have. When I say, like to have, not the little beginners, who would you like to work for?

Who could write you a check that’s ten times larger than what you’ve been paid in the past and enjoy doing it? In other words, because you’re solving a problem for 50, 100, 500 people. Those people might the ones that you’re saying, “How am I going to get in those doors? Who are the leaders? What are they doing?” You’re doing a little bit of research where you’re trying to find out what kind of pains. The most continuous thing that I would encourage anyone to do is what my mentor used to say, “If you want to change what you are, and where you are, then change what goes into your mind.” If you’re good at what you do, then own that space. The difference between the person that’s the beginner and the expert is a bit of study, but in a lot of people’s minds, they don’t see themselves as the expert even though they are. They never owned it. They’ve never said, “I’m worth it.” It might seem hokey, but it’s not because the biggest thing that kills most businesses that I’ve seen is mindset around as you’re getting started, are you worthy of that success and to speak to those people?

I love the idea you have presented. I call it the dream list where you put on your wall who are those top 5 or 10 people that you would like to connect with and have as clients. I have one that I asked for introductions all the time if I see a way in the door because I know the value I bring. You do bring up something I do want you to address. I know a lot of people get passionate and they think they could help people, but there are a lot of coaches out there who are not experts. They healed themselves or did something. When you’re defining that expert space, what would you tell those people? I think some of them sometimes do more harm than they do good.

PRP 110 | Strength Based Marketing

Strength Based Marketing: If you can identify the real root of the pain that you are trying solve in a person’s life, you have so much more value for them in your messaging.


Part of it is you’ve got to start somewhere and even if you don’t have all of the knowledge, I would try to find the people that you can help. I would also make sure that you don’t overinflate your counsel like in the early days to where you’re the panacea for opposites. There are a lot of coaches and business owners that are getting started. They don’t know what they’re doing and they’re trying to claim they’re an expert. I then go, “Here’s the big challenge. There are people that you can serve, that you can get mastery in and then move on.”

One of the ways that I got trained in speaking and in the way that I teach is I used to present for a three-day weekend on how to process pain rather than run from it. How to find your purpose and your passion and walk into it? It was something that I went through the process and I enjoyed it. I got good at what we were trying to share. I believe that your gifts prepare a place for you to stand. One of the assessments that I found that was valuable was, “What’s your internal motivational gift?” When I took the little two-minute quiz or tests, it said that teaching was my internal motivational gift. I thought, “I’m not smart enough” There’s a reason why I was saying that. We all have these negative tapes that are usually planted in our life when we’re a teenager.

When I was eighteen, I went to this college in Texas. When I got the first day, they said, “Mr. Dougher, do you realize that 99% of the rest of the freshmen in an order placed above you?” I remember he called me an idiot but I’m alive. That stuck. I worked hard. I figured it out. I ended up getting my BS degree. When I got out, I never wanted to be called an idiot ever again. I studied accelerated learning and memory and reading. I got to where I was as fast as I wanted to stay up there.

I remember anything I want like names, lists, presentations, whatever and it helped my career. The challenge was I was 40 when I saw that teaching was my internal motivational gift. I thought, “That’s a limiting belief.” What do you do with limiting beliefs? You confront them with the adult truth, not the that the eighteen-year-old mind was no longer present at 40 but I had bought that lie for 22 years. I read a book a week every week since I was 24. By the time I was 40, I’ve consistently done that. My point is that you break that, you take out the hot button and never want to be called an idiot. The challenge is that when we get out and we begin to help others. I always tell people, “The most valuable person climbing to your mountain is not the one that’s at the top. It’s the one that’s six feet in front of you because they know where the stones were that you could trip on.”

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I encourage people to realize that there are people that are right behind you, but in order to get to the point of mastery, you’re doing it enough to where you can work with that person that can pay you 10X. This is where I think your common comes from is that some people are elite and they promote themselves above their state in a way that is detrimental. They get into a place where they can’t help. They aren’t as self-taught as they think they’re going to be. All of a sudden, coaches look like unemployed. People that are trying to make money during their interim to the next job. That’s something that has happened a lot. If you want to master serving people and encourage them, stick with it and get the mastery. Learn what you need to learn. Study and make sure you’ve got a mentor. Make sure you’re part of a mastermind. Make sure you’ve got coaches in your life that are giving you the next steps for you so that you never get derailed by getting complacent. One of the things is some people don’t continue the learning process. If you were going to help others, you need to continue learning into mastery.

Even in other areas as well, you have to be continuously growing. I agree with the books that you were talking about. I do the same. I usually read a book every ten days. It’s 3 to 4 books a month.

What’s great is that there are many books in every form you could imagine. Everything from audio to video to written and they’ve got them in every platform. There’s no excuse not to be learning. Even with the speaking that I’ve done before the virus that’s come out, I used to travel 4 or 5 days a week doing a couple of hundred workshops around the country. I would typically get into a region and I would speak Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and fly back Friday night. I’d have 2 or 3 hours every night. I have gone through 250 or 300 books in the last several years just listening to them. When I say that stuff, please understand it’s not about me. It’s an encouragement to anybody that wants to grow. Don’t ever get stagnant with your learning.

PRP 110 | Strength Based Marketing

Strength Based Marketing: The most valuable person in your climb to your mountain is not the one who’s at the top. It’s the one that’s about six feet in front of you, because they know where the stones were that you could trip on.


I’m also a listener because I ran 1.5 hours a day, a couple of days a week. That’s the time where it’s my relaxation zen time. I’m a book listener as well, but I do turn around if I find out that nugget in it that I want to remember, I will go buy it so that I have it as a reference guide as well. This has been great, Patrick. If we want to find out more and contact you, where can we go? Tell us all the places you’re at.

The best site to catch a lot of the ideas that I’ve been talking about is That site has a ton of information which is not the solution. It gives you some value there. If you want to get an autograph copy of my book, Strength Based Marketing, then email me at I’ll send you an invoice of $20 and then I’ll send it out. Anybody that gets a book, I always like to add a little extra. What I do is I give you access to all of the resources in the back of that website on I’ll make sure that you have your supply of information for investing in yourself and letting me help you out in the process. You’ll get a bunch of other autoresponders and videos. The idea is that the information isn’t usually the problem, it’s implementation because transformation comes from when you add information with an implementation that creates this transformation.

Thank you for being on and sharing all of this wealth of knowledge.

Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure, Juliet.


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PRP 110 | Strength Based MarketingPatrick Dougher is a speaker and mentor on Strength Based Marketing and Leadership. He is the author of Strength Based Marketing What Business Coaches and Marketing Experts Won’t Tell You! Patrick has spoken on leadership, sales, communication styles, mentoring, managing emotions and other topics since 2000. His communication styles is welcoming and persuasive. He has spoken over 1000 time on these topics and is valued as an asset for companies and associations that have invited him to speak to their group.


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