In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, the wisdom in the saying “Build your brand while you have a paycheck” is deeply insightful. Overcoming fear, a common barrier to progress is possible with a decisive commitment to nurturing courage. This courage becomes more attainable when equipped with the right tools for transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship.


Strategizing Your Consulting Expertise

Unveiling Your Unique Proposition

In the comfort of a steady income, pause for self- reflection. What consulting skills could you offer? Find the sweet spot where your talents, passions, and market needs intersect. This blend forms the foundation of your consulting niche, a crucial aspect of your brand identity.

Empowerment through Teaching and Speaking

Consider the impact of sharing your knowledge. In branding, teaching and speaking are powerful tools. Engaging in workshops, online courses, mentorship programs, local speaking engagements, and podcast appearances positions you as an expert and helps craft a lasting legacy. Your educational endeavors extend your brand’s reach, making a lasting impression on your audience.

Solidifying Your Brand on LinkedIn

Creating a Professional Narrative LinkedIn is an essential part of your entrepreneurial arsenal. Start crafting your consultant/ entrepreneur brand on LinkedIn while still employed. Build a detailed profile showcasing your career path, skills, and accomplishments. This proactive branding lays a strong foundation for future career shifts.

Content Creation and Blogging on LinkedIn

Once established on LinkedIn, use it as a springboard for content creation. Share insightful articles and industry updates reflecting your unique viewpoint. Consider initiating a LinkedIn newsletter to explore topics related to your consulting field. Regular, insightful content demonstrates your expertise and cultivates a community around your brand. A helpful tip from content experts is to repurpose speaking engagements. Convert your spoken content into written form for compelling posts. Another option or compliment to a LinkedIn newsletter is to create a blog on and share from Medium to LinkedIn.

Monthly Newsletters for Enhanced Engagement

To maintain visibility and relevance, go beyond with monthly newsletters. Invite your LinkedIn connections to subscribe for exclusive content, updates, and insights. This consistent engagement keeps your brand prominent, fostering relationships beyond mere transactions.

The Entrepreneurial Shift: Embracing Opportunities Confidently

Your Platform: More Than Just a Profile As you diligently develop your brand on LinkedIn, view it as more than just a profile. It’s a launching pad for future ventures. When it’s time to pivot, your established history and content on LinkedIn become invaluable assets, smoothing the transition from a professional to a successful entrepreneur.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Networking

Networking is crucial in entrepreneurship. LinkedIn offers a vast network ripe for exploration. Engage with industry professionals, join relevant groups, and partake in discussions. Your expanding network becomes a treasure trove of opportunities, collaborations, and potential clients.

Converting Fear into Strategic Bravery

In entrepreneurship, fear is ever-present, but choosing courage is a strategic move. Building your brand while employed is a wise and forward- thinking choice. It’s a step towards confidently embracing change. Identifying your consulting niche, reinforcing your brand through teaching, and utilizing LinkedIn for proactive branding are key strategies for a less intimidating entrepreneurial path.

As you traverse the corporate world, remember: Fear is just a feeling, but choosing courage is a powerful decision. You can turn that decision into a successful entrepreneurial reality with the right tools and a meticulously crafted brand.


About the author

Kim is the Founder of Resilient New Media a branded content specialist, with a 7 figure career in Real Estate, multiple broadcast television shows and a two times best selling author, Kim is on a mission to elevate Persons of Impact voices through podcasting and post production content. Resilient New Media, where you message matters!