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As a new author embarking on your writing journey, it’s vital to approach your publishing endeavors with careful consideration and thorough research. If you aspire to get your book to a wide audience, then this episode is for you. Shannon Procise of the Business Acceleration Network dives deep into the intricacies of mastering the art of press releases. She uncovers and highlights the seven essentials for media magic to get your message out to the masses. Shannon provides insights on how you can leverage press releases and identifies the dos and don’ts in press releases with her extensive expertise. Don’t miss the chance to learn from Shannon today. Her valuable insights and expertise in book promotion can help you find success as an author.

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Mastering The Art Of Press Releases

Our guest is Shannon Procise. She’s going to talk about press releases. Welcome to the show. I wanted to send you over before we get started, go check out our YouTube channel Superbrand Publishing. You can see all the people on the call if you run over there. Don’t forget to get your subscription to Breakthrough Author Magazine at Shannon is going to train for us. Let me introduce Shannon and we will get started. Shannon Procise has successfully attained over $3.2 million in free publicity and is notorious for being the owner of the Million Dollar Rolodex. You are notorious? I don’t know that I would describe you as that.

That’s an old bio. Somebody said, “That is not the proper English to use.”

I’m notorious. You are not notorious. She enjoys teaching others how to do the same. She’s trained and coached thousands of individuals in marketing, event production, business development, and personal growth. Shannon is the creator of a magnetic community, the Business Acceleration Network, where she guides businesses to successful enterprises while having fun and making lots of money. In the end, we will talk a little bit about the new network that she has going. Shannon, take it away.

Thank you so much for having me. I love what you do for authors. I love this opportunity to be able to share with authors how to attract limitless publicity and get your book out there in a much bigger way. I’m so excited about my partnership with you because in publishing a book, a lot of people may think, “I got to write a book and it’s done.”

It’s what you do with the bestselling authors and getting them out there in a bigger way in marketing and what we do with the press releases. There’s some great stuff here. The first thing I want to talk about is the seven essentials for what we call Media Magic. You may say, “What is media magic?” Media Magic is to be publicity. It’s marketing. It could be speaking gigs, radio, and TV, all those opportunities to get your message out to the masses.

It’s about being ready. We want to be ready for those opportunities. The first thing that we talk about is the press release in that kit. I’m going to go into greater detail on how to write that and some of the pitches but press releases. Being able to craft that compelling story about your book and what you are doing. Again, I love Juliet. When people work with you and the press release that we are able to create for your clients, we are able to many times put them at bestselling authors.

I know that you have been so instrumental. At least in the press releases that we do for your clients, to help the author stand out in their business and look at what they want to accomplish with the book and make that stand out also in the press release. Press release, number one. Expert power bio, number two. People want to know, who is this? What are you doing? We are not going to hand them a resume. We don’t hand them a CV.

In the author space or the publishing space, we want to have that expert power bio. A lot of times, we work with creating that longer one. In your book, it may be 100 words. Juliet, what do you usually do? Sorry, I’m going to have some interaction here with you. What’s the size of the author’s book that you are looking at?

Typically, it goes down to the bottom of the back cover. A lot of back cover copy. Hopefully, we can get an endorsement. I look for 3 to 4 sentences, not run-on sentences because we only have so much room. You have to consider down there too. We not only have your headshot and your bio but we have an ISBN that has to be in a particular spot for scanning. We have a very limited amount of space there.

When I say expert power bio, that could be the intro or the back of the book. We want to find those keys those 2 to 3 sentences make you stand out. Why should they pay attention? Why should they read? Why are you the expert at what you are doing? Number three with being ready is your marketing material.

We know the basics of business cards and brochures. Juliet, I love that you have a publishing brochure magazine. I remember the first time seeing it. I’m like, “This is one of the most incredible marketing pieces,” because you can read and get to know all the different services, what they have to offer, and pieces like that. Your marketing material is going to be essential to be ready. They may say, “Send me a brochure. Send me some information on what you are doing.”

PRP 259 | Press Release

Press Release: A publishing brochure magazine is one of the most incredible marketing pieces because you can read and get to know all the different services they have to offer and pieces like that.


Number four is action photos. Action photos and having that in high resolution. In the media, especially if you are looking. There are two different ways that we approach this. If we syndicate and you hire Juliet and you pay her to develop the press release. We can break some rules because it’s paid. Many times, we will do a headshot, cover the book, QR code, and website. We can take advantage of the space because there are some paid options. When you are looking at free publicity and they ask you for a photo, they are not asking for a headshot. Believe it or not. They want to have either you could be standing next to somebody reading something at a table. You could be speaking from the stage. I learned this lesson the hard way.

I remember when I first cracked the code to get free press. I was excited about getting a story out of a human interest story about how I was paralyzed after surgery. I healed all naturally with Qigong, an ancient Chinese exercise. At the time, they said, “Can you send us some action photos or can you send us a photo? Do you have any photos?” Immediately, you always want to say yes. You want to get that right away. I sent them a headshot, then when I saw the article came out and they didn’t have the headshot. I was like, “What am I ugly? My chopped liver.”

They ended up not using it. I learned that had I been doing Qigong or some of the exercises. I probably would have gotten that image in there. They love those action photos. You want to have those on hand. If it’s print, it does need to be high resolution. Now we are moving away from a lot of print but there are still magazines. There are still a lot of people that are publishing print so you want to make sure they are high-res. You cannot pull it from your website. Juliet, do you want to add?

I love the action shots too. We use to require action shots for Author Central but they change the rules. Now, if you build it out, nobody sees it, which is a shame because I love the action shots too. They make you look approachable when you are an expert. One of our clients, Sarah. She put a ski picture on the back of her book. It makes you look more approachable because sometimes, people think experts are snooty.

That was number four. Number five is prior press and media. We want to start gathering that as it is. Anytime you have been on a podcast, TV, or anything where you have been featured, you want to start compiling that. You want to have a page on your website that could say, “In the media.” On our website, we do the buzz. Whatever it is, where you can store that media is going to be powerful. It also will let them know that you have been in the media before.

If you haven’t been in the media, that’s where it’s a prime opportunity. Don’t worry about it. That’s where you can utilize this opportunity to get publicity. I’m going to say right here. When you work with Juliet and I on this press release, we money back guarantee that you are going to be picked up by 400 plus media and many of them are major.

Prior media could be things written about you or things that you have done. If you are a regular contributor to the art, a magazine like Juliet has a magazine, Being a contributor, whether it be one time or many times. That’s another thing that you want to include in your media. Also, put it on your website and have it in your press kit. Testimonials are powerful in many realms. Getting them in video is the best but also having them in text.

Juliet showed me this coolest trick about testimonials on LinkedIn. If you are not on LinkedIn, you want to be on LinkedIn. She was sharing with me and now we do this with all of our clients. You can go into LinkedIn, find somebody that you want the testimonial from, and then click the button where it says, “More.” It says, “Ask for recommendations.” What’s so cool is when they do it on LinkedIn, you are able to first review it and approve it.

You can reply and say, “Change this, add this, or spell this correctly.” Once you approve it, then it goes on your LinkedIn and now you have their image, their title and you can pretty much say you can use it anywhere. Gathering those testimonials is important. The last thing is the order form and price list. You may be saying, “What does that have to do with media?” For me, I produce events. Another form of media is public speaking.

If you could get on a stage and speak to 100. It could be 30 to 500 or 1,000 people. That is another form of marketing in what we call Media Magic. With the order form, I find it essential to know what you are offering. I want to know what you are offering. At my events, I don’t want people stepping on each other’s toes. I want to facilitate that it’s succinct and that I know where they are going and what they are doing.

It becomes another deeper understanding of that person and all the gifts and talents that they have in the world. Also, for you, as an author, it’s part of being ready. If you don’t have an order form, you are not ready. I have worked with authors who show up to a speaking event and they say, “Go to my website and order.” Juliet, you know this. How many do they order? If you come with an order form as an author, there’s a night and day difference. Having an order form is key. Those are the seven essentials to having a press kit. Juliet, anything else that you want to add or gems that you find in there before I go to the next piece?

If you don't have an order form, you're not ready as an author. Share on X

Yes. Before you do the order form for a book, take it down to UPS and measure how much it’s going to cost to ship it. You don’t want to shortchange yourself on the shipping for the book. If you do it, let’s say you live in Florida. Ask them what shipping would be in Washington. You want to go clear across and charge one standard shipping across there and make it a little bit bigger than that in case shipping goes up. Do that in advance so you don’t end up losing money because books are heavy. I shipped books to the Library of Congress. I shipped one and it was $18. It was my book that I shipped. That’s not very big. $18 to UPS.

If you are doing the order form, I like to include other things that I have. I have a home study course with Media Magic. I will have the book but I will also have so that they can choose to get the book. I will say, “Get the book for free with the Home Study Course.” If there are other things that you can add to that order form, people love options. You are more likely to sell things if you have those options.

If you go back to the book, I have a whole section on bumps. It’s called an OTO or a Bump in the funnel world. I have a whole chapter there on funnels and how to do that. That’s where you make your money if you can sell a $97 program and give them the book for free. It’s already set up. You are done. It’s just money in your pocket.

For those that might be reading, can you say what that book is and how to get it?

You can go to and pre-order. It is our author traffic school program.

That’s beautiful. I’m so excited about it.


I would like to give a testimonial to that book because I got to edit it. I read it several times and it is so good. It is eye-opening. You have to get it. We laid it all out for you.

I have another book coming out. We are going to companion with it called Author Alchemy. We are doing it because this is shocking to your soul and the other book is a healing book.

Speaking of author and book, I’m a raving fan of Juliet. One of the cool things about working with you is you have a marketing background. Not only do you publish books and know the industry, unlike most people I have ever met, to know what are the key things to look at with marketing and the whole strategy.

I remember I was selling the book forever and you gave me that simple thing of, “Go get your book domain.” I went and got to redirect it. It’s powerful in marketing and in media to know those tips and tools to be able to make it easy for people to buy and get to know you. I want to talk a little bit now about the press release, how to leverage that, and some of the do’s and don’ts with the press release.

Having an expert write it for you, somebody that’s skilled at looking at not just writing the story but looking at what is your overall business, what is your overall goal, and do you have an opt-in. It’s important to be ready for the media and have that platform. I love it, Juliet. You are the platform builder for people to connect with you.

In the press release, we want to write a subject line or a headline that’s catchy. It’s got to be newsworthy. If there’s some way of tying into the existing news and something that’s happening. That’s even more powerful. It’s got to be short and sweet. Ideally, less than eighteen characters. It’s what we require in ours in order to publicize that. If you can use things like bestselling authors if there are things that you are helping somebody with or launching or re-releasing. That can be powerful news that’s there.

In that first paragraph, you got to get right to the story and the news. When you are looking at the free press piece, we use hooks or something to catch their attention with stats. Often, we will talk about the problem that you are the solution for. If you haven’t identified this yet, this is an overall strategy when you are talking to people to be able to say, “Did you know 45,000 people are challenged with this?”

You have to get right to the story and right to the news. Share on X

It’s good to know what are stats, what you are working on, and how you help other people. What’s the problem and how you are the solution? We will often do that in the press release. We want to get to the news right up front. We like to quote you as an expert. We want to make it so simple for them that they can get a quote from you.

The quote can be what you stand for, why you did what you did, or the passion behind it. It’s not a paragraph. It’s usually just a sentence or two that we use to give your voice power there. Then we start getting into the story like, “What is it? What’s the benefit?” Let’s say your tagline said or your subject line said, “101 ways to reduce stress.”

In your press release, you are not going to give 101 ways but you may give a couple of ways. At the bottom of the press release say, “Go to my website to download the full report.” It doesn’t have to give all the solutions, but it gives them enough to be able to create that hook. Also, we talk about your credibility. We talk about some of the key things that you have done and this is the time to brag.

I know in that expert power bio, if you shared the stage with somebody, spoke somewhere, studied with somebody, or been featured in any other media, those are things that are great to add to the story because then it adds more credibility. We want to be able to add more credibility to that story and in that release.

If you are getting invited to speak, I know I get stuff all the time and they are saying that I was just part of a group that Jack Canfield spoke at it. You should probably take that opportunity to say that you shared the stage with Jack Canfield. They added him at the last minute. That’s not the reason I spoke at that event. If you have the opportunity to speak and even if it’s paid where you are paying to be a part of it, I would do it at least once to say you did share the stage. You have one with Les Brown, don’t you?

He spoke at one of my events but I have done T. Harv Eker. There’s a bunch of people that they have had the opportunity to share the stage with. That’s great. You brought up the whole pay. We talk about free press opportunities but sometimes you got to pay-to-play and that’s what leverages you.

Research this pay-to-play because there are some people that will steal that show and they are expensive. They rape and pillage the audience before you get to sell anything. It’s horrible.

I’m going to touch on that real quick. Before any event, it’s good to know what’s their marketing plan, how many years they have been doing it, and what’s their track record. I know as an author when you are getting started, you have to do your due diligence on what’s going to be the best for you. What Juliet just mentioned is that if you are speaking after Les Brown, everybody is focused on Les Brown.

You want to look at the whole picture of what’s going on. I was talking to somebody and they were like, “We are going to have 500 people in Vegas.” It was ten days out. I’m going, “How many people do you have registered?” It was a first-time event. A lot of people get excited. They have a big vision but they may not have the plan or the experience to deliver that, especially at the beginning of events.

I was going to say I was invited to an event to speak but it was going to be $10,000. I did a lot of research and I decided not to because they said that everyone who had spoken at that event before and paid that money said that they didn’t get ROI from it. I declined. Check on things like that as well. Talk to previous event speakers if this is someone who throws multiple events.

I’m going to finish the press release and I’m going to touch on a speaker sheet quickly also with that. With the press release, you want to have the call to action clear. How do they meet you? I don’t put logos on our press releases. I know some people do. There are many ways to accomplish this, but I found that if you add logos, it comes across like you want them to advertise. Many times, they will send you to the advertising department.

I put right at the top the catchy subject line. Even a subtitle that has another sentence about the story. I get right into the meat of what’s there. I do keep it on one page, especially with the free publicity. When you do it double-spaced, that’s this little trick because when the media looks at it, they are like, “I have never seen anything like this. Usually, people are sending them 1 or 2 pages. They have shrunk the font and things like that.”

The double space, regular-sized font, and contact information at the bottom get them to look at it and say, “This is different.” You may not be able to convey as much information in the press release, but it is more likely to get an interview because they are saying, “I want to know more.” It all starts with that subject line and that first paragraph. What are you telling them to capture their attention? The stats are great. You could quote another expert, but I stay away from quoting other experts if possible. It’s much better to quote you and have those third-party stats. If you have these stats, make sure you acknowledge the source. That’s what’s going to tie that in.

My people that I work with before they get to Shannon, you are required to have your quote because you are producing an expert book. People want to hear your expert, unique ideas. That’s probably the hardest part because you all look at me like, “What? No. I want to quote somebody else.” Own it and quote it.

Once you have your press release and your press kit, then you start developing. You can do this now. You can start developing your media list. The media list is one of the greatest assets. We say our contact list has huge value, which it does. You can email things and sell things and very important. The media list is also a place where you can send information, build relationships, and also turn on the financial faucet of selling books and getting your story out there.

PRP 259 | Press Release

Press Release: The media list is a place where you can send information, build relationships, and also turn on the financial faucet of selling books and getting your story out there.


In the media list, how do you build this? Google is great. Also, start looking at your areas. You are watching TV. Is there a good TV station? Are there local radio stations? What are the magazines? I put these in an Excel sheet and I put, is it a weekly, is it a monthly, or is it a quarterly? Dailies are one of the easiest things to get into because they are constantly having to turn around and get the media in there. Anytime you can pitch to the daily is great, then you want to follow up.

You can either call ahead of time. I love to call ahead of time to get some insider pieces there and then also send the press release. When I call them, I will say, “I have a great story. I don’t know where to send it. What do I do?” When you send it or when they ask you what’s it about, I say the headline or I say very little. This is where we have to learn to less is more. I have had people talk themselves out of an interview.

The media came to their office, did the interview and they talked for twenty minutes straight, and they asked one question and didn’t get anything. It’s important if they ask the question, answer it quickly, and then let them run and navigate what’s there. You do have to expect some nos. Again, this is why I love the paid piece because you don’t even have to deal with any of this. If you are looking to get on your own and you are on a budget, you do have to expect nos. “No, I didn’t get it. No, I didn’t have time to read it.” You have to be loving, kind, and follow up.

One of my greatest successes was we got a full-page major. This was half a newspaper. They said no thirteen times. I know it was more than ten. “No, we didn’t get it. No, we are not looking at it.” I knew this story was essential for this magazine. Out of all the print publications here, it was the best one. Finally, they called me. I said, “They are going to print.” I didn’t get it. They called me that night and said, “We have remnant space.” Remnant space means we have laid everything out. We have an extra page and they gave me an entire page more than I even asked for in that. It was probably maybe $8,000 or $10,000 in value.

That’s the power of publicity. That’s the power you, as an author and as an expert to get out there in printing. That’s one way but also look at these magazines. A lot of them are looking for stories to be able to contribute and you want to be careful not to sell. You want to tell stories. Inspire people with stories and quote yourself. Juliet, anything else on that? I know we are getting close to time to maybe opening up for Q&A.

I have a question. The video that you used for the press release. I don’t think you mentioned it. We always put a video on. If you are looking for speaking gigs from that, 62% of the CEOs out there don’t read the press release. They click on the video. It is essential that you have a video. I have a question for you. What do you think about using YouTube shorts for videos? Is that doable now since people are doing that to increase traffic?

YouTube shorts are amazing. You can get some quick results. In full transparency, I haven’t used a YouTube short in a press release, so I’m not sure how that will fall into what they are doing. I know many of them are in a certain angle and the YouTube shorts are not. I will have to test that. Maybe one of my next press releases.

Tracy Hazzard and I are testing for my bestseller campaign. We are testing a campaign with YouTube shorts, so maybe we can pull one of those out and do something.

I do know YouTube shorts are awesome. You get some of the biggest traction that’s there with that if you follow the guidelines.

YouTube Shorts are awesome. You get some of the biggest traction there. Share on X

I have been watching Megan. I listen to Megan Kelly almost every day. I have been watching her. She just started a YouTube channel. I have noticed she started using YouTube shorts and her audience has doubled. She already had a pretty significant audience. It put her into seven figures.

When you do the video, it needs to be short and sweet. We don’t want a twenty-minute video. It needs to be short, sweet, and succinct. Having that call to action, it can be an ultra-screen that maybe has your website and where to go and that information on what’s there. The videos are essential. Videos are one of the best ways to sell in all that we do.

If you don’t have a video trailer, Jared is not on this call but Jared Rosen does video trailers. As I said, we are going to try the shorts and see how that works out.

Real quick on the speaker sheet. Speaker sheets are the standard thing that media and organizations look for when a speaker is pitching themselves. The speaker sheet is very similar to the press kit, but only it’s geared toward speaking. When you give your bio, your bio is going to be geared towards and using language like when she presents or audiences like. It’s customized for talking and speaking at events. Testimonials will be for your speaking, not necessarily for your products or services. You want to have it on a one-pager. It’s good to have some topic titles that are there. Some samples have 3 to 5 topic titles so that they can go, “I like this one or I like that one.”

Much like a press release. If you can, have titles that have a number in it, how-to, 7 steps, 9 steps, 3 essentials, or whatever it is. Numbers, for some reason psychologically, are more attractive and get picked up more so than other things. Having those titles and at least one with a number that’s in there. We advise speakers to put in their availability for custom topics. Even though you have given them the topics, you are reminding them that these are some ideas and we can talk about other topics.

I always tell people to use the word, “Book Juliet Clark.” Don’t just say, “Contact me.” We want them to book you. In the language, use the word book Juliet Clark and have your contact information. Have your book on your speaker sheet. If you have been a bestseller, have that emblem on your speaker sheet because when they see the book and see the recognition, that’s key.

Two things. Number one, have a separate book sheet. Our booking person, Jackie Jordan, when she promotes everyone, has a book sheet. One of the main reasons we do that is because a lot of places don’t like self-published authors. You want to have a very professionally done. When you see what one looks like, you need the contact information. It’s a different speaker sheet.

Number two, and I am guilty. I haven’t done this yet. I have the URL but I haven’t done it. It doesn’t hurt to create a speaker-centric website that is separate. I have I haven’t built it out yet but if you go look like Tracy Hazzard, our friend has her speaking website where you can book right on the website. That one sheet would lead back to the website. You can put video, media, and stuff over there showing that you are a good speaker.

That speaker page is so vital because then you can put videos on there. You can put a speaker video and testimonial videos. Bringing it back there is great. If you don’t have a separate domain, just make it on your page. Add a page that’s your speaker booking page, so that people can connect with you. I want to let people know that there are thousands of dollars of free publicity now. You tell the story and you don’t have to be an expert writer. Even though it’s great to work with good writers. There are media now that you can get your name on.

PRP 259 | Press Release

Press Release: There are thousands of dollars of free publicity now.


Can I give a tip about some of this too? Have it professionally written. I notice when people write their bios, their speaker sheets, or book sheets. They downplay their genius. I know I’m guilty of it too. Tracy Hazzard reads my stuff before I send it and she’s like, “This is boring.” She spiffs it up but I’m probably boring, so it sounds boring.

Professionally copywritten because those people know how to use headlines. They know how to do all the things that will grab attention. It’s hard when you have a book because you have got so much content to choose the things that are going to go out and grab that audience. Have everything professionally written.

That’s important because I know I see the diamonds, rubies, and emeralds that people don’t. You wouldn’t believe how many people I have worked with. As we were going through the process and it was like they were New York Times. I have had people in New York Times and Lifetime Television. Not that it has to be that dramatic but we don’t think about it. Sometimes, we get busy with what we are doing. For me, that’s the fun part of this is when people read it and they are like, “That’s me. This is my light shining bright in the world.” Also, having it laid out. There are speaker sheets that I have seen that you can tell.

That it wasn’t professionally done. My moment with that was I was working with the guy up in Canada that I had as a marketing guy for a year. We were talking about my speaker sheet. He said, “Why doesn’t this have TBWA\Chiat\Day on it? I’m like, “I don’t know.” He is like, “You don’t understand. When you say you have an ad agency background, you could work for the local newspaper or one of the best ad agencies in the world.” I know I had left it off until that point. It was my life and I thought it was boring.

Do we want to open up for any questions?

Do you folks want to ask questions, Gloria? Amanda?

I wanted to ask you about when you were talking about the high-res photos because I know I probably have pictures of myself speaking but I don’t know whether they are high-res or not. Would you recommend the next time that I was speaking somewhere to make sure that I have a photographer specifically taking shots like that?

The one thing, Gloria, is that now because we are moving into the digital world, in a lot of places, it is okay. If you are going to be printing and they want that, it’s great to have a photographer if that’s something that you can do. Find somebody professionally that can capture the essence of you and have those permanently in your media and marketing kit that’s there. There’s one thing about you speaking but also guiding them to capture you. Maybe talking to somebody at their table or guiding you, where you are in action doing things. Photographers are great. I have photographers at all of our events and when we speak for that reason.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m like, “They probably are high-res,” because I did have somebody at my last event taking shots of me. I have to go look at them now.

For print, they should be 300 DPI or better.


Amanda, do you have any questions?

No. It’s a great review of a lot of things that I have gone over with you through the Business Accelerator Network. As I’m working on my book, it’s like, “There’s so much more.” That pleasant overwhelm. I get on a lot of these things but no. It was a great review. Thank you, Shannon, and thank you, Juliet, for putting this on and inviting me.

You are welcome. Shannon, you have a new group on Heartbeat and you have an event coming up. Can you tell us about those?

We do this Media Magic Bootcamp. If you go to, it’s a sales and marketing intensive where we help you put together a press kit. All the things that we have talked about in 48 hours or less. This is not a lecture and learn. The minute you sign up, we give you all of the pieces for your expert power bio because we believe that’s the foundation of getting more yeses on your contracts and pitching and all that you do.

When you get there, we have incredible mentors that help and guide us in giving us instant feedback on pulling together those things for our power bio and our press release. We have cool speakers like you, Juliet, every year. I love that you come and pour your heart into it. You talked about the LinkedIn newsletters. You have talked about building your platform and growing your audience and base. We do bring in a couple of speakers that are specific to helping you with creating media magic in your life.

Where can we get tickets again?

If you go to,, then you can get everything there. There are three different levels of tickets, so take a minute to look at the chart because it’s pretty powerful. Some of the upper-level benefits that you get. This 2023 for the first time, when you sign up for Media Magic Bootcamp, you get put into our community, which is on Heartbeat. We have the Business Acceleration Network. This is where we are reinventing entrepreneurship through collaboration and community.

PRP 259 | Press Release

Press Release: At the Business Acceleration Network, we are reinventing entrepreneurship through collaboration and community.


I am so honored. Within our community, we have an author’s corner, which Juliet is there. I love Juliet. You are posting tips, tools, answering questions, and media stuff and authors that are looking at whether you have it in as an idea or you are out there but you want to get more marketing support. We do have an author’s corner there within our community.

That’s it for now. If you folks don’t have any questions, we are good to go.

I’m going to share the community website, We have a great opportunity that Juliet has inspired, which is where you can join as a collaborator. It’s either $27 a month or you can do the trial basis of 90 days for $75.

There’s a button for that on your site now. They don’t have to go through me to get that. I don’t have to do the two-step Venmo and fill it out. You can go fill it out yourself. I know a lot of people from Jared’s group are going to come back. I don’t see any mayhem but I’d love for you folks to join. One of the benefits is networking. You may find some launch partners there. We have a couple of people who have joined and I have sent them over there because you might find some like-minded people who are willing to promote for you as well when on your launch.

Part of the collaborators club is we come here to help each other grow. When they go to launch, it’s like you are not alone anymore. You are stepping into a community where we want to help each other. I remember Gloria. It’s little things like, “I have posted this on my social media,” then all of us, she said, “Can you guys give me feedback, like, and share?” The community went behind Gloria to help her with that. That’s what we are committed to helping people on their journey and accelerate their business.

Thank you, folks. I appreciate you all coming to play. I will see you, folks, next time. Thank you.


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