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Every time we welcome another year, resolutions pop up and initial excitement blankets our spirits towards achieving these promises. However, the reality is that none to a few of these declarations can be ticked off at the end of the year. Juliet Clark and Tracy Hazzard talk about marketing resolutions and how we can use different strategies to ensure growth today. Doing the same thing will not get us different and better results. Listen to Juliet and Tracy as they exchange ideas on how resolutions can lead to action.

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2020 Marketing Resolutions With Tracy Hazzard

We thought we’d talk about marketing resolutions because why not? I love New Year’s. It is a big tradition in my family to set your resolutions. My dad makes a big deal out of it. He will call me on New Year’s Eve and goes, “Do you have your resolution picked out yet?” It’s been a big deal since we were little. I’ve started the same thing with the girls and we always set resolutions, but we do the same thing in our business. It’s not any different. You might call it a plan, your year-end plan or your next year plan, whatever it is that you want to call it, but you are making resolutions to do something different in the next year. If we keep doing the same thing, we’re not going to get different results.

That’s what Einstein says.

Maybe it’s Einstein. We’re still not sure. That’s a thing. You have to be thinking about that. The way I like to start, Juliet, is by looking back and saying what worked and what didn’t. That’s the first thing that I do is like, “Let’s do an assessment.” Sometimes what worked was what was fun too. We can’t forget that because it wasn’t a resounding success, but maybe we had fun doing it. If it was fun for us and it helped us move forward, then moderate success is a good thing. If we’re having a fun time, we might see some more of that in the future. Always look at that too.

I brought my champagne. For those of you who didn’t or have your champagne cork, I have Sparkling White Grape alcoholic and I haven’t opened it because it is high sugar content.

Are you going to give up some sugar in the New Year or to have more?

Is it possible for me to have more? I gave up sugar the day after Christmas, which is why I looked in one glass is 37 grams. I’m a sugar woman. I have a problem with sugar. My name is Juliet and I am a sugar addict.

Has the sugar harmed you this past year?

I don’t think so. What you’re saying is I can do it. It’s working for me.

We throw out things that aren’t a problem because other people say sugar is an issue. It’s not an issue for you. That being said, you should have your blood checked, whatever you’ve got to do to make sure you’re not hiding diabetes or something that we don’t know about. Let’s make sure.

We need a medical disclaimer. We are not doctors on this show.

I’m not condoning sugar for everyone. If it’s not harming you, having a hot chocolate in the morning is not killing you, but it’s a fun thing to do, then you should get to do it. If there’s no harm in something that we’re doing, but we’re having fun doing it, I want to do more of that. If it starts to be harmful, we want to define that. Anything in our marketing, if it’s costing us more going out than it is coming in, if it’s not a breakeven, then we want to say, “Was there something that was still worth it? Did it give me some publicity? Did it give me something that was still a value to me?” Maybe it’s, “I’m not drinking caffeine so I have some sugar instead. I’m awake more hours of the day, so I’m more productive.” It’s a win-win for all. It doesn’t have to be as clear cut as people like to make it out to be.

You do have to have an ROI from it, so let’s explore that.

I say there are three stages of marketing. The first stage is testing. You cannot expect an ROI on testing. You have to expect some metric understanding that you’re going to get to the metrics. You’re going to learn something from it, but to expect a return on investment is ridiculous. You don’t do that. I want a net zero in the launch process. After I’ve done some testing and I figured out, “Something’s working here, we’re onto something,” I’m going to set out my launch of whatever it is that we’re going to do. Whether it’s an Instagram program or whatever that might be, I want to at least break even. Whatever I spend, I want to get back. While I’m doing that, I’m learning and I’m refining more and I’m getting it to where I want it to be. You then edge it up and you move it into something that has a direct return on investment or has a metric which you feel is valuable enough for your business to make it worth spending that money or that time.

Sometimes it’s time that costs you like doing a live stream. You want to make sure that those things are happening for you, but you have to take them in stages. There’s nothing I’ve ever done, whether it’s in marketing and product, any service, any single thing I’ve ever done that you didn’t have to give it a launch period of which you were learning something along the way and at best, you broke even. I even go so far in the products. It’s okay if you lose money if you didn’t expend it to buy inventory. This is something I talked to my product people.

Remember these mic blocks? I 3D print them because it would cost tooling dollars to make them. Unless I’m willing to put a lot of dollars into selling enough inventory, why would I want to make them at that? It costs me 3 to 4 times the cost of having them molded if I paid for tooling, but I’d have to shell out upfront money. If I don’t know if someone wants to buy what I have to sell, why would I do it? I use the same thing with courses, books and those things. Juliet, you know better than anyone on a book or a course or anything like that. If you don’t have a market for it, why are you spending the time to have this thing fully developed? Market testing stages, it’s okay to lose some money in that because in testing, you’re not expending money to develop a full course or buy full inventory.

Do not set unrealistic expectations. Share on X

For those of you who don’t know the joke, I sold a product at a stage in Wyoming that I hadn’t developed yet. I came back and went, “I’m working 24/7 for the next few weeks.”

You have a market for it and it worked.

Not to be replicated at home. Don’t do this at home.

That’s not my preferred way to do it. Ease into it. Have a method by which you can deliver and you can do that. We look at our resolutions for something and we set some outside metrics. I think that’s what you’re pointing to, Juliet. If somebody else said, “Sugar’s bad for you,” it may not be bad for you. It may be seriously bad for me, but it’s not bad for you. Why do we set that in our marketing? Facebook’s not necessarily right for everybody. Instagram is not right for everybody. We set these marketing metrics in place and the tools that we use and we say, “They’re going to be right for me because so-and-so says that.”

Those metrics we set sometimes are unrealistic. We take a course and I’m not going to say a name here, but every once in a while, someone reaches out and tries to sell me one of those Facebook communities, six figures in 90 days. Every time that person comes to me, I say, “Can I talk to some of your satisfied, happy clients?” That person goes away and then comes back. That’s the thing that sets unrealistic expectations. You have a business and businesses don’t just explode for the most part. Most businesses don’t.

You have to go into it. You can expect ROI, you have to look at it, but you can’t have unrealistic expectations. When I started out in real estate many years ago, I was Rookie of the Year. They asked me to come and speak to a group of budding real estate agents. I got in trouble because I told them not to quit their day job. The company was a little bit upset. Those are our moneymakers. Realistically, a lot of those people quit their day job because they thought that real estate was going to make them a huge amount of money and only the top 2% of real estate agents make money.

That 2% statistic goes across everything I’ve ever done. There is almost always a top 2% that makes any significant money. The drop off is tremendous beyond that for almost every single thing, whether it’s being an Amazon seller, being an author, being podcasters, making money on ads. Any single thing that I’ve ever seen or done, there is a small percentage that succeeds.

That’s something to think about for 2020. A new client I brought in was asking me about ROI. He said his goal is that he has to grow and see results. That’s a good expectation for yourself. It is not expecting that you’re going to see it necessarily in the money, but how are you growing, how are you expanding. For some people, it may not have to do with direct monetization. It might have to do with how you are building a team in 2020. How are you learning to speak to your employees in a way that makes them more productive? Those metrics we’re talking about too, you don’t always have to measure directly by monetization.

That’s why I was saying fun, growth. There are other things like, “How much less work I do because I took this thing on?” There’s always something that I’m always looking at to say, “If I give this up or I take this on, what do I want to get out of it? What is success for me?” I set a minimum bar and I set a high bar. I like to do that for myself. I’d love to have 10,000 followers or something like that. I like to do that, but what I have to do to get there, that’s not what I want to do. That’s where you start to look at that and say, “That sounds like a great metric because everyone should have 10,000 followers on their Facebook or on their Instagram or whatever that is.” What I’d have to do to get that either is ineffective. I can pay to get that, but they won’t do anything once they follow you or in order to work my butt off to get that, I’d spend my entire time on Facebook or Instagram or whatever.

I don’t want to do that. That’s not how I want to run my business. That’s not how I want to run my marketing. When I’m looking at that, that’s where you check yourself and say, “If I’m right here at 500 to 1,000 followers and I want to grow that and I want to see incremental growth, what is it?” I’d like 50 new people every single month, that is amazing. That’s something measurable. That’s why I always put that low bar there because I might exceed that easily and do a couple of events and exceed that. At least, I’m sending that and saying that’s what I’m willing to put in and that’s what I expect to get out of it. If I didn’t do that, then maybe I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain on that.

I’m excited to announce the Mass Media Summit. Let’s talk a little bit about that at the end.

That’s also a resolution. Scott Carson, speaking of the Mass Media Summit, he’s the organizer of it. We were like, “We’re going to guest on 52 podcasts.” I did 5 or 6 right away and then I said, “I don’t want to do this. This isn’t for me.” I was like, “This sounded great and I’m all for being competitive,” but I was like, “I don’t want to be on that many people’s shows. It’s not serving me and it’s not what I want to do. I’m not going to guest, but I will do more of my shows.” I added another show then at that point.

That’s another thing. You don’t necessarily want to say, “Everybody’s jumping on this seven-day challenge, let’s do it.” It’s not right for you. I am always thinking about that. I am always looking for ways to find other ideas and especially early in the year. That’s why I’m excited about the Mass Media Mastermind Summit because there’s always the most interesting mix of people. Scott brings together such great people that have such great ideas. There’s always going to be something if you’ve been saying, “I’d like this to be my marketing resolution, but I have no idea how I’m going to do it.” You might meet the right person.

I’m going to say something else about it. I took a chance and went to one of Scott’s events. I thought it was going to be bigger, but when I walked into the room, I had the most extraordinary two days there. I composed a list of 40 things to get done on the way home on the airplane, and I did all 40 of them. I guess where I’m going is look for that crowd that you’re going to learn and grow from. I know a lot of us to go to these huge events and we need a few people here and there. Everybody’s there for the guru and we don’t get out of it what we want. Sometimes that little group of people you get into turns out to be real gems. That’s what I found from Scott’s group. If you want to get onto the Mass Media Summit, go to and you can sign up there. He has an interesting lineup. I feel like I’m plugging him.

PRP 76 | Marketing Resolutions

Marketing Resolutions: No market for your product equals not wasting time for development.


He’s going to be on the Mass Media Mastermind. I will not be there, but Scott will be in my place. I won’t be back in time for that one on that day, so Scott’s going to have to be in my place on that day. That’ll be the first one without me.

That’ll be interesting because Scott is a kick in the pants.

You’re going to have a lot of fun and I’m jealous. I will be out for two weeks in a row, the 13th and the 20th of January because the 20th is my anniversary weekend. That’s a holiday. I won’t be there on that Monday either. You will miss me for two weeks, but I’ll be in the first and the last week of January.

Are you not going to livestream your anniversary weekend?

No, sorry.

That’s a whole new career for you.

It’s going to be so much fun because they’ll probably be having ACL surgery right then. I am on a ski-lodge. That’s why there is a horrible background here and the bad lighting. I am at our little ski house, that’s my mother-in-law’s in Colorado. Tom proceeded to within the first three hours of skiing blow his ACL. I thought I was going to have this nice, relaxing, quiet, get a lot of work done, get some reading, get some quiet time. I immediately got the phone calls from the mountain saying Tom’s in the emergency room. One of my daughters also got altitude sick and had to come home too. It’s been so much fun.

Don’t you love family trips? You came and visited me and it was fun.

It was much better, I know. What was I thinking, Juliet? What’s on your resolution list besides giving up sugar?

I’m giving up sugar and one of my resolutions, because somebody who shall remain nameless keeps kicking my butt about it, I’m going to go to more events this year. I’m talking to people about what are the ones that are small, intimate, and I can get to know people because that’s more my thing. I like relationships. I don’t care if you’ll never buy anything from me. I love people even though I say I doubt, don’t believe a word I said. I do.

That’s great for you. I haven’t fully developed our resolution plan because we have such big plans for growth. My goal is to do less in my business so that I can do all the things that are necessary to bring in the funding and grow. That’s it. It’s hard because I love my clients. All of you out there know that. There’s nothing I would love to do more than to sit there and strategize with you, figure out how to make the best show ever, how to kick up your marketing, and how to do all of that with each one of you, one-on-one. That’s what I love to do. The reality is I don’t have the time in the day to do that if I’m going to make sure that my business is big enough a year from now. I am even getting people to stop writing the referrals to me and getting them to send them to Tom has been the hardest thing.

I was like, “I’m going to address this and take the phone call.” Tom’s like, “You can’t take the phone call. You have to send them to me.” It’s already been excruciatingly hard trying to separate yourself from certain things because this is one of the things I find is hard to keep resolutions. There are the things you procrastinate about. People make resolutions like, “I’m going to go to the gym every day or whatever it is.” There’s a reason you’re procrastinating about it and that’s not resolving anything to make that resolution. There are also the things that you deep dive into that you get caught in the weeds easily because you do love that about your business but it holds you back from the growth.

That’s where I see a lot of people do it in their marketing all the time. They’re deep in the weeds of their social media and they’re doing way more than they need to do to be successful. My goal has always to find that happy line between this is working for me, I am enjoying it, and it’s saving time and energy. All of those things are working for me, but its effectiveness is greater. You’re getting that greater effectiveness from it. Juliet and I had a call with a mutual client and we were talking about our blog post. She hates those transcription-style blog posts that we create from the show. She wants to have articles written. I said, “This is the thing. No one’s reading your website. To pay someone to write these articles for you or to spend the time to write them yourself is not effective at this stage.

What is effective is for you to utilize these blog posts because as your SEO grows, at some point, you will have a lot of traffic and all of that and it will make sense for you to add that into your mix of things you want to do.” We get caught up in these aesthetics of things and the way we like them and the way that we think they should be. The reality is it’s not doing much for us. That’s what I’m always looking to pull away from the things that aren’t doing much for us. If I don’t do that on a visionary level in my own business, we’re in trouble. We have many brands and companies that depend on us. We’ve got to make sure that we’re doing everything right from that standpoint.

I’m going to bring up another point with these resolutions and I’m going to point you out in the process. One thing is when Tracy said that’s her resolution action, she and Tom are part of Aaron Young’s The Unshackled Owner. That is one thing I can’t stress enough. If you make this, don’t wait. Don’t say, “This is my resolution. I’m starting on the first and then I’m going to take action.” Start action now. Do whatever you need to do to pull the trigger because you never know what’s going to happen between there and Wednesday or Friday or Monday when you get back. Take that action step because once you take it, this is your resolution for this year, but you took that action step a month ago.

Some are deep in the weeds of their social media and are doing way more than they need to do to be successful. Share on X

Every time I get one of those emails where I’m referring people out, I’m taking minor actions too. We have to remember that there are all sorts of little things that happen. It’s not the big action we need to take. There are also little steps along the way of things we need to take like checking out the sugar content on everything in your cabinet. To me, is that worth it or should you go for the super dry fun champagne?

I don’t drink.

That might have less sugar and it’d be more fun.

That depends on who you talk to, it’s more fun. I quit drinking because I was too much fun.

I love the idea of resolutions, but if you don’t put action against them, then what is that point?

You can’t manifest something that you don’t put action into.

I also think that we make unrealistic resolutions so I’ve been thinking about that. That’s why I like a measurement from prior. Taking a backward look and you don’t have to do a full analysis. I’m not telling you to do that. I’m saying is what did you do this past year that you had fun doing that you will say, “I’m going to do more of that?” Why not do it that way? Why does a resolution have to be giving up something? It could be something that you want to do more of because it was fun, rewarding. Maybe it had a great ROI. I’m going to look for more of that. You start asking for that, it’s going to appear.

Here’s something that would be a good idea for a lot of you. It’s a short read, The Science Of Getting Rich because it’s not about getting rich, it’s about that action. It’s about a lot of things. It’s the Aaron Young thing.

Aaron Young suggested it.

Back in 1910. I’ve read it several times. It is our cake and some of it.

It’s not quite old English or anything. It’s not that old, but there’s some of that archaic language. The thing about it is it’s the secret behind the secret. This is where you get regurgitated and I hate that. You get regurgitated stuff when you read stuff. Let’s go back to the source material.

For those of you who have a hard time reading it, I listened to it. Occasionally, I’ll pull it out and listen to the whole thing.

Have you heard of this? There’s a company doing holographic lessons for entrepreneurs. You could have Oprah Winfrey hologram across the world or something like that. She didn’t have to be in the place and you’d have these holographic teachers and gurus everywhere. Why not? It could feel like it was right there giving you the lesson.

One of my clients is a medium, so we could bring Bonnie Darby on to channel him and read it for us.

There you go, it is Wallace Wattles.

PRP 76 | Marketing Resolutions

Marketing Resolutions: Do whatever you need to do to pull the trigger on acting on your resolutions.


It is a great book and it’s an easy read. Get it to read and start putting those principles into what you want for the beginning of the year.

Happy New Year. I’m excited for 2020. I think 2020 sounds like a great year. It’s a way to get vision clarity. Who doesn’t want to have 20/20?

It’s a new decade. Think back to 2000 when it was a new decade, we were all scared that we were going to lose our electronics and our bank account that it wouldn’t work. There was a lot of fear going into that. In 2010, the start of the last new decade. We were all afraid that we weren’t going to be able to pay our mortgage.

We were all coming out of recession. It was going to happen. What’s looking up in 2020? Vision, clarity and future? I think it’s positive. Think about it that way. Let’s make some positive resolutions and kick our marketing in gear.

The next episode is exciting, we’re going to have Chef Marie on. For those of you who’ve been following and doing the recipes, we’re going to have the actual creator of those recipes on to talk to Tracy about product launching. When you have an actual, physical product like Marie does and that’s valuable for those of you who have a book because your book is a physical product. The following week, Scott Carson and I’m going to have to get with Scott and find out what we’re doing. I’ll have him bring his see and say. He has farm animals. He’s fun.

What are you going to talk about? Mass Media Mastermind and what it’s all about?

Yes, we are. Maybe we can pull some other guests.

I don’t think we’ve figured out the rest of the month yet, so we’d love some suggestions. What do you want to hear about this year? Tell us. Let us know. We were building a topic list. What do you, guys, want to talk about?

Go over and post it either on the Facebook page or in the group. We will take a look at those topics.

Have a great New Year. It’s been a pleasure talking marketing with you.

Happy New Year.

Thank you for being my co-host and my buddy. We have a lot of fun together.

Thank you. I know I missed our call. We didn’t have a big call like we usually do. How dare you have fun and leave me out?

We’ll have to get back on it. We’ll get a resolve to get back on it.


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