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Every tool to drive traffic to your book helps. This is an easy and free tool that can be utilized during and after your book launch. A+ Content allows you to visually represent your brand. All authors are content creators, so using A+ Content gives your potential readers a look into your brand and a deeper dive into your entrepreneurial bona fides. Amazon claims that using A+ Content can increase your books sales by as much as 20%. Our test numbers were a little lower but still showed an increase.

Imagine running an ad and someone clicks on your book and there is additional content to find out more about who you are and what your area of expertise is. You are creating a customer journey inside of Amazon. When we used A+ Content in conjunction with ads, our book sales increased. We also noticed that there were no other books of the same genre that were using A+ Content, which meant our books were an obvious choice with brand and visuals to catch the eye of any potential reader.

A+ Content is easy to use. Make sure you have access to your KDP account. You will need to login from that platform to get to the A+ Content templates. There are several drop-in templates to help you organize and beautify your content. The downside is that there is an approval process which takes 5-7 days.

To avoid taking readers off the Amazon site, their guidelines do not allow you to use links. So, this is not the place to put lead magnets or anything else that is promotional. The site also does not allow emojis. The other downside is that when you enter new content, the old content disappears. This means that you should update the content regularly.

My company tested A+ content with our magazine articles and podcast. Both worked out well. The content templates create more of a sound bite than posting an entire article. This means you will probably need to pull out the most important part of your articles or other content and add images. Here are some of the other benefits we found:

Mobile Optimization. Amazon understands that almost three quarters of their buyers use mobile phones on their site. For that reason, A+ Content has been optimized so that the user can see the entire description without clicking. Potential buyers stay on your product longer which means they are more likely to purchase.

Better Customer and Brand Experiences. If you have a customer or brand journey attached to your book, people find out more about your expertise on a particular product. With so many amateur writers and publishers out there, the reader can see your professionalism and that your expertise in your book is the real deal. This is especially true if you are a brand or marketing expert. Practice what you preach. If you are a fiction author, you can use snippets of your story and have images of your characters created. This is a fun way to get readers excited about your characters.

Better Ad Returns. If you are driving ad traffic to your book, the additional content can make choosing your book a no- brainer. We used A+ Content in conjunction with ads and found that our sales bumped up about 13%.

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Juliet Clark Superbrand PublishingJuliet Clark is a six- time author, speaker and podcaster who has spent the last twenty years helping authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses all over the world build expert audiences. She started out as a mystery novelist and is best known or her books Gypsy, Granny Heist, and Dead by Dawn, and Pitchslapped. At age 46, she received a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is an avid hiker and golfer.