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Ready to launch your super brand and get published?

Here’s what you need to know.

Super Brand Publishing does not accept applications from just anyone who is willing to pay us. Why?

Because we are interested in your long-term success. After all, your fame is our fame, so it’s important to us to work with people who understand that this is a journey and a partnership. We want to work with people who understand that Super Brands—the ones that make a huge impact and a huge profit—are doing more than spending one day on the Amazon best-seller list in some obscure category.

This is a program that combines marketing education with proven publishing strategies so that you walk away established as an expert in your field with a powerful online presence, poised to sell whatever you want to sell! The biggest lie that so many other publishers tell their clients is this- “Just hand us your book and we’ll make it a best-seller!” That kind of strategy works for about five minutes.  Super Brand, on the other hand, has no interest in clients who are hands off. You are the face of your brand. Your voice is the voice that will call in your raving fans. Your ideas are the ideas that establish your unique value in the marketplace. So you’ve got to show up and meet us halfway. This is alchemy. And together we will extract the gold from you and your work. You’ll get your book published, but you’ll also get a strategy you can replicate so that you continue to expand, influence and of course profit, for as long as you want!


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