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The web is a crowded space, and in today’s digital age, having a strong website presence is more important than ever. But how do you elevate your website from the competition? How can you create an engaging experience that keeps visitors hooked and coming back for more? Today, Iris Goldfeder, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Stradigi Virtual Marketing, joins Juliet Clark in this episode. Iris is a leader in the digital marketing field, and this session is packed with actionable tips and tricks to elevate your website. She dives deep into the world of website optimization, exploring strategies for website performance, load speed, accessibility, and SEO. So, why don’t you join Iris today and start making your website stand out among others!

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Fast And Inclusive: Elevate Your Website Game With Accessibility And Page Load Speed!

I’m excited to have all of you here and Iris. I’ve been waiting for her to do this for quite a while now. I’m pretty excited. I want to remind you guys before we get started, to go over and grab your subscription of Breakthrough Author Magazine if you don’t have it already, at We’re in the middle of our AI platform-building class. People are getting a ton out of it, especially the one-on-ones where I’m teaching them how to use the different platforms and how to be able to put it all together and do all of this marketing quickly and nicely. Iris used AI for a big event and it wrote some great copy for her.

If you want to sign up for June, it’s too late for this session, but you can grab a spot in the June session. It’s Our guest is Iris Goldfeder. Iris is a longtime entrepreneur with many years of experience in the digital marketing field before coming back to focus on gastro-creative full-time. Iris was the CoFounder and Managing Director of Stradigi.

Think of digital strategy.

She serves as Vice President and Board for the Friends Of Downtown. She’s the Founder of ICG Development and Consulting, LLC. I think you guys will be excited because Iris knows so much about this and I know a lot of us struggle to get people to our site and when they do get to our site, is it laid out right? What does it all look like? I’m excited to have you. Take it away.

That’s my wife and I at Disney last year. These are our fur kids, Skylar and Piper, otherwise known as Monster and Demon. I am a musician. I sing rock and that’s a couple of pictures of that. I run a not-for-profit in Lafayette called Unmasking Lafayette where we raise money and awareness for the organizations in town that tackle social issues that people consider Taboo. That was us at the event. This is the executive director of Mental Health America, Wabash Valley, which is her look is perfect. Lindsay is her partner and she’s the executive director of our local YWCA. That’s my wife and we were mugging it up. That’s enough about me, but on about what we’re going to talk about.

Website Optimization

Website optimization and load speed accessibility. I’m throwing in SEO, which I thought was a surprise, but Juliet said that I was. I couldn’t do that. Website optimization, the most important thing with your website is that you have it optimized. Optimizing is a result-oriented strategy. You guys can read that enhances your site’s performance. The strategy that you use is, it’s all about keywords. It’s all about how you want people to find you. What do you want to type into Google to help people find you? That’s part of SEO, but that’s part of web optimization because everything goes hand in hand. Any optimization you do on your website is going to be very helpful for your search rankings. Why does optimization matter? You can see the stats for yourself. This is a little higher.

I want to say that probably if somebody is looking for you and they know who you are, they’re going to put your name in, “Juliet Clark, author of Breakthrough,” or whatever, then you’re going to come up right away. If they put in Breakthrough, you’ll probably come up right away because that’s been out there a lot. If you’re a new author or even an old author, and I don’t mean old, I mean season maybe, but an author who’s been doing this for a while, this is something that your book title may or may not come up. It depends on what you’ve done. Optimization on your website is important, social media, and anything that you do. Where does everybody end up when you do an ad or when you talk about your book or whatever, where are they going to click and end up?

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Are you talking about on Google or your site?

Your website. If you have a link on LinkedIn or on any of the socials that you’re using, wherever they click, they’re bringing you to your website. You want to make sure that your website is optimized. The difference between organic and plain search. A plain search is where they’re putting the name of your book into a Google search bar or your name in a Google search bar. An organic search would be something like books on leadership in large corporations or something like that. That’s where you want to show up if that’s what you’re doing. I’m using that as an example. It could be books on Big Woo or owning a cattle farm. That’s where you want to make sure that you come up.

Those are the keywords that need to be on your website and that’s all part of optimization, authority and credibility. SEO, which is what we’ll talk about later and contact marketing that become valuable for you and your prospective customers or people who are going to buy your book. Google works on trust. If you have a domain, for me it’s GasStoveCreative and I’ve owned it for many years, I turned my SE off off for the last few years because I had to because I was under a non-compete so I didn’t want people finding me. Now we’re turning it back on. If you go look at any of my clients, you could do pest control in Lafayette, Indiana. Smith has been around for many years.

Google likes it when you’ve had your domain for a while because that builds authority and credibility in Google’s mind and it helps with the algorithm. If you’re starting out and new, there are ways to get around that. I know some people that wrote a book and they had a domain for a book and then they wrote another book and then they had a different domain for that book. What that does is the original book is going to have the domain authority because it’s been out there for a while. Their new book is not because it’s brand new.

What I tell people is, “Use your main domain, whether you want to call it the book or company name and then put everything underneath it like a media page or a book page or wherever you keep all of your works. That’s where you want to have everything go to because if you lose that authority with your main domain, it’s going to take as long for the new domain as the old domain.” I want to make sure that you’re understanding, want to make sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down because this is important for what you are doing.

I think it makes really good sense because that’s what I was thinking as well with my book because I already had a website up for a cooking show. I’m going to put everything under the umbrella of the cooking show and everybody can go to that and they can see everything.

A lot of people have pictures or a video on their website. You should never ever have a video file on your website. It should always link to either YouTube or Vimeo. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or a Vimeo channel, you want to get that because if you put an actual video on your website, the load speed is going to be ridiculous. There are these things called spider bots and they are what they sound like. They crawl the web. They look for media and then they hack the site and destroy the site. I don’t know why people have to use their talent for evil, but they do and that’s a big deal. You want to make sure that you link your video from an outside source. That helps with backlinks with SEO and we’ll get into that a little bit later.

Promote Profit Publish | Iris Goldfeder | Elevate Your Website

Elevate Your Website: Make sure you link your video from an outside source because it helps with backlinks with SEO.


Website speed is the most important thing because if somebody gets to your site and it takes more than 3 seconds to load, they’re gone, even 3 seconds sometimes because society now most people, I’m not going to say they have ADD, but they have a small attention span. If they get to you and it’s taking too long, then they’re going to look for something that doesn’t take too long and then you’re going to lose out on that. A couple of tips. The files that you use for your pictures on your site, most times they’re JPEGs or PNGs, those are big files. We tell people to use WEBP. That is a Google extension. What it does is you blow your picture up to whatever godly number it is and then you shrink it back down. This way, it’s a way smaller file and it doesn’t lose the efficacy that dropping something else in would.

Load speed is the most important thing. That goes for all of the pages on your website. If your homepage loads quickly, it doesn’t mean that you’re about us. It doesn’t mean that your media page is going to load quickly. You want to be cognizant of the kind of files that you’re putting on your site. Do you have somebody who can help you convert those? That’s important. You need to have somebody on your team that knows about this stuff and they can help it. Google loves WebP because it’s a Google thing. Because it’s Google, they’re going to be like, “You’re using our stuff.” You get a little bit of favoritism there.

Can I ask you a quick question on that?


You’re seeing to link videos to like YouTube or Vimeo. If it’s a short advertising video you can load it into YouTube and have it not visible to the public or should it all be visible to the public? How should that work?

Probably all visible to the public because if you make it non-visible then it won’t show up if they click on it.

I have been loading the videos there thinking it’ll be faster but apparently, it’s the other way around. That’s good to know. Thank you.

You are welcome. Good, you got something out of this. There we go. It’s a crucial aspect of web performance and user experience. We did all that. Accessibility is one of the most important things to me. There’s DEIAB, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. I cannot believe that disability is not included in that. It blows my mind. What is it? It refers to including everybody. If somebody is blind and they go to your site, they need to be able to use their tool because if they’re blind they have some tool to access the web. This is where the web optimization comes in. You want to make sure that your pictures have what’s called ALT text an example of that is you have a picture of a guy and his family sitting in a boat on a lake fishing.

You and I can see that. We’ll go to the website and we can see that, no problem. what about somebody who’s blind, who’s using a reader? They’re not going to know. All it’s going to say is, “Picture.” You want to use ALT text on the back end of the site. There’s like a little place that you can go. You put the ALT text in and you put the alt text in a man with his family in a boat on the lake on a sunny day so that the person can now hear what they can’t see. You also want to be careful with logos and any of the content on your site. I’m probably going to be redoing my logo, which kills me. I’m not going to redo it, I’m going to amp the colors up a little bit. You need contrast.

If somebody has a visual disability and they come to your site, they’re not going to be able to see black text on blue You can be like, “Who would do that?” You would be surprised. A lot of people do weird stuff like that. You want to be aware like. Black on white is great. White on black is great. Gray on black, it depends on the gray, maybe not so much. Orange on black, great. Black on orange, great. You get the idea right. Any high-contrast colors that you can use help with accessibility and you also want to make sure that you have the tools to be able to do that. |There’s a thing called accessible. There’s mixed reviews on that. Should you use it? Shouldn’t you use it? I say don’t use it anymore because sometimes it can get in the way of somebody using a tool. It can render their tool useless.

Promote Profit Publish | Iris Goldfeder | Elevate Your Website

Elevate Your Website: Any high-contrast colors that you can use help with accessibility. Make sure you have the tools to do that.


If somebody blind comes onto the site, their tool gets cut off, it doesn’t work. I’m doing more research into that because now they’re saying that they’re working on those things. You want to make sure that whoever’s building your website builds it with the capability of allowing all of these things to be used. Web forms as well. I went to a website the other day that had a white page with light gray. It was like, “What are you thinking?” It had light gray, first name, last name and it wasn’t even like covering over it and then it went darker. It went dark, and then when you typed in the words, it was gray. I don’t know about you all, but my eyes are not exactly young.

A lot of times, people come and they want this pretty site, calligraphy, or fonts that are scrolly. How do you feel about those? I hear a lot of people complain that they can’t read them.

It’s true. You want to make sure that what you use is like the font I’m using. It’s called Railway, it’s nice, it’s full, anything script, certain scripts mess with people’s eyes, calligraphy messes with people’s eyes. I had a client who had the age of the storms. His whole book cover was calligraphy and I went, “Nope.” He’s like, “What are you talking about?” I said, “We can create a map that has calligraphy in it, that’s an image so that it alludes to what you’re talking about. You don’t want that in the title because unless it’s giant.” If it’s giant, it’s different. You want to be careful with that. When you’re using fonts, you want to make sure that you use fonts that are well-rounded without your readers you can look at it and at least get an idea of what it is.

I’m sure Andy does not need readers yet. That makes a big difference. You want to make sure that when they build the forms, everything’s black and white or if it’s on a black page, and like Smith, one of my clients, his colors are black, white, and red. You can have something in red on white. Red on white is okay, but sometimes that can even mess with people’s eyes because it’s bright. You want to be careful about that. Focus in interaction. Moving on. You want to make sure that you don’t use anything that moves. A lot of people are like, “I want my testimonials to scroll to the bottom.” Depending on the color background, that can mess somebody up.

A friend of mine, Nick Casey is running a quality fashion week in LA that I’m going to cover for my show in May. They had on the bottom of the site the testimonials and they were scrolling. After about two minutes, I thought I was going to throw up that stuff never bothers me. I mean you’re laughing but it gave me a headache. For the rest of the night, I was like I can’t even look at your site until tomorrow. They went in and stopped it and it was way better. Moving text can mess people up. Think of somebody who’s epileptic who comes to your site. You don’t want anything flashing. You can have cool things on there but they don’t need to move. That’s my $0.2 on it. That’s the adaptive design, then focus in interaction and robustness. You want the flow of the site to be nice so that it makes sense.

I have some people that have disjointed, “This is who we are. This is what we do about us. Here’s a picture of us skiing last week.” It makes no sense. You want to have everything flow nicely. You want your homepage to speak to your target market. That’s number one. You want to be clear on who your target market is and you want the language on that site, on that homepage to speak to your target market. You want to make sure that that’s front and center because the other thing too is that it’s called the hero image, which is the first image that they see when they get to your website. Whatever verbiage you have on that, you need to catch their attention within 2 to 3 seconds to even make them want to swirl down. if they don’t know who you are or what your book’s about, you meet whatever it is.

If you are writing some a help book, you want the problem that you solve right there, you want the description of the book but the piece that’s going to compel somebody to go down right there and you don’t want three paragraphs. You want 2 or 3 lines. That’s it. It has to do with attention span and all of that stuff. Here we go again with equal access. A lot of people have come to me and they have me redo their website because it wasn’t ADA compliant. They were told by one of their people that, “If not everybody can navigate your website, I don’t want to use you because you’re not all-inclusive.”

It’s a requirement here to be ADA-compliant. In 17 or 18 other countries, it’s also becoming a requirement. A lot of countries are now adopting ADA compliance because they realize that 10% to 20% of the population has some kind of disability. If people can’t navigate your site comfortably, they’re going to go somewhere that they can. That means that you are going to be losing a lot of that business or a lot of those eyes. You don’t want to lose those eyes. The other thing is, “Why wouldn’t you want to be inclusive? Why wouldn’t you want to include everybody in there?”

Go back to your sites if the flow doesn’t flow nicely. If you can’t look at something without a color scheme that is different or whatever, that’s what you want to focus on, the flow of the site and where it goes. Once you become compliant, now you’re telling everybody that you care about people. For me, that’s the biggest thing because that’s why I do what I do. I care about people. I care about my clients. The reason that my last partnership didn’t end was because he was a straight-out capitalist and he wanted numbers. He didn’t care about the people.

He just wanted their websites and to do their stuff. It’s like, “I can’t. I don’t work like that. ”I have like 20 clients that I work with and I may take on 5 more for the year and then that’s it because I want to be able to give that individual attention. That’s just me. There you go. Any questions on accessibility? We still have more. Why does it matter? It ensures equal access. It promotes inclusivity. It keeps you legally compliant. One thing that is happening is there are these little bots that are going around that if people aren’t ADA compliant, they’re getting sued, which is messed up.

It’s not everybody. I believe it’s companies that have 5 employees or 5 W-9 contractors or more. Anything under that, you’re okay but you would still want to do it. It expands reach. It offers improved user experiences. The number one thing for your website is a good user experience. It goes back to all of the things that I was talking about. All of those things comprise a good user experience that anybody can get on your site and be comfortable, scroll comfortably and get the information that they need, in a quick, focused, and smooth manner. that’s what it’s all about, then customer loyalty with you guys that has something to do with it and it’s innovative. There are a lot of people out there that aren’t. When they see that you are, it also shows that you’re following the things that are important.

Promote Profit Publish | Iris Goldfeder | Elevate Your Website

Elevate Your Website: The number one thing for your website is a good user experience.


Search Engine Optimization

This is my favorite thing. SEO. What is it? for you all, and it’s what we were talking about before, it’s crucial to optimize your website to stand out and search results when potential readers are looking for your books are written, works, writing-related services you provide and information on topics that you’re well versed in. If you are an author and let’s say that you do business coaching. You want those keywords on there so that Google can find you. Let’s say you have a book, I’m going to make something up, Leadership Coaching 101. You want to put leadership coaching in Google and you want to be an option. I always say if you’re not online, you’re not an option. That’s like my motto. I will live and die by that because it’s true.

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If your competitor is online, if your competitor is doing all the right shit and you’re not, they’re going to find them. They’re not going to find you. Whether you write a book or movie, I don’t care what it is. I think I was searching for something the other day, I was looking at my wife and I went, “This is what I’m talking about. I can’t remember what it was, but it was the name of a movie and I was off by one word,” and Google pulled it up. It was an indie movie, not something that a lot of people had heard of, but because I was close enough, Google pulled it up. You want to make sure that your stuff is out there. I don’t know if keywords are long tail and short words, and we’ll talk about that, that may be there. As your web pages gain improved visibility, the more people find you, the more people find you.

The more people do a search, you come up that’s going to keep on happening. Google has an algorithm. You have to train the algorithm and the people train the algorithm. People that are looking for things that they type something in and they get all of these options. You want to be one of those options. Hire website traffic. At the end of the day, you can have the most beautiful amazing website in the world, but if nobody can find it, it doesn’t matter. You want to make sure that they can be found. This is my favorite part.

Long-tail keywords. People are, “What the hell is that?” A long tail keyword would be short tail for me would be, “Marketing agency Lafayette, Indiana.” That’s a short-tail keyword. A long tail keyword is, “All in one marketing solutions marketing agency, Lafayette, Indiana.” There’s more detail in the keyword and that’s what you want to go for. People are like, “Who the hell is going to type that in? Well, they’re not. The idea is that the more information you put in those keywords, and I think you can go up to 47 characters, I can look into that, but as long as you can get that information in there when they’re looking for you if they’re looking for an all in one marketing company, I’m going to come up number one.

The other thing too here is when it comes to costs and ongoing maintenance, the more you use 0the longer keywords, the less work your person has to do on it. When we build our websites, we build everything with. We build all of our websites with SEO. We build them with long-term keywords. We make sure all of the photos have the alt tags on them on the front as well as on the backend. Whoever you’re using, you want to make sure that they’re doing all of these things because all of these are all best practices and it’s important now for the user experience to be smooth and uncomplicated because people get on websites and maybe they’re on their lunch hour at work or they’re on this thing.

You also want to make sure that the sites are optimized for every single medium that they’re on. It’s called responsive design. You want to make sure that when the website is done, it has a responsive design because that helps with SEO then if someone’s on their phone and they’re looking for you, they’re going to find you. You want to make sure that your site looks good on all platforms. A large screen, a laptop, a desktop, an iPad, a phone, or a Kindle if you’re not an Apple person like me. That’s the most important thing, and user-friendly. You want to make sure that that’s the experience that they get. I think that’s pretty much it. Do you all have any questions?

Would you go over the long-tailed keyword again? You said it quickly. It’s all in one. Give me another example, please.

What do you do?

I’m a spiritual coach and author, a psychologist.

A short-tail keyword for you would be, “Spiritual coach Lafayette, Indiana.” A long-tail keyword for you if we’re talking about the spiritual piece, is “Spiritual coach, training coach, author leadership.” We’ll throw mindfulness or whatever in there. You want to throw in what you do. You can only do many. I think I’ll get the character amount. I should have had that before I got on here because it changed. It used to be like 68 and now they changed it. That’s the other thing. Google is constantly changing stuff. It’s insane.

It’s like you get used to one of their algorithms and then we get an email, “We’re getting ready to change.” Sometimes they don’t email you and I’ll wake up and one of my clients that we’re three at the bottom of the page and I call my SEO girl up and I’m like, “What the hell happened?” They’re like, “No problem.” They get in and they fix it and because she’s on top of it, I’m not all the time. You want to put the most information in the keyword and that’s a long tail keyword.

Do I add Brooklyn, New York or New York City?

It depends. Are you selling in Brooklyn, New York?

No, the world.

You don’t want to do that. I’m saying Lafayette, Indiana because I’m trying to rebuild my local stuff here because for two years I couldn’t. I’m using that as an example. A lot of people, if they have local businesses, they will put their locality at the end of it. For you, you don’t have to.

There’s one other point about that. You mentioned in the graphics, “Upfront costs and ongoing maintenance are also minimal.” What are the costs involved here?

For us to build a site or to optimize a site for SEO, it’s $1,500. You have to do it for at least six months for it to kick in. That’s whether you do a $1,500 or $1,000 plan. A $1,000 gives you more massaging than anything else. It’ll help, but it doesn’t help as quickly as our ongoing $1,500. The reason why is because then we go in every single day. We make sure that all of the keywords that you chose are still valid. If they’re not, we would send an email and say, “We need to change this this way,” or we’ll just change it. Sometimes we don’t even say anything because we know what’s going to work so we go in and change it.

It’s all about staying on top of everything, knowing when the algorithm changes and looking at your competitors. I tell everybody, “Go look at your competitor’s site and see what they’re doing.” See if you hover on their pictures, does the tag come up? A lot of people are learning now that they need to do it. A lot aren’t. I spoke to somebody last week who I was like, “You got it. You got to do this.” He’s a plumber in town and every one of his competitors has it. He’s like, “Nope.” He is complaining like, “Why don’t I not get more business?” It’s not about loyalty anymore. It’s how fast can somebody find you? The pipe breaks are not going to be going, “I used to use so and so.” They’re like, “What was the name of the company?” They’re going to go plumbing, Lafayette, Indiana and the first person that comes up, they’re going to call or the 2nd or 3rd person. If you’re not online, you don’t fix this stuff, you’re not an option.

It's not about loyalty anymore. It's how fast somebody can find you. Click To Tweet

Thank you.

You are welcome. Anybody else?

I was wondering, is that what your company does? It check out all of the websites for people or do you do web design? What all is it that you do?

We do a full digital suite, which is going to be on the website. We’re working on that now. We do website development, SEO, social media, we do television, commercial production, media buying, and copywriting. Although you guys are writers, you wouldn’t need that. We do brand design and development, logo design and development. We are literally all-in-one marketing solutions. I built a business because I started working with people and they were like, “I have to deal with this person for this and I have to deal with this person for this.” Now they don’t anymore. Now they come to me and they can get everything done. I have no employees. I work with all contractors.

I told Juliet this story. Many years ago I had a huge project that was due. It’s massive. Two weeks before it was due, the two employees working on it quit because somebody offered them more money. I literally was like, “Oh my god.” I wasn’t going to call the client to be like, “I’m probably going to be six months late.” I called all my contractor friends and I was like, “They just quit,” and they are like, “I got you.” I still work with them, and added people to my list, like the videographer. We do online video.

Promotional Item

You can go to my LinkedIn page and see a whole bunch of videos that’s done. We have a podcast. I have a TV show now. There are a lot of different things, but as far as the marketing, we do it all. We do signage and little tchotchkes. This is my favorite little addictive thing. It’s like a bubble wrap ball. You just like, “I’ll do it in meetings,” and people have put the thing down because it’s very tactile. We do promotional items. We do it all.

If you’re doing an event and you’re going to put together a swag bag, Iris is where you would go to get those tchotchkes but anything for a swag bag. Do you print the bags too? I think we talked about that before.

We can get the printed bags. We don’t put them together, but we can get the items for you and ship everything that you need to you then you can hire a college kid for $10 an hour, whatever and they can stuff them. That’s what one of my clients here does.

When we bring on new clients, which I haven’t mailed Dorothy’s yet, but we always send out one of our books. That might be something where you want to put a swag bag together or a nice card. I happen to use paper source cards, although our paper source closed down, which I’m bummed here because now I have to go online.

I could do them for you if you need them.

Something like a welcome kit would be the place where you would go to order those things. I used to work for a company like that when I was in college ages ago like maybe a pen if you have a journal. You might want a pen with your company name and a dress on it or an inspirational message. If you’re going to be at an event and you want to nice swag bag. How many of you have been to events where they have a bag and you have a lot of different things in it? You’ll have a pen, and materials, probably a lot of you have. Those are the kinds of things that she does and those can be cool welcome gifts or giveaways for events. Obviously, we’re not at the celebrity level. You’ll receive nothing with a Cartier necklace in it, but you can put little things in it that your clients will appreciate.

We do trade show banners, tablecloths, and all of it.

Amanda was telling me she did one of those and she paid an arm and a leg for it.

How much did she pay for it?

Amanda, would you mind sharing that?

What did I pay for?

That big banner that you did.

It was a 5-foot banner. It was only $50. The banner frame, when you do those pull-up banners, those frames are incredibly expensive. That’s why mine’s a tension rod camping stick.

It depends. We’re about $250 to $300 depending on the height. It’s like a nice heavy base because a lot of people have the cheap bases that you swing the foot out and if you’re lucky it stays standing. We use a nice heavy flat base and the quality of the vinyl that we use. There are different types of vinyl but the quality that we use is always nice heavy gauge and good quality because you want those to last because they last about, depending on how often you use them. If you use them three times a year, they’ll last probably 4 or 5 years. If you use them every month, they’ll probably last about two years. The cool thing is I get it from my local guy here. He adds more to the bottom so that we don’t have to buy a new base all the time.

They print the banner and then can trade secrets away here, then they have on the roll that rolls down, but there’s a roll that rolls down and that has the leftover. What they do is normally people will have about an 8-inch leftover. We do a 16-inch leaveover. Our banner is a little bit smaller but it fits all the information anyway so that each year we can cut a piece off. I think when it gets down to 7 inches or something like that, they’re like, “It’s time,” because then they start ripping at the bottom and it’s a mess. They’re good to have. Your book is on it. They’re cool. I love them and my clients love them. We do wraps and all of it.

Do you do that internationally? I’m in Canada.

Yes, we can do it anywhere.

You want those heavy-duty ones because I know every once in a while I’ll go to an event that Tracy Hazzard has a booth at and I’ll help her out. You’ve got to carry them on a plane or long distance in a car. Make sure you get a good sturdy one that’s not going to be easily broken. Any other questions? They already know where to find you if they want to explore and if you get a chance, send me a catalog if you have a catalog of the swag items.

We don’t have a catalog. You would just tell me what you need and then we go from there because there are 3000 items that we can get.

What is your contact information?

The website is I’m on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

She has a great podcast. If you get a chance after you listen to mine, go listen to her. Any other questions?

If I’ve set up my website and I’m setting up with Juliet, I’m sure that it’s going to be okay, but is there any way that you can check a website or whatever to see if it’s compliant?

What we’ll do is we run an audit, and the audit will show load speed. It’ll show if there are any errors on the site. We can give you the report and you can fix it yourself or we can fix it for you. I have a quiz that’s coming out. I put it on another thing and it’s called, “Is your website tasty enough?” You fill out all the info and then once you get it back we’ll send you a site audit for 48 hours usually and it’ll say what’s going on with your site or we could send you the link for the audit. You send us your site, then we run the audit and then we send you the information back.

We pay for that or would that be part of if we had hired you to do the whole thing? How would that work? Would that be included with that $1,500 plan or is there something separate that you could do?

If you sign up for SEO, I would include it in there. For anybody on this show, if you sign up for SEO, we’ll include the audit. We’ll also include every quarter a health checkup. We usually we charge $800 for that, but since you all showed up for this, we won’t. Juliet, can you send me a list of everybody who showed up with their email so that I know that if somebody contacts me, “I was there,” and I’ll be like, “You were, okay.”

One last reminder about the AI Author Academy. We are having a lot of fun with the people who are in it. They’re pretty shocked by what you can do with AI and how much it’s going to streamline your work. Check that out.

AI is amazing.

The and we’re doing a lot of stuff, a lot of platforms that you haven’t heard of that can give you all great ad words. I’m going to brag a little bit here. I showed Dorothy how we literally can put a book in and it will create a course for you. It’ll outline, then you can ask, “What should I do for module 1 or 2?” It can do some incredible stuff if you know how to ask it. You have to ask it correctly. You always say please because you never know when the AI’s going to send a little drone over because you didn’t say please.

The next episode is Jackie Nagel. She is an amazing business coach. She’s she’s my coach and she’s going to talk a lot about how you have to change what you’re doing. It’s like Einstein, you can’t do the same things over and over and expect to get a new result. She’s going to talk a lot about that, and then June is Ms. Karie Cassell. If you haven’t read Karie’s book The Domino Diet, it is a treat. She has a very humorous way of looking at your health as a dietician. The book is not only funny, but you’re going to learn a lot about how to breathe, eat and breathe better, which I think is a pretty new approach out there for the diet. It’s not some fat. Breathing happens all the time, you don’t even have to buy anything to make that diet work. Thank you very much for showing up.

Thanks, everyone.


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