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Are you ready to harness the power of impactful speaking to elevate your business reach and increase your income?

Imagine captivating the attention of both in-person and online audiences, conveying your message with clarity and confidence. As an author, business owner, speaker or thought leader, your authentic voice and expertise deserve to be shared with more people.

Join my colleague AmondaRose Igoe, Speaking Success Strategist, for her free live training to discover how speaking to groups can become your secret weapon for success. It’s called: Speaking for Impact and Income Online Training.

In this interactive online training, you’ll discover these 3 secrets:

  • Magnetic Messaging: Learn how to distill your ideas into compelling messages that resonate deeply, both in-person and online
  • Captivate Your Audience: Master the technique to build authentic connections, instill credibility, and leave your audience eager for more
  • Irresistible Stage Offers: Uncover the magic behind crafting compelling closings that transform your presentations into profit


As a business professional, you understand the value of making a lasting impact.

These proven speaker strategies are designed to help you enhance your impact and increase your income through compelling communication on any stage (in person or virtual).

Now is the time to deliver your message with resonance, leaving a lasting impression on your audience’s minds and convert your speaking engagements into profit opportunities, whether you’re addressing a live audience or connecting online.

Ready to harness the power of speaking for your business?

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Speaking For Impact And Income Online Training With AmondaRose Igoe

I’m excited to start the year out with you on this show. One of the things that we have going on that I’m excited to have AmondaRose Igoe as our first guest for 2024 is we are focusing in Breakthrough Author Magazine on selling books yourself and getting rid of that 55%, which I know there are several of you on here that are authors who know that that 55% is a killer because all those people are doing is listing your book and, most the time, you’re driving traffic there. You’re still doing the work to get that book sold, but you’re not reaping all the benefits of it.

This is what 2024 is all about. Speaking is one of the best ways to be able to do that. I’m excited. Before we get started, I want to send you guys over. We have something brand new. We haven’t gotten it rock and rolling yet, but we started a book club. It’s called Breakthrough Authors Book Club. It’s on Amazon. We’re going to be featuring one of our authors every two weeks. We’re hoping to get more readers.

Here’s how we want it to be different. Our featured authors are going to be jumping on there and letting the readers have access to them. During that two-week period, the readers are able to ask questions, connect, and find out more about what they do and what their book is about. I’m excited about that. I’d love for you to go over It’s all free. Here’s the other thing. We probably will be giving away free books here and there. Randomly as part of our best seller campaigns, you may find, if you tell us you have a Kindle account, a book that you’ve never even thought about reading on your Kindle ready to go. We will send you those invites for that as well. That helps all of our authors and it helps expose you to some new people.

This episode’s guest is AmondaRose Igoe. She provides speaker coaching and training specializing in authors, coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses. She provides high-caliber group and private coaching services, focused on mastering your message, monetizing your talk, and masterfully booking speaking engagements. AmondaRose Igoe has many years of experience as a master speaker, trainer, and coach. Welcome, Amonda.

I’m excited to kickstart your year by talking about speaking.

For those of you who are reading, if you want to see this presentation, go over to our YouTube channel, @SuperBrandPublishing, and you can watch it on video over there.

Let’s get started. Welcome to Speaking For Impact and Income where you’re going to discover three secrets to clarify your message, captivate your audience, and create compelling closings to turn your presentations into profit, which means more kook sales and, if you’re a business coach of any type, that more sales into your programs as well.

When it comes to speaking, if you have struggled to reach a wider audience and have an impact, you’re in the right place. If you’ve tried speaking, it hasn’t gone how you’ve hoped, maybe you’ve gotten nervous and uncomfortable or people didn’t purchase your books. They haven’t moved forward with anything that you offered, you are in the right place. If you want to captivate your audience so they hang on every word, they lean in when you speak, and they’re like, “I’m glad I’m here,” I’m super excited to be sharing with you what I’m going to be telling you.

When you try to get booked to speak, which is common for many people, you try maybe to get to speak at a local women’s group, on a summit, or podcast and you don’t hear back or they said, “We’re not interested,” what I’m going to share with you will help you with that. You want to create clients and cashflow every time you speak, which can also be off-book sales as well. This information will be a game changer for you because there are certain things you’re going to do in your offer that are going to change it completely. We’ll focus specifically related to book sales, but it will help you in other ways too.

Here’s the good news. I have many years of experience. I’ve been speaking for many years. I know exactly what works and doesn’t work. I’m going to take away some of the guesswork that you might have like thinking, “I’m not sure if what I’m doing makes sense.” I’m going to handle some of the things that are almost a deep dive into some of my advanced training information so that you can take this information and implement it right away. Whether you’re on a podcast, speaking at a summit, or have a presentation coming up, tomorrow or this year you’ll be able to take this information and use it immediately.

As you know, I am AmondaRose Igoe and we have this beautiful Juliet Clark who I’m honored that she asked me to share Speaking for Impact and Income with you. Thank you, Juliet, and readers for being here because I know there are tons of other places you could be. However, you chose to be here with us. I promise you from every ounce of my being, I will do my very best to make sure your time is well spent with me.

Let’s do a little basic thing first. Many people aren’t sure about the difference between public speaking and speaking. There is a difference from my perspective and I’ll share that with you. You can tell me how you see yourself in this picture. A public speaker is somebody who might have to do a short presentation, five minutes somewhere, maybe something that they’re doing in front of their board or leading their team, but they’re not as committed to accelerating their speaking results. They’re happy with the status quo. That’s how I see public speakers.

A speaker is somebody who is what I call a road warrior. They are on the road all the time. They’re going from planes to cars constantly booking speaking engagements. They love that lifestyle. They might spend 300 days a year going from speaking engagement to speaking engagement. The last one is speaking. Speaking, to me, is when you have a business or a message that you want to share and you see speaking as a vehicle to reach more people. It’s not your main gig. It’s not the thing that you want to do for the rest of your life. It might be part of it, but it’s not something that you feel like, “I need to get on the road. I need to travel by plane. I need to make speaking my career.”

Promote Profit Publish | AmondaRose Igoe | Speaking For Impact

Speaking For Impact: Speaking is when you have a business or a message that you want to share and you see speaking as a vehicle to reach more people.


That’s the difference. Where do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a public speaker doing it a little bit here and there? Do you see yourself as a speaker? Do you want to get out there and speak all the time or do you see yourself as somebody who’s speaking as part of their business or getting their message out to a bigger audience? For me, speaking, even though I am a speaker and coach and what I focus on is speaking and that’s my market and expertise, I see myself as speaking.

Even though I go out and do presentations, I love being home. I don’t know about you, but I love where I live and I love my family. I’m not wanting to be on the road. Speaking is for me. Which one are you? Is it a public speaker, going to do it a little bit here and there? Do you want to do it more or is it speaking? Why do we want to speak? You can do it in person and online. It’s beautiful in the sense that you can do both or one of them in person or online. You get to choose what that looks like.

The beauty of speaking is that you get to share your message with a group of people. Instead of having one-to-one conversations, which are wonderful, you can share your message with 40 people. You can talk about the power of your book. You can share snippets from your book with a group of people 40, 100, or 500 people versus one-to-one. You’re having a bigger impact and an opportunity to sell more books. You get to make a bigger difference because you have the power of many so you’re changing more lives. You can reach a global audience because you can speak internationally, but you can also speak online. How many lives are you touching when you go out, speak, and share your message with more people?

The potential that I’ll share with you in a little bit is when it comes to speaking, if you’re a coach or consultant, you have another business as well as being an author, maybe you become an author because you want to get more people for more credibility but also to reach more people with the power of your message. It’s great for income potential as well. You can do live events, podcasts, summits, radio media, YouTube, social media, and guests on webinars or television. That is all speaking. It’s not just in this little box.

Every time you’re sharing your message in any of these formats, you are speaking and you get to decide which ways you want to do it. It will help you thrive, grow, and win. When you’re looking at reaching your 2024 goals, imagine how much quicker it can happen when you use the power of speaking to catapult you forward in the year.

In this episode, we’re going to look at some trade secrets, some of the things that you wouldn’t learn from somewhere else in many cases. People aren’t talking about these things. I like to take deep dives into what I share with you so that you have practical steps. You might look at this and think, “For AmondaRose, speaking is probably easy for her. It’s something that’s natural to her.” I’ve been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, and MSM.

The biggest one I share in front of an audience is Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’m Chicken Soup for the Soul author. That was an amazing story of how that showed up. I don’t have time to tell that in this episode. I wish I did, but if you want to know send me a message. I’m happy to share it with you. I will teach you how to monetize your message, make an impact, and help you book speaking engagements, but that didn’t happen overnight.

For most of us, fate steps into our lives and moves us in a direction, and that’s exactly what happened to me. I was working as a social worker. I have a degree in Social Work. I love helping people, but I will tell you, anybody who has been a social worker and been in a profession like that, it’s heavy on burnout. I wanted to change. I wanted to do something different. I took a job with a nonprofit organization where I was going out speaking. They’ve pushed me into the speaking arena, which I had no experience. I was a deer in headlights.

I was talking about charitable gifts in annuities and it was a very boring topic, but I found my way of communicating things that were fun and interesting. When I was doing that at the same time, I was also feeling rather burnt out in that too. I would walk around with my head down and dragging my feet because I felt there was something more on this Earth to do, but I didn’t know what it looked like. Have you ever been in that spot in your life where you know there’s more for you and you have a bigger purpose, but you don’t know what it looks like?

It got bad that I was in the bathroom one day and somebody who was in the same office building said to me, “Do you know you dragged your feet and you’ll hold your head down?” I was like, “I didn’t even know he was that noticeable. I knew I was unhappy inside, but I didn’t know it was apparent to everyone else.” Here’s where something changed for me. I went to my first personal development seminar. If you ever have attended a personal development seminar, you know you cannot stay the same.

If it’s a good one, things are going to change. The status quo is no longer acceptable. I remember watching this young man. He was about seven years younger than me at the time. I remember watching him sharing with the audience and changing people’s lives and it was amazing. I thought to myself, “I’d love to be a speaker and do that too.” The moment that thought came into my head about speaking, hosting workshops, and things like that, as quick as it came in, this thought came in that I was not good enough, that people wouldn’t listen to me, I would mess up that, and I would be bad at it and my motives were wrong.

There are zillion different thoughts that came into my head because of my past. When I was in grammar school, I decided to try out for a play. Imagine being a little kid, you’re doing something. I think this is fun. I practiced my lines. I thought I got good until the day came for me to try out for the play and the entire class laughed at me as I stood on stage. You can imagine what that thought did to my mind about me putting myself out there and standing on a stage.

It got worse because a couple of years later, still in grammar school, my girlfriend next door convinced me to do a talent show with her. I was so bad that the entire class laughed at me again. This is all the imprints that I had about not being able to ever speak. It got worse because I had a family member that would laugh in my face when I spoke. Every time I communicated, this person would laugh at me. Why would I ever put myself out there? It spiraled because I learned to dim my light, play small, hide, and not be seen. I thought I was never again going to put myself out there.

As I started to evolve and when I was in high school, I was like, “Don’t see me. Let me not stand out because people might laugh at me,” but then something happened. I went back to another one of those darn personal development seminars. Something happened to me where logic, all the past, “Don’t do it,” went out the window and intuition took over. I literally wrote on a piece of paper, “I want to be a speaker.” I never shared that with anyone. I wrote it down on a paper and gave it to my husband who was sitting next to me.

I couldn’t turn back at that point because I called forth what I was here to do on this Earth. I let go of the past and say, “The heck with all of that. I’m not going to let that happen anymore.” I had to invest in being my best because public speaking is an art. It can come more naturally for some, but there’s an art to openings, closing, storytelling, body language, stage presence, and all those things. I invested in being my best for myself. Over the years that I’ve owned my business, I’ve evolved significantly in my skill level.

Public speaking is an art. It's not something that just comes naturally. Share on X

I’ve never looked back because the bottom line is I focused on the impact that I would have on the lives that I would change every single time that I did a training like this, I was speaking in front of a live group, or talking with a client. I knew that in every life that I changed, that person was going to change more lives by sharing their message in a clearer, more compelling, and concise way. I knew by impacting them, they were going to have a bigger impact as well.

I have clients from over twenty countries. I’ve been featured on CBS, FOX, NBC, US Today Network, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. I’ve created a system which has four parts. It’s converting signature talks that sell because sometimes people don’t know like, “How do I put this presentation together?” You need a signature talk that you can do over and over again that also sells your books and services. That’s important. That magnetic messaging is those pieces of when you share what you do as a speaker when you contact a group about your speaking, having the right marketing materials, and the messaging that has them say, “We need to have that person as a speaker.”

The captivating stage presence, what do we do with these arms, legs, voices, and energy? How do we know exactly what to do and when to do it when speaking? The last one is my Book to Speak System. That’s the four-part system that I teach and work with my clients on that I’ve developed over the last many years. During our time together, I’m going to ask you to do a couple of things. I’m going to ask you to be open. We can have perspectives about speaking that might have not worked so great like, “Look at me. Look at where I’ve come from.” Maybe you have that little inner dialogue. Let’s let go of that inner dialogue.

Maybe somebody told you can’t do it. Go in that dialogue. Maybe you tried it and said, “It didn’t work. I don’t like doing offers.” Let it all go and be open to the information I’m going to share with you. I’m going to ask everybody to help us anchor in the open. I’m going to ask you to follow me in this direction. We’re going to say the word open together and we’re going to open our arms. At the count of three, let’s say the word together open and open our arms. 1, 2 3, open.

That’s going to open your mind to hearing this information and letting it sit in with you so you can utilize it. I’m going to ask that you stay focused because the reality is when we’re online, I don’t know about you, I get easily distracted. I have to replay videos and things like that because I go, “Let me do that.” I’m going to ask you to stay focused because the reality is I might say something that was specifically meant for you and you missed it. I don’t want that to happen. I know you don’t too.

I want you to stay as focused as possible. Put away social media, emails, and things like that, and be fully present with us. If you’re looking for more, I’m going to give you an opportunity to get a little extra help for me so that we can take that. I always like to say too much. I’m going to zip my lips. I love to give Christmas presents early. I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m going to do for you. Let’s get into those beautiful trade secrets.

Magnetic Messaging

The first one is magnetic messaging. That is when you talk about your presentations and you want people to go, “We need to have this person on our podcast, summit, live event, or anything like that.” You want it to be like they have to have you. That’s what you want. Many times, people miss the mark on this completely. They’ll say things like, “I’m a motivational speaker. I speak about my story. I talk about stress, leadership, health, communication, and so on.”

You might think, “That’s okay.” From a person who’s not a speaker, coach, or trainer, it might sound totally okay to say, “I’m a motivational speaker,” or, “I speak about my story.” It doesn’t mean you don’t do those things. You want to avoid these terms when you talk about getting yourself out there and getting those opportunities to get booked to speak. Nowadays more than ever, you have so many people raising their hands and going, “I’m a speaker. I want to speak. Can I be on your podcast or summit? Can I be with this awesome Juliet Clark?” You have all these people raising their hands wanting those opportunities more than ever.

You have to stand out and say things like, “I’m a motivational speaker. I speak about my story,” won’t do that for you. Let’s talk about what will do it. You have a hot topic, something that says to somebody and then an organizer or a podcast host would be like, “My audience wants this.” Remember, you want to be that magnet or that person that they have to have. The challenge is other things don’t do that. Let’s look at what will. You want to focus your topic on the single most hair-on-fire problem they have. I’m going to give you some examples, but let’s talk about this for a moment. When an event organizer or podcast host summit organizer is looking at bringing into speaker, they typically don’t know what their audience’s problems are.

If they bring in somebody who is an expert in something or has a topic related to something that’s a hair-on-fire problem, then they go, “My audience needs this.” What happens is registration increases when they do. People talk about, “This person helped me with this.” They rave about the event organizer because the event organizer or podcast host brought that person to speak to solve that problem so everyone looks good. It’s a win for the event organizer, the audience, and for you.

What do single most hair-on-fire problems look like? It’s not reduced stress. We all know that stress exists, but the topic of self-reduced stress is not a hair-on-fire problem. Another is to improve your health. We all know we need to improve our health. We want to live our dreams. Becoming a better leader is great, but these are not hair-on-fire problems. This is going into the deeper levels in it. Hair-on-fire problems have no leads.

One of the reasons some of you may have become an author is to create more leads for your business. Think about it for yourself. Why did you do that? Get more exposure so that can increase your number of leads. Somebody who might be leaving a team and their employees are resigning, that’s a hair-on-fire problem. Does anybody worry about wrinkles? Weight gain, how many people have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Also, unable to sleep. Think about the people in health and wellness where somebody says, “I talk about health and wellness,” versus, “I address the problem of the people’s inability to get a good night’s sleep.”

The event organizer is going to be like, “That’s me. I know five people that’s their problem.” You go into a deeper layer of the problems that they’re experiencing. No money is another one, and that might be one of the reasons people are unable to sleep. These are going deep into the problems. Think about for yourself, “If it was stress, what are the factors that create this stress and that becomes your topic?” If it’s living in balance, what are the factors that prevent the person from living out of balance?

If it’s something around business growth, maybe it’s a topic on scaling your business, what’s the problems that keep somebody from scaling their business? Think deep. I would recommend that you figure out what you think the number one is and that’s what you lead with. What makes your speaking stand out is having that unique message. Even talking about how it’s unique or different from another process is great. Is it more innovative? They’ve been talking about something for the last 30 years.

What makes your speaking stand out is having that unique message. Share on X

Is that the ultimate system? Can you stand behind that? One of my clients from many years ago is a psychic medium. I live in Florida and there was a gentleman. He changed it since then. He called him the number one psychic in South Florida. She was mad that he did that. She’s like, “How dare you? I’m just as good as he is.” He claimed it. Do you know what happened to his business? It blew up. If you can claim something and stand behind it, it’s good to do that and the best.

Captivate Your Audience

Let’s look at the next one. Your number two is to captivate your audience. Let’s talk about your story. There are lots of things that trip people up when it comes to their stories. We’re going to look at something that will help you see how your story can set you apart from other people. I’m going to share a little bit of a personal experience with you about something I learned that has made you different from me.

Why do we tell our story? We tell our story because an audience will typically put us on a pedestal. I don’t care if it’s a group of 5, 20, 50, 100 or 500 people. That audience will often look at you because you’re an expert in something and think, “They could never relate to me.” Many people wouldn’t think that I would have had many challenges when it came to speaking because I don’t present that today. They think, “She can never relate to me.”

How many people have come up to me and said, “I had similar experiences. I’m scared of speaking. This happened. I couldn’t find my voice.” I hear that all the time from people. We chose them and created the foundation of building the know, like, and trust factor. They feel like they can trust you, even if your story is not exactly the same as theirs. It also demonstrates that they are not alone. If you have had challenges, they go, “Other people have challenges,” even if it’s a completely different challenge. Knowing that you have overcome something, they see it as they can overcome something, too, because you have overcome it.

It creates a beautiful synergy and relationship with an audience that you wouldn’t normally have if you didn’t share your story. I’m going to preface this. We’re not talking about a story just of success. We’re talking about what I like to call the Breakdown to Breakthrough Story. It is when you have a breakdown and you turn it into a breakthrough. If my past experiences weren’t the way that they were, I probably not be the person that I am now when it comes to speaking, coaching, training, and also presenting groups. I wouldn’t be the same person I was if it wasn’t for those experiences and the lessons that I learned from them.

It’s the breakdown and then finding that breakthrough part of it. Where was the good part? I’ve had people say to me, “I don’t want to share any negative stuff,” and I totally understand that. I’ve had lots more stuff and way worse stuff that happened in my life when I was younger than I shared with you, but that’s not who I am now. You get to have a moment where you tell your story where you go into your story and you come out the other side of it. You’re not staying there in the negative. If you truly move past something, you can tell it with the emotion, heart, and experience of what you felt at that time.

You also can break through. You can show the outcome as well. It’s the opposite of the fluffy story. I love animals. They are soft, cute, and adorable, but we’re not talking about all the fluff. We have to be willing to go be vulnerable with our audience. The reason I share those experiences with you is because, for me, it’s vulnerable. It’s real. It’s my experiences in how I felt going into having a life where somebody laughing in my face rather than me sharing something about uhs and ums and nervous laughter. It’s being real with people and letting them know about your pain.

Remember, you’re not staying in the pain, but you’re sharing the pain. I learned a process from another coach about sharing a money story. This is what I told you I would tell you about. I have different stories I tell based on the presentation all related to speaking, but this story was about the financial success that I’ve had through speaking and where I came from at the beginning of my business. I will tell you that I created less business when I told the financial story versus telling a real story about my experience about who I am and what happened in my life that got me to where I am.

There’s a lot of power in going deep into your personal experiences. If you have challenges sharing your story and you’re not sure what story to tell, I can certainly help you with that. Remember, you are going to do a deep dive versus snorkeling. Think of it like snorkeling or you want to take that deep dive. What happens in Miami, like Las Vegas, you think would stay there, but I’m going to tell you something that happened in Miami.

I was speaking at an event. I was on a panel at an event and the keynote speaker who had asked me to give her feedback on her presentation prior to, her talk went like this. This is the keynote, the opening of a presentation. It sets the tone for the entire event. It started like this and I am not kidding, “I can’t believe my boyfriend broke up with me. We were supposed to be together forever.” It spiraled all about the relationship. She did not find the breakthrough. She was still in the breakdown. You could see the audience slouched in their seats and their whole body language shrinking down. It was heavy. She hadn’t found the breakthrough. You have to find the breakthrough. This keynote speaker asked me to give her feedback. I told her what my experience was and my expert feedback. She said, “That’s not true, AmondaRose.” Keep in mind, it’s okay if you have some emotional charge on something but you have to be able to share the blessings and define the blessings around something before you share it.

Irresistible Stage Offers

I want to make sure that’s super clear because if you just share the breakdown, it’s going to leave the audience heavy. It’s not going to inspire them and show them what’s possible. Let’s get to irresistible stage offers, which is number three. What is it? An irresistible stage offer means that when you’re speaking at a live event or even on a podcast or summit, people go, “I want this. I have to have this. I’m all in.” That’s the irresistible part.

Promote Profit Publish | AmondaRose Igoe | Speaking For Impact

Speaking For Impact: If you just share the breakdown, it’s going to leave the audience heavy. It’s not going to inspire them and show them what’s possible.


It helps you have a bigger impact. it’s super important to do. Remember, if you don’t share with your audience an opportunity to learn more from you, get your book, hire you, or do any of those things, you are doing them a disservice because you closed the store on them and said, “Sorry. I’m not going to share with you what I have to offer. I’m uncomfortable about it. I’m not going to do it.”

You do them a disservice and they don’t get the opportunity to make a decision for themselves. That’s why you have to come up with a compelling closing. It also allows you to boost your income and I’ll show that with you in a moment how I can help you do that too. When it comes to closings, I like to use this three-part formula.

It needs to be clear, concise, and compelling. It can’t be, “Thank you, everybody. You’ve been a great audience. I love you all. Talk to me if you want to find out more about what I do.” Is that clear, concise, or compelling? No, none of those things. You want to make sure that it does all of those things. We often avoid it. Give your closing as much attention as the rest of your presentation. Think about what’s going to move people into saying yes to you. What’s going to be that factor that’s going, “I have to have this. I have to have a copy of this book. I have to hire them for their program.”

You want to make sure that you line it up and they get it, figured out, and fine-tuned. Here’s the thing I’m going to share with you. Remember, the conclusion of your talk or speech is often the most memorable part, but what makes a closing truly unforgettable? Stick around because I’m going to reveal a powerful closing technique that will leave your audience in awe. That’s what I call an open loop. Did anybody catch that? Stick around because I’m going to reveal a powerful closing technique that will leave your audience in awe.

Promote Profit Publish | AmondaRose Igoe | Speaking For Impact

Speaking For Impact: What makes a true closing truly unforgettable is the open loop.


You start something but you don’t give them all the information right then and there because that can be in your offer or book to find those solutions to that. Let me give you a couple of other examples, “Let’s talk about the fear of public speaking. Most of us have felt some type of anxiety, fear, and a lack of competency for taking the stage. What if I told you there’s a secret to conquering that fear? I do have that ticker. Stay tuned in a little bit. I’ll share with you how you can quickly overcome your fear.”

What you’re doing is you’re getting your audience to go, “I need to stay tuned. I need to listen and have what they have to offer.” I’ll give you another example, stage presence and delivery, “Did you know your body language can make or break your presentation? In a moment, we’ll explore how you can learn a simple yet powerful body language technique that can captivate your audience.” Do you see that, “In a moment,” and, “Stay tuned?” It’s showing that you’re going to reveal a way for them to do something that they wouldn’t have access to without your help. You want to close that loop in your offer.

You might want to say to them, “In my program or book, it shows you exactly on page seventeen how to do this.” It’s a great strategy. You want to find a way to include that in your offer. You do the loop and then close the loop on how they are going to get access to that loop. A little bit of case study to inspire you. I’m going to give you a quick example. If you have 100 people and 20% with my coaching and help that you can do that, 20% of your audience moves forward and that means 20 people, if you’re a coach or consultant, you sell a $2,000 program and 20 people move forward from one presentation, that’s $40,000. Do you see how quickly things can change with speaking? It’s not just a way to make a bigger impact. It’s also a way to generate a lot of revenue.

If you did it one time a month, you don’t even have to be a road warrior. You can make $40,000 in just doing that. You might have different numbers. You want to figure out, “If I spoke to 100 or 20 people and my program was $400 or $5,000, what could I generate from that?” You can do that over and over again. What would you do with all the extra money? I know. I take lots of vacations. We’re going to close up in one moment. We have a long line of people waiting to enroll in our new program. They were amazing beautiful women entrepreneurs, but people weren’t registering for their program then we worked on their entire signature talk from opening to closing. They had a long line of people waiting. You could have all these steps. You won’t do it if you can’t do it, but I know you’re here because you’re in, “I will do it,” mode.

Lots of times, people do trial and error when it comes to speaking, but it also creates a lot of costly and common mistakes that they don’t even realize they’re doing. If you want to accelerate your results and you need help with any of these things that I share with you, you’re going to have an opportunity to get a little extra strategy and planning time with me. We’re going to figure out what’s not working together. We’ll look at what you can change and we create a plan for exactly what you can do differently.

You can book a 30-minute speaking strategy session with me. If you go to my website, it’s fifteen minutes. If you utilize, that will take you to a booking page, fill out a couple of questions, and you can get time on my calendar right away. We can look what’s your income, what’s challenges you, and what’s your concerns, and laser focus on what you do.

If you’re on the actual webinar, you can use that QR code. Take your phone with you and it will take you right to scheduling. Gloria booked over 100 speaking opportunities since she worked with me. You can book that 30-minute speaking strategy session. Let’s laser in and dial in what you need help with. It is a time that you will walk away with practical steps that you can take and we’ll figure out what’s the best plan for you next.

AmondaRose is one of our magazine contributors this 2024. She’s going to have a lot of tips in the magazine on how you can utilize those talks but even bigger. Think about ditching the 55% by taking your books to events, buying them wholesale, taking them to the event with you, taking your little Zelle or Venmo, whatever it is you use, and selling them right there and autographing them or putting up an OTO page, a One Time Only offer where you direct them to that page from stage and maybe you can upsell them into a little program on the Thank You page. There are a lot of ways to do this without relying on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and all of those people out in the world. The best part is you’re getting people on your list, which means you’re going to increase relationships and communication. You’re also getting to talk to people one-on-one.

I had an event where I had been talking to this. This is a pretty funny story. She was a former high-end woman of the night. I’ve been talking to her on the phone. It was before Zoom about her book. To be honest, I was imagining some skank, but I met at an event the most beautiful elegant woman. I was shocked. We developed a relationship and ended up talking to her about publishing her book. I ultimately decided not to because it was like How To Catch Men, and I thought, “I don’t know if that’s our brand.”

She’s lovely. That’s the way you start building that personal relationship that builds trust and keeping more that money in your pocket along the way, too, because if you think about this for a minute, if your book sells for $19.99, you’re giving $11 right off the top to Amazon and Barnes & Noble or all of those distributors and then you have that cost to print the book. You’re getting left with maybe $2 or $3 at the most. You could keep that $11 in your pocket and build a relationship at the same time. AmondaRose, thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

I talked a little bit in the beginning about the Breakthrough Authors Book Club. If you guys are having problems, shoot me an email at, and I’ll send you the direct link. Amazon has not been good about making these easy to find. Karie Cassell is the author of The Domino Diet. It is the first book that we’re promoting because it’s the beginning of 2024.

A lot of people are thinking about diet and exercise. Karie is a dietitian. Her book is a hoot. It’s not one of your boring diet books. I have to give her a lot of credit because she used part of this on her husband to lose weight. I don’t know about you, but when I had a husband, it wasn’t sinking in. Congrats to Karie for getting it. Karie, say a little bit about your book. I think you have a sugar series you want to give us as well.

Thank you on the spot, but I do not mind the book The Domino Diet. To be honest with you, I struggled with the word diet going on the cover of the book for obvious reasons. While I was hearing this title, I can’t tell you exactly where that all comes from. I was reminded of the original name of the word diet. The actual word comes from the Greek word δίαιτα, which means a way of life. I’m a life coach. I thought, “That’s exactly what I’m here for on this planet, to speak about the diet as a way of life.”

Diet is actually a way of life. Share on X

I have done that to at least my wherewithal at that time. I incorporate a lot of science behind it but the life coaching pieces and why we do self-sabotage. Being a wife to a husband as a dietician, you’d think that would work, but it does not. It is exactly could be very much the opposite. At the end of the day, it’s a very different unique approach to looking at a way of life.

As to the Kick Sugar Series, it’s the new year. As all authors, speakers, and coaches, you come up with what’s hot at the time. AmondaRose was speaking about impact now. What’s the hair-on-fire now? I get to take advantage of that time here. I have a meditation called Kick Sugar Series that goes along with the same principles that are in the book itself but broadens past that point. Thank you for featuring. I did click on the link and it’s working for me. I think we’re in business.

What you guys don’t know is when I was working with Karie on this book, I am a certified sugar whore. When I was working with Karie, I found out in the book that your cells regenerate every four months. I did a four-month sugar detox. I’ve never done heroin, but I’m imagining it was like heroin. I had actual withdrawals like I couldn’t sleep. I crave and it was helpful to have her support along the way telling me, “That’s pretty normal.” I found a sugar spray that I still use to this day over on Amazon that takes the craving away. If sugar is your problem, this is definitely your book.

Even if sugar, it isn’t because it’s all about how the dopamine hit occurs.

Karie is a contributor to the magazine. I know some of you are entrepreneurs and authors. You have a full-time entrepreneurship gig. You’re taking the time to write a book. You’re promoting a book. Sometimes our health gets pushed aside a little bit in that journey. Amonda is putting out a book and she has a lot going on in her life, and it can be pretty stressful. That’s when I start reaching for the sugar. The minute I start getting a little bit stressed, then the good meal goes away and the cookies or the bonbons come out. I would stand on a street corner for bonbons.

It was a very enjoyable presentation, AmondaRose. You were describing all these tips. I’ve been with Toastmasters for ten years and I’ve learned some tips from you.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

It was inspirational.

It was good. It’s hard to learn all this. If you’ve never put an offer together, this might be the first time you have where you put a good solid verbal offer together to give. I have to admit I’m pretty lazy about it. I don’t know if you guys remember the days when you were on a webinar and it’d be like, “This and that bonus. You’re going to get $40,000 worth of stuff for $1,000.” You’re like, “My God.” Thank God we’re not in that state anymore where it’s that author offers. That’s gotten much more authentic.

If there are no more questions, then I will see you next episode. The person that we’re having on is Parchelle Tashi. He has created the most unbelievable workbooks for your courses that are interactive. Videos start in them. It’s unbelievable. She did it using something called Notion, which I use now as well for my project management. She did an extreme amount of programming inside of Notion, and now she does it for other people as well so that you have these engaging workbooks to go with your courses. Thank you.

Thank you so much, Juliet.

Thank you. Nice meeting you all.


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