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The Media Magic event is just around the corner! Why should you be going to this event coming up on January 19th and 20th, 2023? Shannon Procise is here in today’s episode to show us what to expect in the upcoming Media Magic event! The event can be your way to widen your network, meet your clients, and find your prospects or your potential affiliates! Tune in to this episode to hear more about what is stored for you in the event!

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Media Magic With Shannon Procise

The Event You Should Not Miss!

In this episode, our guest is someone who’s been here in the past, Shannon Procise. Before we get started, I want to remind you to go over and get your free subscription to Breakthrough Author Magazine, If you don’t want to opt into something, check out our LinkedIn newsletter. Our show is delivered straight to you every week if you go over on LinkedIn and subscribe. You can find the post to subscribe at

I’m so excited to have Shannon. We’re going to be talking about the Media Magic Event on January 19th and 20th, 2023. You’ll enjoy this conversation. Everyone who has gone to this event in the past has enjoyed it and even more, they’ve enjoyed the speakers, the people they meet and the collaboration. I’m excited to have you join it. If you want to grab a free ticket on me, go over to and use the code, Media Magic Gift. That should take the price from $500 down to 0. It will be a good two-day event and I’m happy to pick up that ticket for you.

Also, I would encourage you to upgrade. The upgrade once you get that free ticket is $125. You get access to a whole host of mentors and some special sessions inside there. It does help when you hear somebody speaking on stage to have time later on to ask questions and find out more about what they’re up to. That event is on January 19th and 20th, 2023. The gift code is Media Magic Gift.

For those of you who don’t know Shannon, Shannon Procise has successfully attained over $3.2 million in free publicity and is notorious for being the Owner of the Million Dollar Rolodex. I have been the beneficiary of that because I’ll mention, “I need this,” and all of a sudden, I have an introduction, which is an amazing friend to have.

She also teaches others how to do the same, how to network and build a community. She is trained and coached thousands of individuals in marketing, event production, business development and personal growth. Shannon is the Creator of a magnetic community, the Business Acceleration Network where she guides businesses to build successful enterprises while having fun and making lots of money. Stand by for an interview with Shannon.

Shannon, I’m so excited to talk to you even though I talk to you all the time.

Me too. I love working with you, Juliet.

I love working with you too. I’m super excited about Media Magic because I don’t know of any other place where you can go and in less than 48 hours, your Expert Power Bio and press kit are done. Talk a little bit about what we’re going to do at this event because it’s not just everybody standing on stage like, “Here, do this and that.” The mentors are going to help you develop this.

Yes. The minute they sign up, we give everybody the thirteen steps for their Expert Power Bio. Before they come, ideally, they want to answer the questions. We’re so grateful to have you as one of our mentors and a keynote presenter. This is a working session and is hands-on. This is a time where you can say, “I need help with this. I want feedback on this,” and have marketing experts, sales experts, copywriting experts and bestselling experts such as yourself get into a room and work with you one-on-one to move towards getting that completed.

I’m excited too about Ely Delaney being there. We had him on the show. He is so good at that follow-up component, which I’m going to be talking a little bit about at the event with the funnel magic that we’re going to be doing. That follow-up is a piece that people get shy about. I’m excited about him being on and talking about all his web techniques and how he does this.

Also, automation. When I first heard Ely speak at another event, some of the tips, tools and strategies that I saw him do, I was like, “This saved me ten minutes and I don’t know how many hours.” I love that he is tagged as the people whisperer because he has this way of focusing on relationships to get results.

I can’t do it with my calendar. It drives me crazy. All those things he does are on the calendar. I remember the first time he talked about it, I was like, “That’s exciting.” I met him at an event where we both were speakers. It was way before I met him through you. Every time he says about the calendar but I don’t want to change the calendar.

What was so beautiful is he came in 2021 and you were the keynote. I love having you as a speaker because you give people real actionable steps. You give gifts and giveaways that keep them going, learning and thriving. It was so beautiful to have you as a keynote. He came and mentored. We have a ton of mentors that come there and serve. We got such great feedback on what he’s doing and requests for his topic in 2023 to be able to do that.

There are some things we’re going to be doing there. I love the meet the media reporters because we are talking a lot about, “You need that training.” Jacquie Jordan is working and developing a whole bunch of courses on media training. While you’re doing the how to get picked up, when you’re on TV, you’re not going there to talk about your book. You have to have some training so you’re polished. What people don’t understand is you’ve got a very limited amount of time to get your message out. Talk a little bit about the meet the media reporters and outlets because that’s exciting too.

This is one of our favorites. This is an opportunity to ask them key questions and hear from them directly like, “We’re guiding you and giving you input,” but they go into the nuts and bolts of the dos and don’ts. There’s a large list of don’ts that a lot of us don’t know unless we’ve been in the field like who’s Jacquie Jordan who’s on Wikipedia.

It’s such an honor to have somebody that has all this wisdom and experience in addition to you get direct connection with them. Many of them are running a mastermind table. VIPs and Elites get to join us for lunch. For general admission, we say, “See you back here in an hour and a half.” You get to pick their brain even one-on-one on your project and what you’re doing. The media panel is one of my favorites. You hear the dos and don’ts. They give you the contact information and exactly how to pitch your story and what to do and what they’re looking for. By the time you’re done, you have that exact protocol to get results.

It's an honor to have somebody like The Media Panel who has all this wisdom and experience. In addition, you get a direct connection with them. Click To Tweet

The hardest part for the clients that are working with Jacquie is the soundbites. They don’t just book you. They put out an order, “This is what we’re looking for.” Your soundbite can make it or break it. For Lesley Michaels, she had an opportunity with MSNBC. One of the biggest well-known people at the Washington Post beat her out. That’s somebody that’s experienced it in a way that you have to learn to be. I’m not going to say who the big name was but it was big. Everybody would know who she was. We’re also going to be working on the 60-second Magnetic Introduction. I wrote a whole book called Pitchslapped. You have to be able to do this in a way that people don’t feel slimed when you’re done.

This is another part of the event that people love because not only do we practice and help you master your pitch but you get to deliver your pitch in small groups. You get direct feedback and people even get business. They get to meet prospects, clients and potential affiliates or salespeople. We do this both days. We have the mentors help with this piece but it can be that faucet. If you get your language right, you can attract the people that you want.

I’m not surprised. I was part of a program before I started my group program. I perfected my pitch. Everyone I practiced it with said, “I want to buy that,” and gave me a credit card. I went through and filled out an entire program. It’s probably not as ethical as it should have been from somebody else’s program but it was one of those things where they taught us how to pitch and I did a good job.

We want people to do business there. Part of why we do it this way is because we want you to get to know everybody that’s there. We want them to know who you are and get that feedback. You’ll know when you’re in the small group whether what you’re saying works or doesn’t because of that.

The cool thing too as part of that was I got to test. I sold the first one for $2,000. I was like, “It seemed a little easy.” The next person is $2,500. It was like, “That was still too easy.” I got with my pricing a little bit, which is the hardest part for entrepreneurs. The Expert Power Bio system is incredible. When you sign up and you do these great webinars in advance of it, is that going to be one of those that’s in advance again where they get the materials and able to go through it on the call with you?

Yes. When they sign up, they get audio training so they get the whole toolkit that we sell as part of that program to help them get prepped if for some reason they couldn’t make the webinar and do that.

Lastly, the press templates and the sample. You and I do a lot of press releases together but there is a do-it-yourself and you go through that with everybody at the event too.

To highlight what you and I do, people work with you for bestseller campaigns and get their books out there in a bigger way. You have special pricing for a syndication service. What we love about it is that we can put in hyperlinks and videos. There’s a lot we can do with a paid service. In this program, we’re teaching you how to get free publicity. We’re going to talk about both. You’re going to know and understand both but this is how to get free publicity where there are a lot of different rules to be able to do that but I’ve been able to garner millions of dollars in publicity using this system.

When the media gets your press release, they can’t help but look at it because it’s not anything that they’ve seen before. You don’t have to be a good writer. You just need to run it through Grammarly but you don’t have to be a copywriter like you are, Juliet. Anybody can do this and learn this skill. This system is designed to where you get an interview. When they see this format and you get those key titles and key points, they’re going to look at it. This is where they get inspired to want to learn more and interview you and then end up writing and telling the story.

When the media releases your press, they can't help but look at it because it's not anything they've seen before. Click To Tweet

One of the things that Shannon does that’s different from the press releases is the videos. We did an entire presentation for DreamSculpt where Jared Rosen puts together the video book trailers. Two of the stats stood out. Fifty-nine percent of CEOs when they go through press releases don’t even read the press release. They go straight to the video. They want to see that for 1 to 2 minutes because they’re busy people. They’re like, “Tell me what I need to know.” That is a real benefit of working with Shannon on these. Also, the second thing was 85% of what is on the internet that is engaging is video. It is important and you’re one of the few people who not only write it but we attach the video to it as well. For you who don’t know, Shannon has 400 pickups. We typically get between 550 and 600. I have to believe it’s because of that video.

A lot of the videos get anywhere from 500 to 1,000 views.

This is awesome because we have it connected to YouTube and Shannon helps you spice up that YouTube. It’s like the show notes on a podcast. You need the show notes on that video and Shannon helps you get that spruce up. Nothing says, “Look, I have a video channel on YouTube. We have thousands of views,” because so many of those videos get zero views. It’s interesting. What else do we need to know about this event?

I strongly encourage people to look at the Elite and VIP packages because Elite includes the syndication service. You are able to get everything we’re talking about, which is awesome where we’ll help write the story, syndicate the story and get a full report and guarantee which is powerful. With that, it includes the VIP, where you get that luncheon that I mentioned. You get to pick whom you want to eat with and break bread with.

At the end of the day, we do our VIP and Elite collaboration hot seat. This is another part of the event which people love. It’s you get to share, “This is what I’m working on.” All of the mentors pour in and focus on your objective or goal. It could be a challenge. After the event with both of those packages, you get a one-on-one session with a mentor of your choice. There are so many perks when you look at those added values that are there.

Some people say, “I’m going to book some appointments that day or listen in.” This is not a listen-in event. There were people that once they got in here go, “This is not a normal event.” They had to go back and change, block and do things. We’re taking you on a journey. This is a working event where you can say, “I need help with this.” We put you in a room with somebody that could be anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to get their time and be able to work with them as a consultant. You want to give yourself that gift of being present as much as possible because you will get to meet everybody. It’s a high-energy and high-activity event.

PRP 228 | Media Magic

Media Magic: You want to give yourself that gift of being present as much as possible because you will get to meet everybody.


There is a lot of networking. I’ve met tons of people through these workshops. Go over to and use the code, Media Magic Gift. It’s a $500 ticket and that’s going to take it down to 0 for you. I highly recommend that you upgrade because you got the ticket for free. Spend the $125 and get all of those extras when you upgrade to some of those other packages. If they have problems, how can they get ahold of you to say, “I need help?”

You can reach out to or call our office at (321) 549-2128. You can reach me at All the social media, book time and everything are right there. I want to share what we do in syndication so they can see the special package that you do. You work with so many wonderful authors that you’ve already preset up volume discounts and things like that. If you go to, you can see the incredible offering that Juliet does with her clients, with the PR syndication and how we both get to work with you.

It is exciting. A little bit about what I do in this process is that I am the messaging fulfillment house. No offense, but if I let you authors go off on your own, you’re going to have 100 different messages. You meet with me first. We understand the messaging of your book, which carries through the publishing and the other things in the bestseller campaigns. I do the initial work and then Shannon comes in and gets the finer details. She knows those questions to ask and what the press release people are looking for. Let’s get the message in place. She takes it into detail and makes it all happen in the writing.

I look at not just the story. What’s so powerful about what we do together is we also look at the funnel, process, journey, and how to grow your business with this. You do get those three links and this powerful visibility. This is awesome because Juliet has a way of finding those gems that sometimes we’re blind to. We’re so close to things that we might be excited about something else but Juliet has this gift because she’s had an ad agency and many other things in her background to find out what is going to help generate sales and what the reader wants. It’s a powerful gift. I forgot to mention, you get all those logos, Fox, ABC and NBC. You stand out.

Shannon, thank you so much for being here. For all of you,, use the code, Media Magic Gift and upgrade. It is only $125. You can’t beat it.

Thank you, Juliet. I hope to see you there.


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PRP 228 | Media MagicShannon Procise has successfully attained over $3.2M in FREE publicity and is notorious for being the owner of the “Million Dollar Rolodex” and teaching others how to do the same. She has trained and coached thousands of individuals in marketing, event production, business development, and personal growth. Shannon is the creator of a magnetic community – the Business Acceleration Network, where she guides businesses to build a successful enterprise while having fun and making lots of money.


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