//FIRST THINGS FIRST: Before You Hit Record

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Before You Hit Record

FIRST – Deliberate vs. Spontaneous: Your Choice

I f you’ve been used to creating videos based on an inspiring thought or creating a video about what’s next in line from your publication, I’d like to invite you to another approach.

Decide whether you want to throw caution to the wind or be intentional in your approach to creating videos.

Before diving in, the first step is research. You need to know what people are searching for so your content is current and desired. Utilize tools like Google search, Answerthepublic.com, or, my personal favorite, TubeBuddy’s keyword search. TubeBuddy is my trusted companion for every upload; it streamlines the research process and enhances video optimization.

You can find it here.

1.1 Google Search: Uncover the Trends Begin with a simple Google search to identify trending topics. Understand what your audience is looking for and tailor your content accordingly.

1.2 Answerthepublic.com: Unlock the Questions Answerthepublic.com provides valuable insights into questions people are asking about a specific topic. This tool is instrumental in understanding your audience’s needs and preferences.

As you progress in your journey to become a better YouTuber, reflect on the valuable insights you’ve gathered and put into action. Over time, you’ll witness the cumulative impact of your efforts as results start to unfold.

1.3 TubeBuddy’s Keyword Search: Unleash the Power TubeBuddy’s keyword search feature is a user-friendly tool. Identify high-performing keywords to enhance your video’s discoverability and reach. You can also see Google keywords right from the TubeBuddy platform.

SECOND: Before You Hit Record – Craft Your Strategy

Once you have found your topic, it is crucial to dig deeper. Look at existing videos similar to your topic. Analyze their keywords, evaluate content, and measure engagement through views and comments.

2.1 Create an Outline: Plan Your Content One way is to use ChatGPT (an a.i. program) to outline key points and structure your video. This ensures a clear and concise presentation. You can either build on the generated outline or create your own from scratch.


Now that your research is complete and your strategy is in place, focus on creating an enticing title and thumbnail to grab your audience’s attention. After all, no matter how good your video is, they will never know if you don’t get them to ‘click’ on it!

3.1 Thumbnail Mastery: Short, Sweet, and Striking Craft visually appealing thumbnails with short, compelling messages. Leverage contrasting colors and include either your image or someone else’s to create intrigue.

TubeBuddy’s A.I.-powered features for thumbnail and title creation makes it a smoother task. Maximize visual appeal and boost click-through rates.

3.2 Title Magic: Inspire Clicks Craft a title that complements your thumbnail, intriguing viewers and inspiring them to click. Let your thumbnail inspire them to want to read more with the title, then to want to click to hear more.

TIME TO HIT RECORD: More to Learn Beyond the Basics Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to hit record. Use your script and start to unfold what you discussed in the thumbnail and title. Don’t forget to tag your video with the topic and all other pertinent information that others would be searching for.

Remember, this is just the beginning. There’s more to learn on how to keep your audience engaged and staying till the end once they click, but that’s a topic for another time.

In the vast landscape of YouTube, a strategic and well- researched approach is your key to success. Embrace the power of tools to help you meet your audience where they are.

As you progress in your journey to become a better YouTuber, reflect on the valuable insights you’ve gathered and put into action. Over time, you’ll witness the cumulative impact of your efforts as results start to unfold.

The more you invest in honing your skills and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape, the more significant and lasting your achievements will become.

To Your YouTube Success!
Fran Asaro YouTube Mentor


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