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Unlock the timeless wisdom within your soul and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. In this episode, our guest is Mary Linda Landauer, an esteemed author set to release her highly anticipated book, Living Our Soul’s Wisdom: Beyond Separation in Presence of Divine Love, on June 27th. Mary shares her profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She explores the experiences of a generation labeled as indigo children, shedding light on the transformative power of embracing our true selves. Mary discusses how meditation can help us introspect and find inner peace in a world full of chaos. Join us in uncovering the path to self-acceptance, transcending the need for external validation, and simplifying life’s complexities. Tune in now.

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Living Our Soul’s Wisdom

Welcome, Mary Linda. I’m excited to have you talk about your book.

Thank you. It’s been a labor of love.

I’m sure it has. Your new book, Living Our Soul’s Wisdom, will be out on June 27th. It’s in presale. This wasn’t your first book. Tell us a little bit about your other book.

PRP 254 | Soul Wisdom

Living Our Soul’s Wisdom: Beyond Separation in Presence of Divine Love by Mary Linda Landauer

If I’m going to do that, I need to tell you a beginning story. I’ll do it as quickly as possible. The story will flow into your question, and it can be answered. Fast forward back 25 to 30 years, I experienced since childhood a very unusual experience. It was traumatizing for me as a child because I grew up in a place that didn’t recognize this other than, “Maybe she’s a little mentally challenged.” That was difficult.

I did not disclose anymore. I lived parallel lives, one where the invisible clothed me with so much love. One was where the visible was very much tense and difficult to understand for me. About 30 years ago, after having many out-of-body experiences and a near-death when I was a small child having my tonsils and adenoids removed, I left my body. I could see them trying to get me back alive. It was just seconds. I was only 6 or 7. It was right after coming out of the children’s orphanage. When I shared the story, they all said, “That’s just the drugs. No big deal,” and that was done.

Many years ago, I was suffering a lot. It’s like the shadow box was pushing. One night, I heard this loud noise coming from my office, which was right across the hall. I went to get up to see what was going on, only there was no gravity. I was in this light body. I began to float out of the room. I looked at myself in the bed. It was a loving feeling and a big deal. I floated into my office, and this huge dark cloud-like came towards me again. I was very calm. I took my hand back and pushed into the cloud, which then dissipated out the window. I stood there in awe of everything.

I knew I was going to fly out the window too. I just took off. As I went through that window, the transparency of the window or the material and the transparency of the lightness of it, I moved right through. I began to fly. I looked at my condo. I looked at everything. I flew through the area. I could see the lights of the city. I could see everything. There’s much more detail that I’m not going to go into because of our timeline. When I came back into my body, I did not want to. I sang a love song flying. I had felt myself in the presence of something that was so beautiful and so loving. I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to come back, and I didn’t understand it. Not fully could I grasp it.

At that time, under my bed was my first novel. There was this novel under my bed. These transmissions begin to flow through me, “Take the novel out. Redo the novel.” I had written the novel at a time when all of a sudden, all these synchronicities began to happen. My friend, Brian Luke Seaward, invited me out to Colorado for a workshop. At the airport, I let him know, “I have to meet Ken Wilber.” He laughs. He was like, “I’m not sure that’s going to happen.” The next morning after the workshop, I said, “We have to go to the Boulder Book Store.” We go to the Boulder Book Store and there in the window, we come to meet Ken Wilbur. These synchronicities began to happen faster than I knew what to do with them.

I fly out to Sedona, Arizona to do a workshop with Deepak. This was years ago. At the workshop, Deepak is telling the story of how he had this Vedic astrology done on him, and that it opened his window to understanding that there is so much more to when we’re born in cosmology. It’s bigger and greater. He was told things, and there was no way anyone could know about his mother. I’m skeptical. I was like, “I don’t know about that.” I know internally I have this but there again, I had those two worlds bumping up against each other. One, I wasn’t sure I could trust the authorities outside, but I knew this one I could.

I met Brent. Brent said, “I’m six months-plus out.” He said, “Give me your information. I’ll look at everything and then be in touch.” Three weeks after I returned from Sedona, he called me, “We need to talk. There are some powerful energies going on.” What he shared was synchronicity. He said, “Are you writing?” I went, “A manuscript.” He said, “You get that manuscript out. You’re supposed to have that published. Work on that manuscript. Your writing is going to be a part. Through your entire Vedic chart, there is nothing but soul realization. That’s going to come through your writing.”

Back to the original story, I took out my manuscript. I flew to Colorado. I met Ken Wilber. I began to follow my yellow brick road. I began to listen closely and follow it. Getting the book published, it said, “The way I’m coming to you now, your soul’s wisdom and all souls’ wisdom is each person is so unique and beautiful in their purpose now. Yours is through your writing. You must listen through your writing. I’m going to come through this poetic writing and all this different writing. As you do it, you’ll be also cleaning all those shadow boxes. You’ll be letting them go.”

My writing began, my poetry began, and my shadow work began. I began waking up, let’s say. I began cleaning up. I began slowly showing up this beautiful, loving soul. Was it easy? No. We live in a world that doesn’t quite understand the possibility that we are more than these mirror mind-body little personalities. My journey began, and I trusted it. Because so many synchronicities began showing up and giving me validation, this is true.

I shared with you that I’m thinking about doing this interview. I went into my core being and said, “Beloved, sow me. I’ve got to do an interview. I’ve written this book, and I’m not good at interviews. I’m timid. I’m not so good at being out there in the public eye. Yet, I know this message you wrote through me and through this book. I know you want it to be heard because everyone has this. I was wondering, is there some way? I know you give me signs, but I need a big one. I need the biggest one you can give me.” I heard this wisdom, “Give me something you want right now.” I look up at my hummingbird feeder. I just put it out. I know hummingbirds’ habits. I know the time of day. I said, “A hummingbird?” Within two seconds, a breath, and he flew in. There he was.

That is beautiful. I knew Mary Linda was timid about this because she asked in advance for the questions. We wouldn’t have seen all that beauty you shared if I had given you canned questions. I’m glad that you spoke from the heart.

The other message is for everyone listening or who may listen. My story is your story. We’re all these beautiful and unique higher beings within us. We live in a world that has not helped us to go there within. We live so much outside of ourselves. We don’t go within. My poem came. The poem I’m going to read is short. The message is about this. It says, “We all, as Rumi says, have that moment we need to kneel to kiss the ground. We need to kneel to kiss the ground. We need to kneel to see the hummingbird. We need to kneel to hear the wisdom of our soul.”

PRP 254 | Soul Wisdom

Soul Wisdom: We’re all these beautiful and unique higher beings within us. We live in a world that has not helped us go within because we live so much outside of ourselves.


At that moment, the divine presence of love kisses me back. As I kiss the ground, I am kissed back. We all are. We know no one will ever be left behind. We have direct realization with our soul’s presence guiding us in each of our unique purposes to begin service of our creative fire of this divine love within us and upon the earth.

My soul was unique to me in that I was to experience trauma very early in a children’s orphanage. I was left alone until I heard the small voice within me. That small voice stayed with me. That wisdom stayed with me as I grew, as I developed, and as I became greater in awareness and understanding of what this voice was trying to tell me. It did and I did too. I left many times trying to be the pretty woman, trying to get the right relationship, and trying to think money, and all of this, only to come back and realize that was not what it was about.

When we live our soul’s wisdom, living our soul’s wisdom means we are listening to our soul’s wisdom. Without that inner guidance, and we all have it, the person will tell you, “For some reason, I was at the stoplight and I decided to turn right instead of left. If I had turned left, there was a huge accident.” Often, that’s dismissed. Often, we dismiss this small, intuitive guidance, and we go on.

If we listen enough and we begin to live them enough, then we begin to create together in the world a much loving divine presence of that love through us all in our unique ways. It may be what you do in your publishing business or what someone else may do in their plumbing services. It doesn’t matter. That’s the message of living our soul’s wisdom. It is to first listen to our soul’s wisdom and become close to that which we are, which is divine love.

PRP 254 | Soul Wisdom

Soul Wisdom: If we listen enough and begin to live them enough, we begin to create together a much more loving divine presence of that love through us all in our unique ways.


You were probably a child at the same time I was. What you were experiencing, they didn’t have a word for it back then. They call them indigo children. You can learn how to develop. You’re the same age as I am. Back then, if you had those experiences, you were just odd. It was not looked upon or recognized that there was something else going on here. Many years ago, I worked with Hazel Williams-Carter, who does a lot of work with indigo children. We were a generation too early. We had to learn this on our own.

I love the message in your book about this. I feel like there’s something missing in this world and these younger generations. There’s so much noise out there. Even myself sometimes, I have to get intentional about, “I need to stop this.” I meditate laying down. I need to go lay down, and I need to go within. I feel like there are a couple of generations behind us that haven’t gotten that yet. They go into that noise. They go into that validation. Social media has done this hugely by getting validation from the people on social media instead of within. You’re on social media. Do you see that, or is it me being cynical?

No, not all. It’s you being aware. I have six amazing grandchildren. They all were born into social media, texting, TikTok, phones, and all of this that begins to get wired and programmed into their little, small minds very early. The tension on the planet is that as parents and grandparents that are knowing this, we have to be the ones to touch our grandchild’s hand or our child’s hand to say, “Stop for a minute.” It’s leadership at home first. We can become soulful leaders to our children, our grandchildren, and these generations because they’re so lost in the mind that’s programmed with all of this. It’s heartbreaking.

The tension on the planet as parents and grandparents is knowing that we have to be the ones to touch our child's or grandchild's hand or to say, “Stop for a minute.” It's leadership at home first. Share on X

To show you the difference and maybe give you an example, I could take them all, but I’m going to take one of my grandchildren. He’s eighteen, and he graduates from high school this year 2023. From the time he was a little boy, and I did this with all of them, I introduced him to the natural world. I introduced him to the natural world before he became introduced to the artificial world, so to speak. I taught him to hug the trees. He would get a little snake and would hold it or a little butterfly. I began to teach him what was very natural within him to be a part of this.

Fast forward, he decided he didn’t even want a driver’s license at sixteen. He said, “I don’t need to drive. My friends drive. I’m okay.” He was so different in every way. He could have been the greatest athlete ever. He chose not to go in that direction. He is in the process of his soul guidance. He would email me and say, “I need you to send me a poem. I need you to send me something. I’m struggling right now. Can you help me with this?” I’d be like, “Absolutely.”

What becomes important is our education system, which begins at home. It’s so hard for kids now. If someone is not straight or they know in their heart maybe they lean towards the same gender or maybe a transgender, these kids have no support. It’s heartbreaking. The tension is on the planet. It begins with those of us who are willing to reach out to our children, our grandchildren, and others and say, “I need to stop. I need to put my head on the pillow. I need to go within myself. I need to connect and listen to something bigger and greater. Maybe it’s who I am. Maybe it’s trying to help my small mind that has gone astray.” The alone mind in all these young people and in any of us is the mind is the ruling authority. Without its soul presence of wisdom to guide it, we’re in big trouble. That would be my answer, along with what I know to that question.

The mind is the ruling authority. Without its soul's presence of wisdom to guide it, we're in big trouble. Share on X

That’s what’s missing. Once you get to that point where you accept yourself, you don’t need that outside validation. You do what you’re going to do. That went back to what you said about how you chased the money, and I chased the perfect guy. Once you let go of that as part of the journey, then life becomes simple. You don’t get involved in other people’s drama. It is what it is. You’re going to be who you are, and I’m free to be who I am. That’s a good lesson from the book. Coming out on the 27th of June is Mary Linda Landauer’s Living Our Soul’s Wisdom. Thank you for being on and sharing about your book.

Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure.


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About Mary Linda Landauer

PRP 254 | Soul WisdomMary Linda Landauer, M.S., resides in Columbus, Ohio. She is a spiritual mentor to others who are committed to living life through their authentic soul-self. Her own soul quest, spanning most of her life, has taught her that the human condition can only survive through intimacy with its own soul. Our soul then leads us through pain and suffering and helps us to transform into our divine-self. Then, she feels, we truly become intimate with God/Goddess, mystery, and life force of us all. When we experience our divine intimacy, we are filled with grace, reaching out to one another to live a more harmonious life.


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