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Promote, Profit, Publish

Promote, Profit, Publish! Become the world authority you always knew you could be. You know it. We know it. And this is how the rest of the world catches up. Most authors get it wrong. They put the wrong steps in the wrong order, pinning all of their hopes, dreams, and money on the sale of the book. Experts on authority marketing know that publishing elevates your customer base in ways that are impossible through any other mechanism. In short, you establish yourself as the world authority on your topic first, creating a trust between you and your audience that allows you to write, and sell, whatever you want with ease and flow. Step one of this process takes your investment and cycles it right back into you, your image, your platform, your global presence. You can’t afford to keep the curtain closed. Your ticket to freedom is to position yourself as the go-to expert on your topic by way of your personal truth before you even attempt to sell a book. The truth…. If you’re only about th

Episode Blogs

PRP 27 | Self-Proclaimed Experts
  Many people call and claim themselves as experts. Especially when attending events, almost everyone you see is an expert
PRP 26 | Authenticity
  In this world, it helps to cut through the noise by finding out the real and taking in the
PRP 25 | List Building
  Digital marketing has shifted over the past two or three years. Everyone thinks digital marketing is the end all
PRP 24 | Mental Performance
  Mental performance is a daily thing you need to do. If we’re going to make any change, we’ve got
PRP 23 | Marketing And Perception
  Marketing has always been about altering or designing the perception of the buyer or the customer. How they’re experiencing